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RECAPS: JAN. 21 – 25

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Lucy cornered Ava. Ryan took a moment to gloat. Kim shared her struggles with Liz. Willow let down her guard. Michael treated Lucas to lunch. Sam and Alexis caught up. Kim placed a call to Drew. Shiloh put on the charm. Brad took Wiley to visit Julian. Willow saw Michael with Wiley. Jason risked his life. Laura comforted charlotte. Jordan called Peter to the station. Maxie got good news. Nina reunited with Valentin. Sonny waited anxiously. Carly was heartbroken. Franco and Aiden baked cookies. Mike’s condition worsened. Marcus shared his side of the story. Sonny paid his respects. Ava stayed by Ryan’s side. Anna learned the truth.

THIS WEEK: Maxie waited for Peter. Franco and Liz had a heart to heart.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope remained troubled by her encounter with Sally and feared she would never be able to overcome her pain. Katie thanked Thorne for understanding about the time she’s been spending with Bill and Will and promised that she would devote more time to him. Katie and Thorne made love. Thornes spoke about his past love with Darla to Katie. Liam encouraged Hope to allow people in to help her. Sally and Wyatt reveled in their relationship. Brooke counseled Hope and suggested that she might find some comfort in working on her line, “Hope for the Future”. Taylor told Steffy that she knows of a birth mother who is putting her infant up for adoption. Hope snapped at Brooke and asked to be left alone. Flo reeled when Reese divulged the truth about Zoe and the thugs. Liam vented to Wyatt about the difficult time that he and Hope are having. The Spencer brothers had a heartto heart. Flo expressed her concern to Reese about her future with him. Wyatt was floored when Liam shared that Steffy’s considering adoption. Steffy and Taylor anticipated meeting the mother of the infant Steffy. Wyatt became suspicious when Liam asked him to keep Steffy’s secret. Later, Hope apologized to Liam about how she has been acting. Steffy made an instant connection with the infant. Reese became concerned when he saw the thug at the restaurant where he and Zoe are having lunch. Wyatt urged Liam to let out his pain and comforted his brother as he relived the worst night of his life. Reese covered to Zoe that the thug is an acquaintance, but she’s not convinced.

THIS WEEK: Reese realized that he might be too late when the thug told him that he’s at the TV studio watching Zoe. Steffy asked Liam to meet the infant whom she would like to be Kelly’s sibling.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Xander jumped into bed with a surprising partner. Victor made Brady an offer he couldn’t refuse. Gabi asked Kate for a favor. Eric made a stunning discovery. Eric flipped out over Sarah’s betrayal. Kayla gave Jennifer bad news involving Jack. Eve encouraged Jack to make a bold career move. Xander tried to pull a fast one on Leo. Jennifer and Eve had a heated argument over Jack. Jack bonded with JJ, who warned his father about Eve’s deception. Haley got to know Tripp when she treated him at the hospital. Ted asked Kate for another chance. Claire made romantic inroads with Tripp. Haley and JJ grew closer. Chad made a big sacrifice for Abigail. Gabi and Stefan declared war on one another. Sarah tried to make amends with Eric.

THIS WEEK: Haley revealed her secret to JJ. Brady and Chloe had a close moment.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Cane went to Devon for help, begging him to let him use his plane to confess to Lily. Devon refused, telling Cane that learning the truth would shatter Lily’s spirit, and he should keep his transgression to himself. Nikki and Victoria told Nick and Victor everything except for Phyllis and Sharon’s involvement, and Nick and Victor forged an unlikely alliance, vowing to protect their family. While the Newman’s discussed their plan of attack, Phyllis called Sharon to do the same. She warned her that they’re on their own, and they could easily be thrown under the bus. Sharon agreed that she couldn’t trust the Newmans but then revealed that she doesn’t trust Phyllis either, and she has no plans to rely on anyone except herself. Later, Nikki was shocked when a mysterious stranger came out of hiding at the Newman Ranch. Billy was further beaten down by Phyllis, who’s furious that he borrowed the company jet without permission. Billy told Phyllis the truth about why he took the jet, opening up about his troubles with Victoria. Phyllis surprised him by offering insight into Victoria’s feelings, and advising him to get up and fight for the relationship he wants. Meanwhile, Victoria leaned on Sharon, who helped her to realize that she has to work on discovering her own self-worth, especially when she’s still harboring so much pain from JT’s abuse. Arturo and Rey began to grow closer as brothers, but Mia continued to jeopardize things, going so far as to tell Abby about Arturo’s late night visit to her apartment. Determined to break free of her influence, Arturo prepared to tell Rey what she’s been up to, but Mia cut him off by proposing that she and Rey renew their vows. Rey loved the idea, even asking Arturo to be his best man, so Arturo kept quiet, not wanting to ruin his brother’s happiness.

THIS WEEK: Mia made sure to rub the vow renewal in Sharon’s face. Sharon, however, remained outwardly happy, despite her inner heartbreak.

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