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RECAPS: DEC. 10 – 14

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Ava was having a hard time. Julian tried to smooth things over. Carly paid a visit to Morgan’s grave. Drew was in disbelief. Sonny defended his father. Laura brought Sonny up to speed. Nina was disappointed. Anna looked to the future. Chase was misunderstood. Willow was caught off guard. Carly confronted “Kevin.” Ava received a surprise visit. Nina was encouraged to give Valentin another chance. Griffin felt lost. Chase and Finn bonded. Kim gave Oscar his space. Cameron paid Julian a visit. Sonny and Oscar had a heart-heart. Carly was troubled. Sam’s interest was piqued. Stella gained a little insight. Laura confided in Lulu. Nina made a decision.

THIS WEEK: Julian didn’t want to be intrusive. Cameron doubted his decision.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Katie, Brooke, Hope and Donna had a baby naming session for Hope’s daughter. Taylor pled with Liam to convince Hope and Brooke that she’s not a threat to anyone, especially her granddaughter Kelly. Zoe confronted her father about his past behavior with women. She reminded him that Taylor is her boss’s mother and hopes he wouldn’t create a problem for her. Later, Zoe told Zander about Reese’s history. Taylor met with her sponsor. Katie and Donna pestered Brooke to reveal why she’s so upset with Taylor. Steffy was adamant to Liam that Taylor’s not a threat to anyone. She stated that the biggest problem in their lives is not Taylor, but Brooke and Hope telling other people that Taylor was the person who shot Bill. Reese asked Taylor to reconsider when she admitted she’s thinking of leaving Los Angeles. Brooke told Hope that having Taylor back in Los Angeles is dangerous for everyone. Reese questioned Taylor about her current romantic status before giving her an unexpected kiss. Hope told Brooke that she understands her position on Taylor, but she doesn’t want to upset Steffy and ruin the dynamic of their extended family. Zoe expressed her fear to Xander that Reese would upset her perfect life in Los Angeles. Zoe and Xander reflected on their relationship. Zoe introduced Tiffany to Reese. Taylor shared her interest in Reese with Steffy who suggested that she move in with her and baby Kelly. Brooke warned Liam that he needs to protect his family. Steffy and Taylor were equally excited about the prospect of living together. Wyatt and Sally practiced yoga poses as Sally shared her plans for a new athletic line for Forrester Creations. Wyatt told Sally that he loves her. The situation got intense when Brooke arrived at Steffy’s and found Taylor alone with baby Kelly. Steffy vehemently defended Taylor to Hope and Liam. Hope made a statement that impacted their future relationship. Brooke visited Bill to garner his support regarding the situation with Taylor.

THIS WEEK: Bill was surprised by what Brooke suggested he do. Sally told Wyatt that she loves him back.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Ted told Rafe that he’s having an affair with Hope! Julie confronted Ciara about her relationship with Ben. Gabi and Abigail played a game of cat and mouse. Abigail made a desperate plea to Julie, who vowed to help expose Gabi. Julie reminisced about her return to Salem 50 years ago. Lucas said goodbye to his family. Eli and Lani announced to his family that they are a couple. Sonny and Will made a last-ditch effort to rebuff Leo’s blackmail attempt. Sonny and Leo’s wedding began with Sheila officiating. Justin delivered a letter to Chloe that carried shocking news. Sarah continued to help Eric gain custody of Holly. Chloe gave Maggie the news about Nicole’s letter. Eric shared with Sarah his excitement about raising Holly. Sonny and Leo’s wedding ceremony was interrupted. Maggie had a change of heart about Holly. Kayla told Tripp the truth about Steve, and he comforted his step-mother. Abigail broke into Kayla’s office to find proof of Gabi’s deception. Julie snuck into Gabi’s bedroom, hoping to get the goods on her.

THIS WEEK: Maggie and Sarah argued about who should raise Holly. Eric confronted Brady and Chloe about Nicole’s letter.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nikki returned home, finally feeling safe, but her sense of security was shattered when she found JT’s bloody clothes laid out on her bed. Deeply shaken, Nikki went to see Victoria, but before they could fully discuss the situation, Reed entered, having returned home for the holiday break, and intended to discover the identity of his father’s killer. Victoria’s worries continued to grow when Billy came to see her, revealing that he’s worried by all the anger and pain that he sees in Reed. Struggling, Reed sought comfort from his friendship with Charlie and Mattie, but Cane made it clear that he still disapproves of their connection. Upon returning home, Reed overheard Victoria and Billy discussing the investigation into Victor and flew into a rage. He accused his mother of keeping secrets from him, immediately assuming Victor’s guilt. Wanting to do something to take control of their situation, Nikki set a makeup consultation with Mia, and attempted to befriend the woman. Seeing that Nikki could offer her the social advancement she so desires, Mia eagerly reciprocated, believing that this friendship could help both her and Rey. Wanting to get her new project off the ground, Abby asked Nick to come onboard as a consultant, but he’s unable to agree, so she instead went to Devon.

THIS WEEK: On her way to meet him, Abby caught sight of Lola at the new pop-up shop she’s opened at the coffeehouse, and she’s struck by another idea. Jack continued his pursuit of Kerry, but he’s thrown when she began to miss dates and ignore his calls.

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