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RECAPS: OCT. 22 – 26

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly opened up to Stella. Alexis tried to help Kristina. Josslyn put her plan in motion. Kristina was crushed. Oscar got the support he needs. Drew confided in Elizabeth. Jason helped Kristina. Sam offered her advice. Nina was grateful. Ava was hurt. Oscar confronted Cameron. Julian appreciated Olivia’s efforts. Kim paid Sam a visit. Drew confided in Curtis. Laura confided in Carly. Sonny stopped by Charlie’s. Julian stepped in to help Kim. Finn was pleasantly surprised.

THIS WEEK: Ryan was caught off guard. Kiki and Liz bonded.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke revealed to Katie that Bill kissed her and that Ridge knows about it. Katie and Brooke worried what Ridge and Thorne might do to Bill. Hope and Liam visited Dr. Phillips to find out the gender of their unborn child. Ridge and Thorne demanded that Bill stay away from Brooke, but he refused. Eventually, push came to shove, and an all-out melee ensued with a surprising and tragic end. In shock at the events that have just transpired, Ridge quickly dialed 9-1-1 while Thorne rushed to check on a lifeless Bill Spencer. Pam and Quinn made digs at each other while arguing over the location of Pam and Charlie’s wedding. Pam threatened Quinn not to ruin her wedding after Quinn alluded to Pam’s unstable past. Worried about their husbands, Brooke and Katie finally received an urgent call to come to the hospital; Bill Spencer had been in an accident. Tyler and Brett visited Quinn and brought her gifts. Dr. Chester examined Bill and gave his family a dire diagnosis. Ridge and Thorne attempted to defend their actions to Katie and Brooke. While Pam asked Eric if he felt the same way Quinn does about her wedding venue, Quinn attempted to talk Charlie out of marrying Pam. Pam became livid when Charlie shared this information with her. Liam and Wyatt arrived at the hospital. Liam entered Bill’s hospital room with mixed emotions. Detective Sanchez arrived to question Ridge and Thorne. Eric was forced to referee when a furious Pam confronted Quinn about her actions. Later, during an argument, Quinn made a very serious miss-step. Thorne and Ridge felt the heat when interrogated at the hospital. Wyatt became apprehensive when Ridge insisted on visiting Bill. Quinn suffered the wrath of Pam and the disappointment of Eric. Katie asked Thorne what he’s going to tell Will if Bill doesn’t survive. Ridge taunted Bill to wake up.

THIS WEEK: Later, Thorne snuck into Bill’s room and offered him new information. Ridge became upset when Brooke asked to see Bill.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — It was complete pandemonium at Xander’s warehouse! Eric and Brady tried desperately to save Nicole’s life. Sami discovered the mystery patient! Mimi revealed the true identity of Baby Bonnie’s father. Sami got the mystery patient to a hospital. Eric received devastating news about Nicole. Chad and JJ pled with Abigail to seek treatment. Paul overheard Will on the phone, with Sonny and became suspicious. Abigail laid into Kate about helping Gabi. After hearing Chad wants her committed, Abigail sought help from an unlikely ally. Lani was jealous when she learned Sheila’s living with Eli. Sheila and Abe had another showdown. John asked Roman to help him get rid of Hattie. Bonnie and Hattie caught up and got drunk together. Rex and Mimi reunited! Chloe accused Belle of taking Mimi’s side.

THIS WEEK: JJ and Gabi had an electric moment. Abigail and Stefan revealed a shocking development to Chad.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Kyle was shocked when he opened the hidden safe in the CEO office and discovered a paperwork that John left for Ashley. Realizing that this could destroy the company, Kyle knew that he has to destroy the document. But Dina was determined to prove that she’s a good mother to Ashley, and she grew agitated when Kyle wouldn’t give her the contract. Her distress attracted Billy’s attention, but Kyle covered, assuring Billy that he has things handled, and sending his uncle away. Jack arrived just in time to see Kyle attempting to shred the document, and Dina was relieved, thinking he’s John. Jack and Billy began to reconnect with old flames, with Billy sharing a charged moment with Victoria, as they bonded over their shared dislike of Phyllis. Meanwhile, Jack and Phyllis’ friendship grew stronger, as he supported her through her breakup. Touched by his kindness, Phyllis insisted that she doesn’t deserve it, especially after how she treated him in the past. Nick struggled to build a new life with Christian, but he held out hope that he’ll be able to win Sharon back. Seeing Rey as a threat to his plan, Nick visited him at the station. He warned Rey to back off, claiming that if he really cares about Sharon, he’d let her reunite with her family. Rey was affected by Nick’s words and tried to put some distance between himself and Sharon. But she eventually realized what he’s doing, and he admitted that Nick told him to stay away.

THIS WEEK: Determined to protect her daughter, Sharon told the women that they have no choice but to pay, and Nikki sent the money. As Lily struggled to survive in prison, Nate and Neil confronted Cane, telling him that he needs to step up and be present for his wife.

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