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RECAPS: FEB. 4 – 8

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Franco looked to “Kevin” for advice. Sam met up with Shiloh. Kristina was energized. Sonny made his intentions clear. Anna got a surprise visit. Franco took Aiden ice-skating. Lucas was sympathetic. Sasha surprised Nina. Jason brought Carly up to speed. Obrecht was curious about Maxie’s influence over Peter. Ryan made Franco his pawn. Charlotte had an outing with her sister. Nina had a dramatic change of heart. Maxie questioned Peter’s hesitation. Finn and Robert worked together. Franco was put in a precarious position. Ava was stunned. Sonny shared his concerns with Alexis. Drew got good news. Kim leaned on Julian. Spinelli shared his findings with Jason. Alexis was caught off guard. Elizabeth leaned on Scott.

THIS WEEK: Ava was sympathetic. Ryan set his sights on a new victim.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope had a visceral reaction to holding baby Phoebe for the first time. Zoe got emotional when Reese announced plans for his immediate future. Reese’s guilty conscious overwhelmed him when Taylor arrived unannounced to express her gratitude. Eric, Quinn, Pam, Brooke and Emma comforted Hope and Liam as they returned to work at the Forrester Creations office. Zoe shared her suspicions about Reese with Xander. Later, she visited Reese’s apartment hoping to find a clue that would help her understand why he left so suddenly. Zoe soon came face-to-face with a very surprised Flo. Eric told Hope that he and Ridge would like to put more resources into the Hope for the Future line. Hope’s sadness became overwhelming. Flo gave back as good as she gets when Zoe pressured her with hard questions. While informing Steffy that Hope’s back to work, Brooke took the opportunity to query her about Taylor’s connection to Phoebe’s birth mother. Brooke met Phoebe for the first time. Hope broke down at Forrester and was comforted by her Aunt Katie. Donna, Katie and Brooke planned a morning spent with Hope at the cabin. Wyatt and Sally visited Steffy, and Wyatt mentioned the similarities between Kelly and Phoebe. Zoe updated Xander about meeting Flo and her frustration that there are still many questions left unanswered. Brooke and Liam urged Hope to open up about her feelings. Liam expressed his guilt to Hope. Liam was cautious when Hope asked if they could visit Phoebe together. Zoe told Xander that she’s going back to Reese’s apartment to get more clues about her father’s bizarre behavior and confront Flo one more time.

THIS WEEK: Steffy was surprised to see Hope when she and Liam arrived to visit the girls. Hope urged Steffy to allow them to all be family before she sought out Phoebe in the nursery.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — John was shocked to realize that he knows Leo’s mom. Claire tried to win back Tripp. Chloe and Stefan found themselves in a dangerous situation when Chloe’s past comes back to haunt her. While being held at the cabin, Ciara encountered a familiar face. Hope accused Ben of abducting Ciara. Ciara begged Jordan to help her escape. Stefan risked his life to save Chloe’s. Julie tried to persuade Abigail to forgive Chad. Abigail confided to Jordan about her encounter with Ben. Leo and Diana discussed Leo’s big secret. Rex and Sarah recommitted to their relationship. John confided to Roman that Leo might be his son. Abigail discovered Charlotte’s missing! Chad confronted Stefan about Charlotte’s kidnapping. Brady and Stefan both offered Chloe a place to stay. Sarah tried to make amends with Eric. Chad desperately searched for Charlotte and lashed out at Ben. Jack tried to reach out to Abigail.

THIS WEEK: JJ and Haley shared their first kiss. Ciara attempted to trick her captor.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nikki and Victor panicked as they searched for their missing granddaughter, calling in Victoria and Nick to aid in the search. Despite their fear that there’s an intruder on the property, they’re hesitant to call the police because of Christine’s current investigation. Billy arrived in a panic and insisted on calling the cops, but before he could they heard Katie’s voice coming from within the walls. Relieved, the family cut a hole in the wall and rescued the girl, discovering that someone had set up surveillance equipment throughout the house. Victor theorized that JT’s still alive and working to terrorize their family, prompting Nick to vow to track him down. Nick also took the surveillance equipment to Michael, hoping he’d be able to use it to discover the identity of their tormenter. Relieved to be reunited with their daughter, Billy and Victoria put their recent arguments behind them, agreeing to remain friends and coparents. Sharon was reassured when Rey revealed that the police are short on evidence against Victor, but everything changed when she received a mysterious email claiming to have evidence that Victor is a murderer. Following the drama of Arturo and Abby’s engagement party, Mia reached out to Arturo, insisting that they need to talk. She admitted to her jealousy but insisted that she’s working to overcome it, even though Arturo’s hesitant to trust her declaration. Overwhelmed by her feelings, Mia vented to Phyllis who advised her to dedicate all her energy to her marriage rather than blowing things up for her ex. Mia agreed but continued to struggle. Meanwhile, Arturo and Rey enjoyed their newfound closeness, unaware of how precarious it is. Mia extended an olive branch to Abby, asking to meet for a drink. Abby agreed, but despite the women’s claims that they want to make peace, tension lingered, and things quickly turned ugly. Mia continued in her efforts to undermine Abby’s confidence in her relationship, but Abby saw through Mia’s games and called her out on her true motivations. Wanting to reconnect with Lola, Kyle planned an elaborate lunch, but Lola wondered if he’s overcompensating because of the strain Summer is putting on their relationship. Kyle assured Lola that she’s the only one for him, but her insecurities continued to linger.

THIS WEEK: Meanwhile, Fen realized that he’s stayed too late and missed his time slot at an LP showcase. He took off for the venue, but by the time he arrived he saw that he’d missed his chance, and Ana had taken his place to rave reviews.

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