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GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sam had unfinished business to take care of. Laura asked for privacy. Ryan was intent on finishing what he started. Robert believed he’s been lied to. Curtis soothed Jordan. Laura was desperate. Ava questioned her future in Port Charles. Carly met with Griffin. Sam had a plan. Stella cornered Curtis. Kevin was infuriated. Drew and Kim found comfort in one another. Julian warned Brad to stay away from Willow. Michael took Wiley to Charlie’s. Lucas and Bobbie leaned on one another. Julian wanted to clear the air. Drew was flustered. Alexis joined Kristina. Chase and Jordan continued working on the murder investigation. Elizabeth looked to Brad for help. Sonny got a surprise visit. Curtis stood guard. Franco was livid.

THIS WEEK: Jordan sought Kevin’s expertise. Kim learned the truth.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Liam felt a spark when he holds the infant that Steffy is adopting. The thugs surrounded the stage right before Emma, Zoe and Tiffany’s audition. Reese intervened, demanding that they leave Zoe alone and gave the thug half of the money due, taking Zoe out of immediate jeopardy. Liam learned the name that Steffy would give her new daughter. Taylor reassured Steffy that she would handle the cost of the private adoption. When Hope told Liam that she has one more doctor’s appointment, Liam decided to break the news about Steffy adopting. Flo felt the weight of Reese’s illegal activity. Carter and Steffy met to discuss the legal parts of the adoption. Ridge became overwhelmed with emotion when Taylor told him about the adoption. As happy as he’s for his daughter, he’s concerned at the pace at which it’s all happening. Reese was surprised when the thugs visited him at the hospital. Hope demanded answers when Reese accidentally entered her room during her doctor’s appointment. Flo inwardly worried while giving false papers to Carter and Steffy. Ridge went to Brooke’s cabin to deliver the news of the final adoption to grieving parents Hope and Liam. Heartbroken, Hope wanted to be happy for Steffy but couldn’t help feeling sad and jealous. Taylor thanked Reese for providing happiness to Steffy and their family. Liam expressed his support of Steffy, but Brooke and Ridge seemed convinced that there’s something not right about the speedy process. Hope reassured Brooke that it was her suggestion to have Liam leave to support Steffy and her two babies. Flo and Reese were debriefed on the adoption and then Reese gave Flo information about his future.

THIS WEEK: Liam shared a special moment with Steffy’s new daughter. Brooke counseled Hope on how to navigate the grieving process.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Sarah made a startling confession to Rex. Marlena tried to get Eric to open up about his feelings for Sarah. Will received good news from his grandmother. Xander obtained major leverage over Eve. Eric had mixed feelings when he found out Sarah has reconciled with Rex. Leo was horrified when his mother turned up in Salem! Melinda Trask threatened Marlena to keep quiet about Haley. JJ learned the details of Haley’s secret. Ben ratted out Claire to Tripp. JJ offered to help Hayley, but they ended up arguing. Jennifer poured her heart out to Adrienne about Jack. Tripp and Haley connected over their problems. Eli questioned Hope about her relationship with Ted. Ben spun out of control as he tried to get in touch with Ciara. Marlena ran into Leo’s mom. Eli set up a romantic surprise for Lani. Marlena pled with Diana to help stop Leo. Hope desperately tried to find a missing Ciara.

THIS WEEK: Leo hit on Brady. Chloe was fearful as she received a cryptic threat.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Mia and Rey held a vow renewal ceremony at the GCAC. Jealous of Abby, and Arturo, Mia continued to fume, even as she tried to enjoy her happy day with her husband. Unable to take it anymore, she cornered Arturo at the bar, implying that his proposal was for her benefit rather than Abby’s. Arturo denied the accusation, leaving with his new fiancé. Meanwhile, Sharon hid her own pain to wish Rey well, and the two struggled to ignore their lingering feelings for one another. The next day, Abby and Arturo told disapproving Victor about their engagement, and he made his distrust of Arturo apparent, insisting that he sign a prenup. Despite Abby’s protested, Arturo signed without hesitation, wanting to prove that he’s not marrying Abby for anything other than love. Meanwhile, Jack struggled to understand why Kerry lied to him, but at Kyle’s urging, he decided to give her the chance to explain herself. Kerry covered with a lie, which Jack pretended to believe, even though his doubts lingered. The next day, he looked in her purse when she left the room and was shocked to find that she’s carrying a medical syringe. Billy tried to make things right with Victoria, but she remained distant. Billy realized that Victoria actually believed the awful things he said to her and tried to convince her otherwise. Despite his efforts, Victoria rejected Billy, insisting that she’s not ready to make pace with him yet. Cane struggled to repair his relationship with Lily, but Devon and Neil made it clear that he’s not welcome at the prison. Desperate, Cane made an impassioned plea to his in-laws, begging them to help him fix his marriage. Summer returned from Dubai, accepting a position

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