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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Brooke is shocked to learn from Hope that Taylor is responsible for Bill’s shooting. Worried that Taylor is back in town, Liam visits Bill to tell him that he feels Taylor is still a danger to their family. Bill makes an admission to Liam about his hope for the future of their relationship. Brooke confronts Taylor and the two do battle over their past transgressions and Brooke’s accusation that Taylor is unstable. Brooke and Taylor argue about whether or not Taylor should be in Kelly’s life. Steffy is upset that Hope told Brooke about Taylor shooting Bill. Quinn walks in on Donna and Pam having a minor argument and later let’s Eric know about her irritation for Donna and Pam sharing reception duties. Eric and Quinn share a tender moment. Taylor begs Brooke not to tell anyone that she shot Bill and promises that she is not a threat to anyone. Pam convinces Donna to model a Forrester original for Eric and keeps Quinn at bay so that they can be alone together. Realizing her father needs to hear it from her first, Steffy tells Ridge about Taylor shooting Bill. Brooke arrives to Bill’s office and tells him she knows the truth about Taylor. Bill stuns Brooke by telling her why he didn’t press charges against Taylor. Quinn becomes upset when she realizes that Donna is modeling for Eric. Ridge supports Taylor. Brooke and Ridge realize that they each know that Taylor was the culprit in Bill’s shooting and both have very different reactions. Steffy throws a party for her staff to celebrate their success. Reese meets Taylor at Steffy’s party and they instantly hit it off. Taylor shares some of her and Brooke’s history with Reese. Brooke and Ridge discuss how protective Ridge is of Taylor and the complicated ties between their families. Hope and Liam share in their excitement for the baby to arrive. They also share in how difficult it is to process what Taylor did to Bill.

THIS WEEK: Ridge receives a text from Taylor and leaves Brooke to meet with Taylor and Steffy. Reese questions Zoe about Brooke.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Abigail tries to trick Stefan into getting her released from Bayview. Sonny is devastated after discovering Chad knew about Kate’s plot against him. Ted tries to get Ben to confess to starting the fire at the cabin. Rafe questions Hope about her trip to Smith Island. Chad comes upon Gabi with Charlotte’s paternity results. Sonny and Will realize Leo has damning evidence against them. Eli suggests to Rafe that Hope might be cheating on him. Stefan grapples with releasing Abigail from Bayview and gets advice from Ben. Rafe’s suspicions grow as Hope continues to lie to her husband. Ciara and Ben go on their first date! John and Marlena have a romantic evening at the Brady Pub. Brady comes up with an idea to try to mend fences with Eric. Sarah appeals to Maggie to let Eric raise Holly. Chloe is thrilled when Lucas returns from Europe but he drops a bomb that changes their relationship.

THIS WEEK: Eli confronts Lani about her feelings for him. Abe loses his temper with Sheila after some disappointing news from Valerie.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Griffin pleads his case. Jordan gets a lead. Sam is pleasantly surprised. Alexis is curious. Sonny has a lot to think about. Ava is put on the spot. Chase finds a clue. Sonny runs into Margaux. Felicia is curious about Maxie’s relationship. Finn reassures Anna. Julian lashes out. Franco begins his day in Art Therapy. Lulu runs into Willow. Valentin shares his experience. Laura gains a little perspective. Jordan grows obsessed over a case. Sam has something important for Alexis. Chase looks for answers surrounding Mary Pat’s murder. Laura is caught off guard. Willow receives an invitation. Anna bets on Obrecht’s motherly instincts.. Curtis and Sam work together. Sonny gets a peculiar visit.

THIS WEEK: Jason gets interesting news. Alexis is skeptical

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Michael and Lauren are thrilled when Fen returns to Genoa City. Meanwhile, Mia begins to put down roots in Genoa City by hosting a makeup party to drum up clients for her styling business. She invites Nikki, Phyllis, Victoria, and Sharon, who decide to attend so that they can get closer to Mia, and by default Rey, thus protecting themselves from his investigation. Despite their efforts to remain civil, tensions soon flare between Mia and Sharon, when Sharon criticizes Mia for speaking badly of Rey. Meanwhile, Tessa and Mariah attempt to rebuild their shattered relationship, but they find themselves unable to overcome the lies and secrets between them. At Jabot, Billy and Phyllis finally reach a common ground, hitting their stride as they work to pitch an important partnership to a high-profile beauty entrepreneur. They bond over a late night spent working on the pitch.

THIS WEEK: Tessa struggles with the truth. Billy begins to wonder if a reunion might be possible.

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