Whitesburg KY



GENERAL HOSPITAL — Kristina started to make a change. Ava was affected by Lulu’s visit. Drew encouraged Kim to hang out with Julian. Maxie took James on a breakfast date. Nina’s curiosity was piqued. Sam was unnerved. Sonny strived to distract Mike. Drew confided in Curtis. Alexis had interesting information. Lucy begged Maxie for help. Jordan looked to Curtis for help. Lulu hosted an event at Charlie’s. Laura was touched by “Kevin’s” support.

THIS WEEK: Chase teaches a self-defense class. Liz schedules a follow up meeting with Willow.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope went into labor while waiting for Liam on Catalina Island. Liam desperately tried to get to Hope but was unable due to high winds and storm conditions. The hotel manager helped Hope get to the clinic on Catalina Island. Liam reached out to his father, Bill, in hopes he would come through with the Spencer helicopter. Dr. Buckingham, Hope’s doctor, assured Hope everything would be okay when the power went out at the clinic. In denial that she’s in labor, Hope regretted leaving Los Angeles. Bill called Brooke to tell her that Hope’s in labor on Catalina Island and that Liam’s on his way. The thug took surveillance pictures of Zoe. Reese assured Hope that not only is he a licensed obstetrician, but also Zoe’s dad.

THIS WEEK: As Reese assured Hope that her baby’s okay, he received a text message from the thug he owes money to, threatening Zoe’s life. Liam flew through the night, in a storm, to get to Hope before their baby’s born.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Eve crashed the New Year’s Eve party and lashed out at the people she feels have done her wrong. A special guest arrived at Doug’s Place. Jennifer and JJ’s lives were turned upside down. Eli and Lani had a very special New Year’s Eve. JJ ripped into Eve. Abigail was reunited with Jack. Rafe and Hope clashed over Gabi’s actions. Will and Sonny realized Leo might have an Achilles’ heel. Jennifer tried to get through to Jack. Eve’s partner in crime was revealed. Abigail helped decide Gabi’s fate. Chad got advice from Julie about winning back Abigail’s forgiveness. Jack confronted Eve about lying to him. Rafe arrested Stefan for espionage!

THIS WEEK: Hope interrupted Ben and Ciara’s date to tell her daughter about Ben’s role in Gabi’s abduction. Abigail blasted Chad for betraying her trust.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Devon and Ana rung in the new year with a party at the penthouse, but Cane had a hard time getting into the celebratory spirit. Missing Lily, he drunk to excess and passed out well before midnight. Meanwhile, Fen was ecstatic when Lola revealed that she and Kyle broke up, but Abby and Ana decided to play cupid. They invited Kyle to the party, hoping to reconcile the estranged couple, but Lola wasn’t ready to give Kyle another chance. Cane woke up on New Year’s Day feeling hungover and ashamed of his actions. Devon tried to give him a pep talk, but Cane pulled away, lost in self-loathing. Meanwhile, Victoria panicked over Reed’s admission and subsequent disappearance. Meanwhile, Kyle and Fen fought over Lola, which only annoyed her, hurting both of their chances. Determined not to give up on her, Kyle asked Lola to help him learn what he did wrong. Eventually, he wore her down, and Lola agreed to give him another chance.

THIS WEEK: Fen was disappointed when he arrived to find Lola and Kyle happily reunited. Jill returned to town and Cane told Jill that he worries he’s a bad husband.

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