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GENERAL HOSPITAL — Ava manipulated Franco. Monica spent the day with Oscar. Drew alienated Kim. Julian impressed Sam. Stella was taken aback. Laura took it all in. Stella grew introspective. Jordan was surprised. Maxi and Lulu reflected on the past. Spinelli helped Carly out. Nina tore into Ava. Laura had terrible timing. Oscar was conflicted. Jason visited Sam. Sonny was disappointed. Sonny sealed the deal with Laura and returned home to a sad Carly (played by Sarah Brown).

THIS WEEK: Sonny comforted Carly and cheered her up with a partnership in Deception. This was Carly and Sonny’s first Thanksgiving together.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke attempted to put Ridge’s mind at ease when he worried about her private conversation with Bill. Quinn became upset when Eric mandated that she add Pam and Charlie to the Thanksgiving guest list then became irate when she overheard Pam tell Donna that she’s the right woman for Eric. Brooke and Ridge shared a heartwarming moment. Bill made a vow to Liam and Wyatt. Steffy and Liam discussed baby Kelly’s future while Hope watched on, happy that this would also be her future. Katie gave Bill the legal papers for shared custody while Thorne’s at work. Steffy and Hope came to an agreement. Steffy got honest with Liam and Hope about her thoughts on the upcoming holidays. With Katie looking on, Bill asked Will what he wants most for Christmas.

THIS WEEK: The Forresters, Logans, Spencers, Avants and Spectras gathered for their traditional Thanksgiving dinner, setting aside their grievances and saying something kind to the person to their right. Baby Kelly and Zoe celebrated their first Thanksgiving, and Wyatt and Liam question Bill’s absence.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Gabi gleefully admitted to Abigail that she’s been gaslighting her all along. Jennifer ripped into Chad for the way he’s treated Abigail. Ben exposed Tripp’s deception to Ciara. Lani found Eli and Sheila in a compromising position. Ciara and Tripp’s relationship imploded when she couldn’t deny her feelings for Ben. Ben ended his alliance with Claire. Paul shared an emotional goodbye with John and Brady before leaving Salem. Abe received stunning news from Valerie. Adrienne and Justin were furious when Victor kept Will from reuniting with Sonny. Sarah invited Eric to Thanksgiving, and the two bonded over Holly.

THIS WEEK: Julie and Doug held Thanksgiving dinner at Doug’s Place. Abe and Valerie decided to give a long-distance relationship a chance.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — At the Jabotique party, Summer pulled Kyle into a dance, upsetting Lola. As she fled back to the kitchen, Summer kissed Kyle, and he angrily pushed her away, declaring that he only wants to be with Lola. Determined to win Abby back, Arturo followed her back to the Abbott house, but she refused to let him in. Back at the party, Billy voiced his frustration that Phyllis is taking credit for his work on the Jaboutiques. He enlisted Jack to distract Phyllis while he tells a reporter what really happened. However, Phyllis quickly realized what he’s up to and intercepted the reporter. She then surprised Billy by crediting him with the idea and acknowledging his contributions. Despite the gesture, she then returned to Nick who asked her to move in with him. Jack noticed Devon putting on a brave front and told him that he knew how badly he must be hurting. Devon insisted that he’s doing fine, but later that night, he fell apart, crying over a picture of Hilary. Billy took Sharon home and moved in to kiss her, but Sharon gently shut him down, explaining that she doesn’t want to sleep together for revenge. Billy was grateful for the reality check, and the two parted as friends. Phyllis and Jack had an honest discussion about their romantic pursuits with Jack admitting his interest in Kerry and Phyllis giving them her blessing.

THIS WEEK: Phyllis then told Jack about Nick’s offer, admitting that she’s not sure if she’s ready to move in with him. Cane, Charlie and Mattie put on a brave face as they prepared to celebrate Thanksgiving in prison with Lily, but they’re further shaken when Devon bailed, claiming that he has to stay in Genoa City for work.

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