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RECAPS: NOV. 26 – 30

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Ned was uneasy about Julian being at Thanksgiving. Kim was disappointed. Monica took precautions. Sonny and Carly opened their home. Laura was crushed to learn about Ava’s relationship with “Kevin.” Nina had her hands full. Laura confided in Lulu. Maxie and Peter shared a moment. Alexis was proud of Oscar. Griffin Ana supported Finn. Nina took Charlotte to the ballet. Josslyn caught on. Laura felt uneasy. Elizabeth continued to worry about Aiden. Franco tried to understand. Griffin got terrible news. Sonny and Carly weighed their options. Anna paid Britt a visit. Maxie leaned on Peter. Julian congratulated Alexis. Ryan doted on Ava. Curtis was the bearer of bad news. Drew and Kim met with Oscar.

THIS WEEK: Liz offered her help. Kristina cornered Sam.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Justin attempted to persuade Bill to put his Spencer necklace back on and blamed Brooke for changing him. Brooke suggested a baby name for Hope and Liam’s child. Detective Sanchez arrived and wanted to re-open his investigation into Bill’s shooting. Taylor argued with Steffy that Liam should be with her, not Hope. Steffy reminded Taylor that Bill did them a favor by not turning her in, and Taylor worried that Bill might change his mind. Det. Sanchez raised concern that Bill does not want to solve his attempted murder. Taylor continued to be haunted by the fact that she shot Bill. Liam became concerned when Steffy told him that her mom just finished visiting. Steffy indicated Taylor’s intentions for her future and defended Taylor to Liam. Hope reminded Brooke that she and Steffy are on better terms than they’ve ever been. Brooke told Hope that Steffy reminds her of Taylor. Later, Hope was startled by Taylor who accused Hope of taking everything away from Steffy. Liam and Steffy argued about whether or not Taylor’s stable enough to watch baby Kelly. Liam continued to push that he doesn’t want Taylor around Kelly. He confessed to Steffy that he also thinks that Taylor has extra animosity towards Hope. Meanwhile, in the Forrester CEO office, Hope and Taylor continued to argue. Hope defended herself, which angered Taylor. Bill arrived at Steffy’s and told her about Taylor’s visit and that he’s not sure her therapy’s working. Liam arrived as Taylor was verbally attacking Hope and intervened on Hope’s behalf. When Taylor left, Liam told Hope that there’s more to Taylor than she knows. Ridge and Taylor reunited, both surprised to see each other. Ridge encouraged Taylor to tell him what’s bothering her. Hope was shocked to learn from Liam that Taylor was the one who shot Bill. She had many more questions for Liam. Taylor and Ridge discussed how horrible they think Bill is. Taylor arrived to see Steffy in time to catch Brooke and Steffy’s argument about Hope. When Steffy left, Taylor and Brooke reignited their decades-long feud over their daughters. Hope walked in on Taylor and Brooke’s fight and tried to diffuse the situation. Steffy was upset that Liam told Hope about Taylor shooting Bill.

THIS WEEK: Dr. Reese Buckingham, Zoe’s father, made a surprise visit, which caught Zoe off guard; she became unhappy when he revealed that he’s moving to Los Angeles. Liam believed that Steffy should not tell Taylor that Hope knows, as she might not have a positive reaction.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Ben confronted Tripp about framing him. Ciara confided in Hope that she and Tripp broke up. Eric made a decision about Holly. Will and Sonny reunited but got a shocking surprise! Leo demanded Sonny keep his promise to marry him. Kayla laid into Stefan and accused him of letting Steve take the fall for Stefan’s espionage. Ted Laurent returned to Salem and asked Hope for protection. Ben and Ciara shared their first kiss! Kayla grilled Gabi about drugging Abigail. Rafe told Hope that he caught Ciara kissing Ben. Stefan bonded with Charlotte. Kate confronted Kayla about setting her up. Ben turned to someone unexpected for a job. Chad visited Abigail at Bayview and found that she’s a changed person. Kate told Roman that she’s got the goods on Stefan. Leo told Will and Sonny a secret about Kate. At Bayview, Abigail ripped into Chad for betraying her. Rafe questioned Gabi about the accusations Abigail made against her.

THIS WEEK: Sonny confronted Chad about his knowledge of Kate’s deception. Hope and Ted concocted a plan to trap Ben into confessing.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — On Thanksgiving at the Abbotts, Jack was bolstered by Kerry’s attendance, and the ease with which she adapted to his family drama, even charming Dina. Once everyone else had left for the evening, Jack and Kerry grew closer, but she’s evasive on personal questions, and when Jack stepped out, she made a hasty exit, leaving him confused, but intrigued. Abby spent the holiday with Arturo and his family, determined to show a united front around Mia. Despite Lola’s best efforts to keep the peace, tensions flared between Abby, Mia and the Rosales brothers. Wanting to give everyone a sense of perspective, Lola took everyone downstairs to volunteer at Sharon’s charity dinner. The Newmans celebrated the holiday without Victor, who’s still MIA, much to Nick’s disapproval. Faith dropped the

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