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GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nina was shaken. Oscar kept Drew at arm’s length. Julian agreed to back off. Jason reassured Sonny. Chase and Lulu’s friendship grew. Cameron was stuck in the middle of an uncomfortable situation. Monica offered her support. Maxie sensed something’s off with Nina. Curtis got the information he needs. Lulu got a pleasant surprise. Sonny put Ava in her place. Kristina stepped up to help. Maxie was skeptical. Nina just wanted to do the right thing. Griffin got the reassurance he needs. Sam was forced to admit her reservations. Kim confronted Oscar. Cameron refused to lie for Oscar. Liz got a visit at the hospital. Griffin’s intentions were pure. Jordan had bad news for Margaux. Sam made a bold move. Kiki chastised Ava.

THIS WEEK: Valentin was put on notice. Lulu comforted Nina.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Bill, Katie, Thorne, Ridge, Brooke, Liam and Wyatt nervously awaited Judge McMullen’s ruling in the Spencer vs. Spencer custody trial. Ridge’s “blackmail” weighed heavily on his mind before Judge McMullen announced his decision. At Forrester Creations, Hope and Steffy disagreed about Bill’s fathering abilities while Quinn and Eric discussed Thorne’s new lease on life. Xander participated in his first Intimates line fashion photo shoot. Emma became jealous when she witnessed Zoe help Xander get the swing of the modeling gig. Liam and Wyatt became concerned when they realized that no one has heard from Bill since the hearing. A concerned Will asked Katie and Thorne how often he would be able to see Bill. Sally shared the good news of a successful photo shoot with Wyatt by modeling lingerie for him. Bill visited with Liam and Kelly. Wyatt and Sally made love. Ridge and Brooke continued to disagree about Bill. Upset because she thought Xander’s enjoying his time with Zoe, Emma continued to confront them. Zoe intervened, which heightened Emma’s anger. When Emma left, Zoe told Xander it’s not fair that Emma’s sabotaging his modeling career. Emma’s friend Tiffany gave her sage advice and a warning not to let history repeat itself. Having overheard a conversation not meant for her ears, Brooke did some amateur detective work in regards to Ridge. Bill paid an unexpected visit to Ridge while Brooke made a surprise visit to Judge McMullen. Brooke caught Judge McMullen in a lie. Ridge gloated over Bill and the loss of his son.

THIS WEEK: Kat i e watched Bill and Will reconnect after her son asked to spend time with his father. Ridge was stunned by the velocity of Brooke’s outburst after he dissed Bill.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — John made a huge sacrifice in order to protect Marlena. Kristen prepared to exact her revenge. Sami offered Stefan a deal in exchange for information about EJ. Tripp and Ciara took their relationship to the next level. John’s prayers were answered. Will furthered his commitment to Paul. Sami made a stunning discovery. Ben shared his good news with Ciara. Sami uncovered the truth about her mother. Kristen tried to convince Brady to run away with her. Abigail confessed to JJ that she fears her alters are trying to come out. Gabi manipulated Stefan and Chad. Sami was vindicated when John shed new light on Marlena’s shooting. Chad reeled when he found incriminating evidence stashed in Abigail’s bedroom. Abigail made a confession to Stefan. Maggie revealed to Eric that she lied about Nicole. Eric left town to track down Nicole. Chad shared his discovery with Jennifer.

THIS WEEK: Roman and Kate agreed to work together to take down Stefan. Mimi Lockhart returned to Salem!

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Lily struggled with prison life and confided in Traci, who had come to visit her. Traci provided Lily with words of encouragement, then left to give her time with Charlie and Mattie. Mattie told Lily about Charlie skipping school and convincing Devon to come visit, and Lily was moved to tears. Her strength renewed, she promised her kids that they’ll make it through this together. Determined to help Billy keep his job, Phyllis approached Jack and asked him to loan Billy the money to pay back his gambling debts but didn’t mention that Billy took the funds from Jabot. Jack agreed to help but only on the condition that Billy go to rehab. Billy accepted and thanked Phyllis for not giving up on him. However, before Billy could replace the money, Kyle and Ashley decided to act, telling Traci about the embezzlement, and calling a board meeting. Ashley exposed Billy’s misdeeds, and a disappointed Traci agreed to run against Billy for the CEO position. Arturo learned that Rey’s moving in above the coffeehouse and putting down roots in Genoa City, prompting the two brothers to come to an uneasy truce. Meanwhile, Lola and Kyle grew closer in their relationship. Sharon and Nick prepared for their wedding, despite the huge secrets that hang between them.

THIS WEEK: Nick looked forward to his new life with Sharon, as she tried to shake off her doubts about “the new Nick.” Abby and Nikki worked together to convince Victor to attend Nick’s wedding, and he eventually agreed.

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