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GENERAL HOSPITAL — Kevin had a glimmer of hope. Michael met Sonny for a drink. Curtis got disappointing news. Stella stood her ground. Finn had concerns about Anna’s plans. Sonny had a plan. Laura and Carly made a pact. Anna looked for help. Michael drowned in denial. Mary Pat got in over her head. Mac and Felicia stepped up to help Laura. Ryan set his sights on Ava. Franco put a Halloween party together for the kids. Nina met Valentin for dinner. Jason got a sweet surprise. Cameron made a discovery. Jordan and Curtis discussed wedding planning. Micheal and Chase bonded over Nelle. Ava confronted Carly. Laura kicked off her fundraising competition. Carly struggled with the damage done to her at Ferncliff. Scotty wanted to help. Ava defended her decision.

THIS WEEK: Chase made a gruesome discovery. Valentin was cautioned.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke and Bill shared a tender moment after he regained consciousness. Thorne attempted to do damage control by blaming Bill for starting the fight. Eric found himself at odds with Quinn when she became unyielding in her denial of Pam’s request to marry in their home. Eric and Donna reminisced about their past. Ridge became upset when Bill asked for Brooke. Bill asked Brooke for a favor before making a confession. Donna and Eric found themselves in an unexpected, but surprisingly familiar, situation. Brooke responded to Bill’s confession. Detective Sanchez interviewed Bill about Ridge and Thorne’s involvement in Bill’s fall. Ridge was shocked when he learned what Bill told the detective. Bill promised Liam and Wyatt that he’s a changed man. Dressed in a sexy witch’s costume to help lighten the mood, Quinn made a major sacrifice in order to keep her marriage on track. Ridge expressed his anger over Bill’s continued overtures to Brooke by destroying an important symbol of the Spencer family. Pam reflected back on her relationship with Stephanie and the death of their mother, Ann, to Charlie. Pam and Quinn faced-off over Pam’s wedding, respect, Eric, and Stephanie and Quinn’s portraits! Brooke confided in Eric about Bill’s admission and his desire to be a better person. Skeptical but fair, Eric gave Brooke advice. Later, Eric found himself refereeing Pam and Quinn. Ridge confronted Bill, and the two quickly exchanged heated accusations and threats. Steffy oversaw a photoshoot for the launch of her Intimates line. Ridge, Brooke, Katie, Thorne and Donna arrived at Eric and Quinn’s for dinner. Uncomfortable around her step-children in light of her recent disagreements with Pam and Eric, Quinn excused herself when she received a call from Wyatt. Bill sent Justin on a new mission for information.

THIS WEEK: Pam and Charlie made a decision about their wedding. Leo, a long-time buyer of Forrester Creations, asked Steffy out on a date.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Jennifer and Chad reeled off of Abigail and Stefan’s bombshell. Sami asked for Kayla’s help to prove the mystery man is EJ. Sarah gave Maggie details about her fiancé. Filled with guilt about Nicole, Brady turned to Eve. Hattie pressed Roman to prove his love for her. Eve cut ties with Brady and left Salem! Ben opened up to Ciara. Tripp made a shocking confession to Claire. It’s Halloween night, and things took a strange turn in Salem. A couple of familiar faces returned for a spooky surprise. Hattie realized that pretending to be Marlena isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. John scored a major win. Sami realized Susan’s the key to unlocking the mystery man’s identity. Belle grew nervous when Chloe suspected Baby Bonnie is really Mimi’s child. Susan had a premonition about Rex. Lucas and Sami reconnected. Belle and Sami made amends as Belle supported her sister through a rough time. Shawn came to Belle’s defense when things got heated between her and Lucas.

THIS WEEK: Chloe arrived at Rex and Sarah’s engagement party with big news. Bonnie put Mimi and Rex in an awkward position.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Despite the tension that lingers among them, Jack insisted that his family put aside their differences and come together, and Billy and Kyle reluctantly agreed. Kyle struggled to repair his relationship with Lola, but she insisted that she’s not interested in dating him, believing that he’s still stuck on Summer. Frustrated, Kyle confronted Summer, telling her that he’s devoted to Lola, and he wouldn’t let her get in the way of that. Lola witnessed the confrontation, and so touched by Kyle’s words that she decided to give him a second chance. Tessa and Mariah also grew closer, getting matching tattoos to symbolize their relationship. Overwhelmed by the strength of her feelings, Mariah finally told Tessa that she loves her back. Devon struggled to save Lily from her situation, turning to Sharon for help. Sharon did her best to advocate on Lily’s behalf, but she’s unsuccessful, so she encouraged Devon to focus on the ways he and his family could support Lily through this difficult transition. Meanwhile, Cane struggled to keep his kids optimistic, distracting them by convincing them to draft a letter to send to Lily. Sharon found herself torn as her attraction to Rey continued to grow, while Nick struggled to remind her of their past together. He convinced Sharon to come on a family trip to the pumpkin patch, and she reluctantly agreed, inviting Mariah and Tessa along as a buffer.

THIS WEEK: While there, they ran into Rey and Lola, and Nick’s anger towards Rey flared, especially when he saw how much Faith likes him. Mariah noticed, asking Sharon if Nick’s making her feel pressured to reunite their family.

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