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RECAPS - 7/7-11

ALL MY CHILDREN – Zach alerted Jesse that he found Richie dead on the side of the road, an apparent victim of hit and run. Jesse didn’t believe that Richie’s death was accidental and dragged Zach in for questioning. Although Dre and Cassandra believed they were responsible, they decided not to tell anyone that they hit something while driving a drunken Colby home. Aidan used cue cards to flirt with Greenlee. Angie was speechless when she walked in on Randi in Cassandra’s bed. Greenlee went sailing to clear her head, but slipped, hit her head and fell into the water. JR offered to buy Fusion for Babe.

THIS WEEK: Jesse uncovers evidence that implicates Colby in Richie’s death.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Carly was paired up with Neal, Mike’s boss, on a lunch date. When they hit it off, Holden couldn’t control showing his jealousy. Meg and Paul were married, but her fear about the cops discovering Sophie’s body buried in the garden forced Paul to try to move the body. Mike got Jack to investigate Sophie’s disappearance. Jack arrested Paul when he refused to cooperate. Noah was unable to get through Army induction because he would not go along with the “don’t ask, don’t tell” rule. Liberty and Parker refused to give up their relationship even though their parents have become lovers. Jack moved Janet into the Snyder farm.

THIS WEEK: Tom and Margo are shocked by Casey’s new romance.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Katie took charge of planning Bridget and Nick’s wedding, wanting to make the day perfect for her niece. Felicia was worried about Stephanie’s depression and convinced Eric to go visit his ex-wife. At the pool party to celebrate Nick and Bridget’s engagement, Owen showed up uninvited. He made sure that Donna saw him without his swim trunks. Felicia witnessed Donna’s flustered reaction and then made arrangements for Owen to come to Felicia’s office. Brooke and Jackie urged Nick to be sure of his feelings before marrying Bridget. On the wedding day, Bridget told Katie the justice of the peace was there for Katie.

THIS WEEK: Owen is interested in getting closer to the Forresters.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Marlena was devastated when John destroyed the disk with his memories and Stefano’s lab. Kate collapsed after seeing Chelsea kissing Daniel. Chloe and Lucas made love, then later she told Philip all about it. Lucas was arrested for violating his probation and Hope told him that he’d broken Sami’s heart. Steve gave Max information that may lead to his finding his half-sister. Max left Salem to search for her. Victor and Nicole signed the divorce papers. At the Brady Pub, Victor collapsed. Daniel determined that Victor had had another stroke. Chelsea began training to become an occupational therapist. Morgan was given a letter found in Paul’s suitcase.

THIS WEEK: Max receives a happy surprise while in France.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Logan terrorized Lulu, who was unable to calm him down. In trying to defend herself, she accidentally killed him. Johnny realized that Lulu saw Logan attacking Maxie and, to protect Lulu, he told Claudia that he killed Logan himself. Johnny and Claudia dumped Logan’s body at Nikolas’ clinic, but Nadine got a glimpse of their car. Paparazzi caught Jax and Kate in what looked like a compromising position then were publicly humiliated in the press. Noah returned and sided with Robin regarding his unborn grandchild. Robin had a change of heart after Patrick opened his heart on the witness stand.

THIS WEEK: Spinelli’s dream comes true!

GUIDING LIGHT – Josh was upset about the movie and urged Jeffrey to find a reason to stop the production. Reva planted drugs on Grady to make sure he stayed behind bars. Daisy was determined to run away with Grady once he’s out. Bill set rules for his marriage with Ava, including separate bedrooms. She was surprised by his desire to go into politics, but helped him with the governor. Ava believed that Bill would eventually love her, but when he arranged a family vacation at a cabin in the woods, Lizzie showed up at the same time Bill did. Coop returned to teaching and discovered Blake’s daughter, Clarissa, in his class.

THIS WEEK: Ashlee tries to forget Coop by throwing herself into work.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Todd went ballistic when Cole told him that Starr was pregnant and planned to have Michael and Marcie adopt the baby. Bo and Lindsay’s wedding ended abruptly when Nora produced RJ’s letter revealing Lindsay’s lies. Lindsay was arrested for murder. Lindsay surprised Nora when she pleaded guilty at her arraignment. Carlo locked Talia and Sarah in the dungeon and made it clear he had “plans” for them, Tina, Antonio and Cristian. Tess (as Jessica) asked Viki, if she and Bree could move back into Llanfair, then asked Natalie to move in as well. Rex told Gigi he had feelings for her and pulled her into a kiss.

THIS WEEK: Clint and Nora are determined to use Dorian’s weaknesses against her.

PASSIONS – Tabitha showed Esme proof in the magic bowl that Viki was a serial killer and that all of Harmony was in danger. The only person who knew of Viki and Vincent’s scheme was Sheridan, who was locked in a closet. Esme freed Sheridan, but it was too late, as the poisoned food was taking effect. Vincent choked the life out of Eve and be the one to finish off his mother himself, while Theresa begged an unconscious Ethan not to die. Pilar prevented Theresa from eating the poisoned mushroom, only for Pilar to have a seizure and die in Luis’ arms.

THIS WEEK: Tabitha makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the people of Harmony.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Sabrina’s ex, Phillipe, told Nick that Jack was looking for dirt on her. Victoria tried to convince Victor that he was Sabrina’s rebound guy. Adrian and Amber agreed to keep their night together a secret. Phyllis found Amber’s camisole under a desk at Restless Style. After learning she was pregnant, Chloe doped Cane and made him think they had sex. Cane told Lily that Chloe set him up and she believed him. To get Jabot back, Jeff and Gloria decided to start buying up its stock on the open market. Victoria reluctantly agreed to be the Restless Style cover girl.

THIS WEEK: Daniel and Amber hit rocky ground in their relationship.

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