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RECAPS: JAN. 7 – 11

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sam worried about Kristina. Josslyn supported Oscar. Kim met with Terry. Drew called Julian out on his actions. Ryan checked on Laura. Sam felt left out. Franco was anxious. Alexis cleared the air. Kim returned to Oscar’s hospital room. Cameron hoped for the best. Sonny checked on Lulu. Jordan told Margaux everything she knows. Ned was compassionate. Drew and Sam found a way to help one another. Alexis stated her case. Lulu told Peter about her chat with Margaux. Anna got a second chance. Elizabeth got good news. Finn reconnected with Alexis. Olivia put her doubts aside. Franco startled Ava. Peter helped Anna. Griffin ran into Sonny at the chapel.

THIS WEEK: Kim and Drew thought about their future. Valentin made a romantic gesture.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge, Bill and Brooke arrived at the clinic on Catalina Island excited to meet their granddaughter. Alone, Brooke and Hope were overcome with emotion over Hope’s baby girl. The Spencers, Logans and Forresters came together as a family. Taylor and Steffy wondered about Hope and her new baby, Beth. Steffy shared with her mother that she hopes that she and Hope could learn to be one big family. Reese was on edge about the thug reaching out to him while he was on Catalina Island and threatening Zoe. Zoe was oblivious to her father’s anxiety, attributing it to a lack of sleep. Reese suggested that Zoe ask Xander to move in. Later, the thug surprised Reese in the Forrester parking lot, causing Reese to realize that Zoe’s safety’s at stake. Brooke gave Ridge advice on how to be a good step-parent to Ridge when he returned home from visiting Steffy and Taylor. Eric and Quinn hosted a gathering of their family and friends. Zoe expressed her concern about Reese to Xander. Steffy felt guilty that Liam was delayed in getting to Catalina Island to be with Hope and Beth. Reese began to unravel when he received another threat via text, this one with a recent picture of Zoe attached. Steffy offered Hope advice and friendship. Reese reflected on the sweet moments he has shared with Taylor. Zoe told Xander that she feels obligated to defend Reese. Maya, Wyatt and Sally visited Hope and Liam. Taylor offered Reese companionship and advice to help him through his diffi- cult time. Ridge told Bill that he thinks the two of them need to start being leaders for their families. The two discussed their tumultuous history. Ridge accused Bill of playing nice only to win over Brooke.

THIS WEEK: Brooke made it clear to Bill and Ridge where her loyalty lies. Reese told Taylor that he wants to show her how much he cares about her.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Ciara questioned her relationship with Ben. Hope pressured Stefan to turn on Ben. Jack ran into Kayla and discovered a dark moment from his past. Xander tried to get back in Victor’s good graces with a valuable gift. Julie helped Chad plan a special date with Abigail. Kate urged Chad to take over the family business. Abigail and Ciara had a heartto heart about Ben. Hope persuaded Ted to represent Stefan. Chad delivered stunning news to Ben. JJ blasted Gabi for her lies. Ciara got Claire to confess her and Ben’s deception. Leo met Xander for the first time — and was immediately smitten. Ben and Ciara broke up! JJ realized Haley’s keeping something from Kayla. Eve found Chloe comforting Brady. Eric revealed he’s made a decision about Holly’s custody case. Chad surprised Abigail with a special dinner with her family. Brady and Chloe shared a close moment.

THIS WEEK: Eric and Sarah continued to grow closer…but were interrupted by an unexpected return. JJ learned Haley has a secret connection to someone else in town.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Jill returned home and visited Jack who had just returned from Bora Bora with Kerry. Fresh from their romantic trip, the couple was even more infatuated than before, but upon meeting Jill and realizing that she’s yet another of Jack’s exes, she began to feel insecure in their relationship. Ana was disappointed in how Devon mixed Fen’s track, so she went behind his back to create a new version. Feeling threatened by how superior Ana’s mix is, Devon grew defensive, accusing Ana of betraying him, and threatening to fire her from the company. Hurt by her brother’s harsh words, Ana prepared to leave town. Despite Rey and Mia’s newly repaired relationship, tension continued to linger between Mia and Arturo as they struggled to suppress their chemistry. Meanwhile, Victoria went to see her therapist and discussed what’s holding her back from a relationship with Billy. Meanwhile, after talking to Jack, Billy decided the time has come for him to make a move on Victoria, so he proposed the idea of them reuniting as a couple.

THIS WEEK: Taking her therapist’s advice, Victoria resolved to be open and honest with Billy about what she needs, telling him that she has feelings for him, but she’s not ready to jump into anything yet. Cane was deeply shaken when he received a downtrodden letter from Lily that emphasizes the distance between them.

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