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RECAPS: JAN. 14 – 18

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny was torn. Jason made a promise. Ryan added another name to his list. Sam agreed to support Kristina. Nina received a veiled threat. Josslyn was grateful to Cameron. Alexis ran into Oscar. Monica worried about Drew. Finn was anxious. Julian questioned Willow’s motives. Carly felt guarded. Mike’s condition worsened. Laura made an announcement. Mac asked Peter to keep an eye on Maxie. Curtis had a heartto heart with Stella. Sam was taken aback. Jason warned Drew about Shiloh. Alexis called a meeting with Laura, Monica and Scott. Ana got an update on her condition. Willow called a parent teacher meeting with Lulu and Nina. Ryan set up a meeting with Carly. Sonny visited Morgan’s grave. Lulu was disappointed with Peters decision.

THIS WEEK: Lucy thwarted Valentin’s plan. Maxie was torn.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — A woman from Reese’s past, Florence, introduced herself to Taylor. Liam spent time with Steffy and baby Kelly, vowing to always be present for them. The history between Reese and Florence came to light when he asked her for a considerable favor. Taylor presented Steffy with an opportunity that she’s always wanted. Will impressed Dollar Bill with his talent for turning a profit before turning their conversation to the status of their family. Steffy became convinced that Taylor’s plan would change all of their lives for the better. When Wyatt and Sally visited Hope and Liam, Wyatt and Hope shared a memory from their past. Impressed by Bill’s role in Will’s life, Katie convinced Thorne to allow Bill to stay for dinner.

THIS WEEK: Thorne began to feel left out watching Bill, Katie and Will spend family time together. In attempt to bring them closer together, Sally gave Hope a very special gift.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES —Jennifer tried to reconnect with Jack. Chad and Abigail shared a warm moment. Rex asked Eric to help him win back Sarah. JJ questioned Haley about her connection to Melinda. Eric exploded when he learned that Xander’s alive. Will turned to John for help with Leo. Leo pressed Xander to accept his indecent proposal. JJ urged Haley to open up about her secret. Eric attacked Xander! Ted tried to get Stefan to turn on Ben. Rex and Chloe got reacquainted. Kate encouraged Abigail to forgive Chad. Gabi and Stefan got into it over the future of Gabi Chic. Rafe and Hope argued about Ted. Eli and Lani hit a major snag as they built the case against Xander. Abe was furious when he learned that Sheila made a costly mistake. Rex’s stunning admission sent Sarah into Eric’s arms. John gave Marlena disappointing news about Xander.

THIS WEEK: Rafe revealed to Hope that he’s leaving town to help Sami. Xander made a deal with Leo.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — At J.T.’s memorial, Phyllis stood up to speak about J.T., declaring that he doesn’t deserve to be remembered as perfect, and revealing that he was emotionally and physically abusive towards Victoria. Aware of Reed’s presence, Victoria tried to stop Phyllis, but Reed insisted on hearing what she has to say. Once they’re alone, Billy grew protective of Victoria, and they shared a close moment, admitting that they’re still in love with one another. Despite their heartfelt declaration, Victoria kept Billy at arm’s length, insisting that they take things slow. Furious at Phyllis for making such a scene, Nick suggested that she leave, making his anger clear. After the memorial, Nick drove a shaken Nikki home, where she made a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, Sharon and Rey responded to an urgent case out of town and got stuck in a snowstorm on their way home. They resolved to stay at a hotel for the night but ended up closer than expected when they discovered that the nearest hotel only has one bed available. Things continued to progress for Jack and Kerry, but he’s unnerved by the ease with which she snuck around and avoided him. Kerry assured Jack that he has nothing to worry about, but once she’s alone, she pulled a mysterious syringe from her purse.

THIS WEEK: Devon released Fen’s single on LP, and Ana was overjoyed to discover that he used her mix of the song. Michael and Lauren were impressed by their son’s early success, but Michael remained worried that Fen has picked an unstable career.

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