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RECAPS: OCT. 15 – 19

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly got a surprise. Sonny’s conversation with Jason was cut short. Drew thought things over. Elizabeth visited Sam. Lulu’s marriage was strained. Jason sought Monica’s help. Ava found a new drinking buddy. Kiki got an idea. Nina had a theory. Maxie feigned surprise. Drew considered his choices. Sonny put everything into perspective. Maxie offered words of encouragement. Nina was taken aback. Peter got a second chance. Kim leaned on Bobbie. Alexis started her day with Julian. Cameron couldn’t help himself. Curtis and Jordan made a decision. Elizabeth and Franco addressed their issues. Sonny gave Jason an update. Drew made his decision. Jordan had news for Curtis.

THIS WEEK: TJ called Stella out. Peter caught a break.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge and Brooke’s marriage is in jeopardy when they both accused the other of disloyalty. Things got worse for Brooke when she inadvertently admitted to Ridge that the kiss Steffy witnessed was the second one she shared with Bill. Katie struggled as she watched Bill bond with Will and helped him with his homework. Katie delivered important news to Bill about Will. Brooke pled with Ridge to not let Bill come between them and ruin their marriage. Brooke made Ridge a promise about their future. Wyatt delivered the news to Bill that he no longer works for Spencer Publications because he accepted a job at Forrester Creations. Bill listed all of Brooke’s virtues to Wyatt. Steffy snapped at Hope before spilling the news that Brooke cheated on Ridge by kissing Bill. Unable to process this information, Hope placed the blame squarely on Bill. Hope confronted Brooke about her kiss with Bill. Bill spent time with Will by teaching him how to be a good investor. Having been sworn to secrecy by Brooke, Katie told her new husband Thorne that she’s allowing Bill to spend more time with Will, without telling him why. When Thorne pressed her for answers, Katie gave in and shared that Ridge blackmailed Judge McMullen. Thorne stunned Katie when he showed his support for Ridge. Charlie made a “sweet” and unexpected proposal of marriage to Pam in the Forrester kitchen. Thorne and Ridge bonded over their mutual hatred of Bill Spencer. Bill admitted to Brooke that he sought her out at Il Giardino. He believes she’s the reason that Katie’s allowing him more time with his son and he expressed his gratitude. Uncomfortable because of the promise she made Ridge; Brooke told him that he must stay away from her. Tension rose when Quinn objected to Pam’s one request to Eric about her wedding. Ridge saw Brooke return from her client meeting and sensed that something horrible has happened. After hearing Brooke’s story about her meeting at Il Giardino, Ridge became fed up with Bill pursuing his wife. Ridge warned Brooke not to trust Bill while in his office with Justin. Bill credited his newfound happiness in life to Brooke. Liam and Hope visited Dr. Phillips to find out the gender of their unborn baby. Brooke and Steffy had their first meeting since Steffy told Ridge that Bill kissed Brooke.

THIS WEEK: Pam showed off her engagement ring to Hope, Liam, Steffy and Thorne. Ridge filled Thorne in on Brooke’s encounter with Bill, and Thorne filled Ridge in that Katie’s allowing Bill more access to Will.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Mimi pled with Chloe to convince Lucas to reconsider his custody battle for Baby Bonnie. Eric, Nicole and Sami realized that they’re on the same track and agreed to team up. The mystery patient called out a familiar name. Kristen was furious when Brady admitted that he’s been playing her. Gabi advised Chad to have Abigail committed. Abigail confided to JJ that she thinks Gabi set her up. Ciara had an unbidden romantic dream of Ben. Claire suggested to Ben they join forces to break up Tripp and Ciara. Gabi took her plan to another level. Jennifer warned Stefan to stay away from Abigail. Hope shared with Rafe her theory about the planted evidence. Ciara and Tripp were thrown when they came upon Claire and Ben conspiring. Gabi tried to make Chad believe that Abigail has turned violent. Stefan told Abigail that he’s certain Gabby’s back. Sami and Eric broke into Xander’s warehouse. Nicole prepared for her future with Eric. Belle was caught in the middle between Mimi and Chloe. Rex Brady returned to Salem!

THIS WEEK: Sami accused Brady of being in cahoots with Kristen. Nicole escaped from Xander… and unknowingly stumbled upon an earth-shattering secret.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nikki, Phyllis, Sharon and Victoria each received an additional note from the blackmailer, and when they combined the notes, they learned that the blackmailer’s demanding $250,000 to keep their secret. Nikki and Sharon considered paying, but Victoria and Phyllis were strongly opposed. Eventually, they agreed to wait, so they could determine if the blackmailer’s bluffing. Lily was concerned when Cane missed visiting hours at the prison, so she asked Nate to check on him. Nate tracked Cane down and was disgusted to discover that he didn’t have a good reason for missing their visit. Remorseful, Cane admitted that he’s been struggling with seeing Lily in prison but resolved to put his feelings aside and be there for his wife. In the midst of the chaos, Billy returned from rehab, and he and Kyle nearly came to blows when Kyle revealed that he was the one who drove Billy back to gambling. Despite his earlier nonchalance about the matter, Kyle realized that he took things too far, but Billy refused to accept Kyle’s apology.

THIS WEEK: Summer went to Kyle for comfort, but she found him in the middle of a double date with Lola, Mariah and Tessa. Kyle stepped away from the date to comfort Summer, but his actions pushed Lola away, and by the time he rejoined the group, she’d already left.

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