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RECAPS: DEC.17 – 21

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Carly stepped in to help. Sam was anxious. Jason offered his support. Liz was stunned. Laura felt proud. Carly was worried. Margaux got a lead. Lulu pumped Chase for information. Cameron got in over his head. Daisy offered her support. Carly vented to Jason. Liz was furious. Nina was shocked. Valentin got closer to what he wants. Kristina called Sam out. Sonny and Carly were at odds. Sam got a troubling message. Chase tried to get closer to Willow. Peter wrestled with his feelings. Obrecht bit her tongue. Aiden was disappointed. Oscar made a point to help others. Anna felt indebted to Maxie.

THIS WEEK: Chase couldn’t stop thinking about Willow. Jordan confided in Stella.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Steffy vehemently defended Taylor to Hope and Liam. Hope made a statement that impacts their future relationship. Brooke visited Bill to garner his support regarding the situation with Taylor. Bill was surprised by what Brooke suggested he do. Sally told Wyatt that she loves him back. Hope asked Liam to choose if he wants to have a family with her or with Steffy. Bill confirmed that Brooke’s asking him to report Taylor to the police. Emma let Xander know, who in turn told Zoe, that he would be interviewed by a major fashion magazine. Zoe expressed her gratitude to Xander for being by her side especially now that her father’s in town. Xander promised to always have her back. Liam bonded with baby Kelly while Hope lamented to Brooke that Liam took Steffy’s side regarding Taylor. Taylor realized that Hope isn’t coming to Christmas at Steffy’s house because of her. Hope confirmed to Liam and Brooke that as long as Taylor lives with Steffy, they would have separate holidays. Liam argued that he would not miss his daughter’s first Christmas. Reese questioned Zoe about why Brooke hates Taylor. Taylor confronted Brooke in her office and accused her of trying to keep Liam and Steffy apart. Reese walked in on the argument and demanded that Brooke apologize to Taylor. Steffy and Hope were unable to compromise on what to do about Taylor. Reese laid into Brooke, telling her not to disrespect Taylor. Maya returned to town and became wary of Zoe and her relationship with Xander and Forrester Creations. Later, Maya arrived at Brooke’s house and delivered bad news about Rick. Taylor was moved when Reese committed himself to always be there for Taylor. Reese reminded Taylor that she’s not alone. Hope reiterated that she wants Steffy and Kelly to spend Christmas at Eric’s without Taylor. Brooke was shocked by Maya’s news about Rick. Julius and Vivienne showed their support for their daughter Maya during this difficult time. Brooke made an offer to Maya.

THIS WEEK: Steffy became sad that her daughter and Hope’s daughter would not grow up together because of Hope’s agenda against Taylor. Steffy vowed never to turn her back on her mother.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Julie uncovered Gabi’s secret! Abigail tried to get information out of Kayla about Gabi. Victor punished Chad for his betrayal of Sonny. Hope confronted Ciara about dating Ben, and they ended up fighting. Chad and Sonny rushed to save Julie’s life. Gabi feared Julie would expose her secret. Sonny explained to Will that they could no longer see each other. Hope and Rafe argued about Ted. Eli and Lani questioned Gabi about Julie’s fall. Things got heated when Sarah tried to persuade Chloe to allow Eric to raise Holly. Leo snuck into bed with Sonny. Ciara and Claire called a truce when they heard about Julie. Abigail secretly made plans to sever her ties to Stefan. Eric let Chloe know that he’s not giving up the fight for Holly. Gabi prepared to take drastic measures to silence Julie for good. JJ encountered a beautiful nurse named Haley. Rafe tried to broker peace between Stefan and Ted. Abigail delivered a special Christmas gift to Stefan.

THIS WEEK: Hope and Jennifer rallied around Doug, who’s concerned about Julie. JJ frantically attempted to save Haley’s life.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — When Reed arrived at the Ashby house in search of Mattie, he instead found a disheartened Charlie, who revealed that Shauna broke things off with him. Wanting to cheer Charlie up, Reed suggested they go to a friend’s party. Everyone was preparing for the Jabot holiday party, even Fen, who was working the event as a waiter for the GCAC. Michael was disapproving of his son’s new path, but Lauren supported him, even joining him in a karaoke duet. Still hurting over Phyllis, Billy was reluctant to attend the Jabot holiday party, so Jack asked Victoria to give him a push. She successfully won him over, offering to tag along as his date. At the party, the two started to rekindle some of their old chemistry, which annoyed Phyllis. Meanwhile, Rey brought Nikki down to the station for further questioning, and she called Michael in for backup. Rey questioned Nikki about her attempts to befriend Mia, and Nikki grew more and more anxious as her plan backfired on her. When Fen waited on Ana and Devon at the club, he made the mistake of asking Devon about his demo, which almost got him fired. Ana stuck up for Fen, telling him that she thinks he’s a talented performer, but he needs a better demo to get Devon’s attention. She offered to record one for him, but Fen turned up his nose at her, and Ana left in a huff. Meanwhile, Kyle planned a big romantic evening for Lola, planning to bring Miami to Genoa City. Lola eagerly accepted his invitation, but she’s so exhausted that she fell asleep and missed the date. Inspired by Kyle’s romantic gesture, Jack decided to plan a similar one for Kerry and surprised her with a trip to Bora Bora for the holidays.

THIS WEEK: Kerry was thrown by the gesture and anxious that they’re moving too fast. Feeling overwhelmed, she ran from the date, leaving Jack feeling rejected.

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