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RECAPS 12/24 – 12/28

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope tells Steffy and Liam that she wants to enjoy Christmas without Taylor. Maya shares her news about Rick with Hope and Liam, who in turn ask Maya for a favor. Taylor realizes that Hope is forcing Steffy to choose between spending time with Taylor and celebrating the holiday with Kelly. Steffy vows to never turn her back on Taylor. Taylor confides in Reese that she did something terrible and that Brooke is using that information against her. The Forresters, Logans, Avants and Spencers spend Christmas Eve together at the Forrester Estate. The family celebrates baby Kelly’s first Christmas; Hope and Liam announce the name they will give their daughter; the Logan sisters save Pam and Charlie’s Christmas dinner; and at Ridge’s request each person expresses their blessings to one another. With hearts full of love and gratitude, Xander carries on a Forrester tradition and Eric reminds every one of the true meaning of Christmas. Hope and Liam exchange Christmas presents. Ridge gives Steffy a present to give to Taylor before spending much needed father/daughter time together. Zoe demands that Reese stop pretending that she was his motivation to move to Los Angeles. Reese vows to Zoe that his days of being irresponsible are behind him. Later, Zoe confesses to Xander that there are things about her father that not even she knows. The thug finds Reese at Il Giardino and makes an astonishing demand. Hope sets up a “babymoon” for her and Liam. Zoe explains part of Reese’s history with women and money to Xander before explaining how his addictions affected her growing up. The thug threatens Reese to pay him or face the consequences. As Hope and Liam are preparing to leave to Catalina Island, Steffy calls Liam to inform him that Kelly has a fever. Hope encourages Liam to take care of Kelly and meet her before departure. At the airport Hope meets Matt and Kieran who congratulate her on her pregnancy. Liam makes Steffy a promise about the future of their family. Kieran and Matt fangirl over Hope.

THIS WEEK: Hope and Liam wind up having to travel separately to Catalina Island. By the time Liam arrives at the airport a wind storm has approached, delaying all flights. Ridge shares his new year’s resolution with Brooke.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Gabi panics when she learns Julie has woken up. Abigail drops a bombshell on Stefan. Julie surprises her family as they hang the Horton ornaments.Abigail comes face-to-face with Ben. Abigail and Chad receive a Christmas miracle! Leo makes a spectacle of himself at the holiday children’s party at the hospital. Roman arranges a special moment between Will and Sonny. Abe gets an unexpected gift from Sheila. Chad reels after finding out he is Charlotte’s father. Abigail and Gabi have a major showdown. Claire and Tripp grow closer. JJ tries to get Haley to open up about her problems. Chad tells Rafe about Gabi’s deception ad demands he arrest her. Jennifer apologizes to Abigail for not believing in her daughter. Gabi fears for her life as she finds herself at Stefan’s mercy. Kate makes a surprising admission to Stefan. Everyone gathers to ring in the New Year at Doug’s Place.

THIS WEEK: JJ invites Haley to spend New Year’s Eve with him. Eric consults Justin about suing for custody of Holly.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — On Monday, GH is running an episode from December 23, 2005. Here’s what happened on that day: Intending to spend the holidays with Nikolas, Courtney was disappointed when she learned that Nikolas would be stranded out of town over Christmas. When Jax showed up drunk on Courtney’s doorstep, Courtney decided to let him stay with her until he sobered up. Jax used the opportunity to try to convince Courtney to reconcile with him. After being preempted on Christmas Day for sports, here’s what happened the rest of the week: Ryan continues to torment Kevin. Lulu shares her findings with Laura. Julian celebrates a belated Christmas. Kevin buys a little time. Ava lashes out. Kevin gets an unwanted visit. Laura looks to Felicia for help. Griffin struggles with his feelings. Jason warns Sonny not to get too close to Margaux.

THIS WEEK: Michael attends a charity gala. Willow goes on a date with Chase. Kim reminisces about the past. Kristina makes a decision. Olivia makes a discovery.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victoria spends the holiday with Billy, who works to keep her spirits lifted. They spend a happy day together as a family, and Victoria and Billy share a few charged moments as their romantic chemistry begins to return. Jack spends the day with Dina, trying hard to remain festive, despite her inability to even recognize her own son. Jack tells Dina a story from their past, reminiscing on a time when she cancelled her social plans to spend time with him, and they’re both moved by the memory. Devon faces his first Christmas without Hilary, but he’s joined by Nate and Ana, who share their holiday traditions and memories with him. Kyle and Lola exchange their gifts, with Kyle giving Lola a beautiful bag, and Lola giving him a watch. Sheepishly, Kyle admits that he just bought himself a new one, but he insists that Lola’s is far more special to him, and immediately replaces his fancier watch with the secondhand model she gave him. Despite their growing closeness, Lola later discovers how much Kyle spent on her gift, and she’s horrified by how little he knows her. Meanwhile Ana confronts Devon for taking credit for the talent she discovered, and he gently puts her in her place as his assistant. He then asks her to sign the writer of Fen’s song to the label.

THIS WEEK: Ana insists that that won’t be possible, claiming that the songwriter is a reclusive type. Fen immediately sees through her act, accusing Ana of being the songwriter. Ana admits that he’s right, but reveals that she’s been burned before, and she wants to keep her identity to herself.

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