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RECAPS: NOV. 12 – 16

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny wondered what might have been. Julian seemed to have the upper hand. Alexis offered her insight. Carly was outraged. Anna began to lose her patience. Carly couldn’t find her husband. Jason had an update. Jordan and Curtis discussed their wedding details. Monica shared her experience. Julian grew suspicious of Alexis. Elizabeth’s patience was tested. Franco looked to Scotty for help. Laura met Sasha. Peter accepted an invitation. Michael and Stella had a heart-to-heart. Anna offered words of encouragement. Sonny paid Margaux a visit. Cutis was touched by Drew’s act of kindness. Ryan got close to Jordan. Elizabeth was heartbroken. Sonny made a plea to Margaux.

THIS WEEK: Liz tried to help her son. Nina became defensive.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge assured Brooke that no one would find out that he bribed the judge during Will’s custody hearing. Bill was thrilled when Ken’s able to hack in to Judge McMullen’s cell phone. Bill hatched a plan to trick Ridge and Judge McMullen in order to obtain evidence against them and put it in motion. Donna and Pam gossiped about Quinn. Pam reminded Donna of the crazy stunts Quinn has pulled since she moved away and reminded her that she and Eric are soulmates. Ridge and Judge McMullen stressed when they realized that they’ve been duped. They told Brooke, Katie and Thorne what happened. Ridge explained to a distressed Brooke that all they could do is wait to see what Bill’s next move would be. Eric reminded Quinn that Pam’s family. Bill summoned Ridge, Judge McMullen, Brooke, Katie and Thorne to his office. In the Spencer office building, Justin played back a recording proving that Ridge and Judge McMullen were in cahoots. Pam conspired to get Donna hired at Forrester so she could further drive a wedge between Quinn and Eric. Pam apologized to Donna for her past transgressions. Katie expressed remorse to Bill and told him that the moment she learned the truth, she allowed him more access to Will. Bill explained that all he wants is an opportunity to raise Will, because he was denied that with Wyatt and Liam. Brooke pled with Bill for mercy so he wouldn’t press charges against Ridge. Wyatt and Liam mulled over the fact that both of them are working for Forrester Creations and not for their father at Spencer Publications. The two bumped into Will who had arrived to see his mother and Thorne and the three Spencer brothers bond. Katie agreed when Bill requested an immediate change in the child custody agreement. Bill revealed to Brooke how she and Will inspire him. Katie shared with Wyatt and Liam that Ridge tampered with Judge McMullen to dictate the outcome of the hearing.

THIS WEEK: Bill made an admission to Brooke about their past and future. Ridge shared his belief that Bill’s not genuine and is simply manipulating them to get what he wants: Brooke.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Chad helped Abigail as she went into labor. Stefan caught Gabi with incriminating evidence. Claire helped Tripp cover up his crime. Ben admitted to Ciara that he has feelings for her. Gabi pled with Stefan to keep her secret. Paul was tempted to read Will’s journal. Ciara confronted Claire about her lies. Chad made a bold move. Chad made a deal with Stefan. Brady confessed the truth to Paul. Rex attempted to reconcile with Sarah. Gabi wrestled with telling the truth. Paul confronted Will about his true feelings for Sonny. Rex made a difficult decision about his future. Eric tried to help Sarah as she caused a scene at the pub. Lucas said goodbye to Chloe before leaving town. Kayla had suspicions about Gabi. Abigail felt betrayed by JJ.

THIS WEEK: Jennifer and Stefan fought over Abigail and the baby. Claire’s plot unraveled as Ben got the truth out of Wyatt.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Despite her worries over Rey’s investigation, Phyllis focused her attention on running Jabot. She held a successful photoshoot featuring the company’s female leaders and recruited Dark Horse as a partner for a launch party celebrating the Jaboutiques. Despite her successes, Billy continued to resist her leadership and accused her of stealing credit for the stores. Thrilled by how well their relationship’s going, Mariah asked Tessa to move in together, and Tessa happily agreed. Because of Tessa’s money problems, they agreed that Mariah would move into Tessa’s tiny studio. Excited by the change, Mariah said goodbye to her home in Sharon’s house and moved her things into Tessa’s modest apartment. Rey’s investigation into JT’s murder increased the stress on Sharon, Phyllis, Nikki and Victoria. Wanting to avoid suspicion, Phyllis realized that the women need to stop meeting altogether and declared their partnership over. The women agreed to go their separate ways, but Rey’s suspicions remained. He began to bring in the Newmans for questioning, making it clear that he believes Victor’s responsible.

THIS WEEK: Plans for the Jaboutique party hit a bump when the caterer canceled last minute, but Kyle stepped in, hiring Lola to cater the event. At the event, Nick and Phyllis revealed their new status as GC’s hottest power couple, but they’re shaken when Billy and Sharon showed up together, determined to prove that they’ve moved on.

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