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RECAPS: OCT. 8 – 12

GENERALHOSPITAL— Margaux had an ace up her sleeve. Kim looked to take drastic measures. Oscar looked to make a change. Jason wanted to take his time. Drew got the call he needs. Jason agreed with Carly. Mike shared his concerns. Oscar began his day with Liz. Julian offered his advice. Finn was taken aback. Margaux stood firm in her decision. Felicia made an announcement. Griffin looked forward to his future. Maxie felt a bit deflated. Scotty and Ava caught up. Nina regretted her actions. Sam had a late lunch date with Alexis. Jordan shared her regrets. Michael was nervous. Aiden struggled at school. Carly got a surprise. Sonny’s conversation with Jason was cut short. Drew thought things over.

THIS WEEK: Elizabeth visited Sam. Lulu’s marriage was strained.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Exes Wyatt and Steffy shared a sweet moment when he thanked her for giving Sally a career opportunity. Furious that Ridge manipulated Katie and Bill’s court case, Brooke lashed out at her husband for his serious misdeeds. She accused him of using Will as an excuse but secretly wanting payback against Bill Spencer. Ridge reminded Brooke of all the people’s whose lives would be ruined, including their own, if she reveals the truth. Bill spent quality time with Will. Steffy offered Wyatt a position at Forrester. Bill expressed his sorrow at losing custody of his son to a conflicted Brooke. Sally and Wyatt celebrated Wyatt’s new job. Steffy questioned Ridge about why he’s arguing with Brooke and why Brooke’s siding with Bill. Brooke felt guilty harboring the secret of what Ridge did to sway the case from Bill. Bill made admissions of regret to Brooke before initiating a forbidden kiss, which was witnessed by an unseen Steffy. Shocked to have seen Brooke kissing Bill, Steffy began a conversation, trying to get Brooke to admit to her sin. Steffy became frustrated when Brooke admitted to nothing. Brooke swore Katie to secrecy and spilled the information about Ridge and his relationship with Judge McMullen. Concerned for her father, Steffy took the news she has about Brooke and Bill to Ridge. Brooke urged Katie to reconsider the court’s ruling and allow Bill to spend more time with Will without getting the courts involved. Ridge reeled from the news of Brooke’s betrayal. Ridge and Brooke’s marriage was in jeopardy when they both accused the other of disloyalty. Things got worse for Brooke when she inadvertently admitted to Ridge that the kiss Steffy witnessed was the second one she shared with Bill.

THIS WEEK: Katie struggled as she watched Bill bond with Will and help him with his homework. Katie delivered important news to Bill about Will.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Eric reunited with Nicole! Mimi and Bonnie had a heated argument over Bonnie’s plan. Abe and Sheila continued to clash. John, Sami and Marlena got closer to the truth. Eric was stunned by Nicole’s unexpected revelation. John and Marlena discovered what really happened the night of their almost-wedding. Kristen and Brady had an intimate moment. Lani was jealous when Eli reconnected with Sheila. Nicole considered extreme measures to be with Eric. Hattie caused further headaches for John. Brady continued to gain Kristen’s trust. Hope found Rafe comforting Sami. Stefan gave Sami a lead on EJ. Brady secretly followed Kristen, hoping to uncover her secrets. Xander had a surprising new partner in crime. John read Hattie the riot act for putting his plan in jeopardy. Nicole and Eric made love! Kristen tended to a mysterious patient.

THIS WEEK: Lucas and Chloe broke the news to Kate about Baby Bonnie. Mimi decided that she’s no longer playing Bonnie’s game.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Cane visited Lily in prison and was surprised to find her hardening her personality in order to survive. Lily was frustrated by his inability to understand this new side of her, and they almost ended their visit on an argument. Before Cane could leave, he realized that he’s being selfish and decided not to leave on a bad note. He apologized, and they reconciled with Cane promising to love Lily no matter what. Arturo and Rey learned about Lola’s relationship with Kyle and quickly became overprotective. Their interference annoyed Lola, especially when Rey did a background check on Kyle, informing Lola that he was recently arrested for digging up a grave. With Billy out at Jabot, Ashley pressured Traci to overturn the Blood Abbott clause so that she could run for the CEO position. Despite Traci’s misgivings, she called the vote, and the clause was overturned. Kyle then double-crossed Ashley, suggesting that Jack run against her for the top position. Victoria was shaken when she received a letter from someone claiming to know “what she did” and warning her that she’s going to pay for it. Horrified, she showed the letter to Nikki who received an identical note. They decided to keep the threats between them for the time being, unaware that Phyllis had also received one.

THIS WEEK: Phyllis initially believed that the letter is Sharon retaliating for Phyllis’s affair with Nick, and the women almost came to blows over the disagreement. Soon after, Sharon received a letter of her own, and Phyllis accepted that Sharon wasn’t behind the threat.

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