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GENERALHOSPITAL— Carly berated Sam. Drew met with Shiloh. Ava arrived in the Knick of time. Griffin got a surprise visit. Alexis felt awkward. Laura paid Franco a visit. Cameron got into trouble. Peter and Maxie bumped into Nina. Obrecht preyed upon Valentin’s discomfort. Sonny told Spencer to do the right thing. Kristina struggled with a bout of jealousy. Finn and Robert worked together. Michael heard from Nelle. Chase and willow got closer. Brad was left uncomfortable. Sam spent Valentine’s Day with another man. Jason and Spinelli got an interesting tip. Ned and Olivia celebrated. Franco apologized. Finn had other plans. Laura’s curiosity was piqued. Jordan offere Franco an out. Carly and sonny re-examined their future.

THIS WEEK: Valentine and Nina celebrated Valentine’s Day. Sasha worried about Griffin.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Zoe demanded answers from Flo about how she’s connected to Reese. Wyatt persuaded Sally to sketch to get her mind off Hope and Beth. Hope got close to Phoebe and shut Steffy down at the suggestion of having another baby. Steffy reminisced about the loss of her sister with Hope. Zoe questioned Reese’s motives for introducing Flo to Steffy. Hope admitted to Steffy and Liam that she thinks about Beth while holding Phoebe. Flo became anxiety ridden after Zoe left. At the office, Zoe revealed to Xander that she found out new information regarding Reese and Flo. Brooke pondered the strong connection Hope has to Phoebe and still couldn’t get over the quick adoption process. Worried about Zoe learning the truth, Flo sent Reese an urgent text. Steffy expressed concern for Hope’s attachment to Phoebe. Zoe was preoccupied with the recent revelations about Phoebe’s adoption. Pam offered Hope a special gift for her and Liam. Wyatt attempted to keep Hope focused on work at Hope for the Future. Sally presented her sketches to Hope. Thorne blindsided Katie who’s in the process of making romantic plans for Valentine’s Day. Zoe threatened Flo that she would go to the police, or to Steffy, if Flo doesn’t tell her what she wants to hear. Thorne admitted to Katie that he’s made his decision out of his love for her and Will. Sally questioned if she overstepped with Hope and her sketches. Thorne gave Will news about their immediate future. Zoe confronted Reese over his involvement in Phoebe’s adoption. Sally and Wyatt spent their Valentine’s Day wrapped in one another’s arms. Hope surprised Steffy by coming over to help with Kelly and Phoebe.

THIS WEEK: Katie revealed to Wyatt the current status of her marriage with Thorne and his theory about her relationship with Bill. Bill showed Justin a magic trick that he intends to show to Will and discussed his plan to win his family back.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Jordan urged Ben to check himself back into Bayview. Kate had a surprising runin with Jordan. Chad and Abigail made an emotional plea for Charlotte’s safe return. Eve pressured Jack to use Haley’s secret to his advantage. Jordan silenced Kate when she got too close to the truth. Ben hid incriminating evidence from Hope and Eli. Gabi and Stefan clashed over business. Brady was upset to find out Chloe and the kids are moving in with Stefan. John confronted Diana regarding his suspicions about Leo’s paternity. Leo pressed Sonny to sleep with him. Rafe discovered Kate in a precarious state. Ben realized he’s being set up and took drastic action. Ciara was left to die at the cabin. Ben tried to convince Chad he’s innocent — and that he needs his help to rescue Ciara and Charlotte. Rafe held vigil at Kate’s bedside. Thanks to Gabi thwarting Leo, Will and Sonny spent an intimate Valentine’s Day together. Abigail finally forgave Chad. Ciara and Ben were reunited!

THIS WEEK: Ted kissed Hope! Rex encountered a distraught Jordan.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Now that Rey has the evidence to charge Victor, everyone prepared for the trial to begin. As it grew closer, Nikki, Victoria, Phyllis and Sharon grew more and more nervous. Abby decided to step up for Newman, forming a plan to distract the press from the trial with a more positive Newman story. She enlisted Arturo, who agreed to pose for a magazine, which has agreed to run a story on their engagement. Fen apologized to Ana for missing the concert, but she warned him that Devon’s already considering dropping him from the label. Wanting to make amends, Summer intervened, taking the blame for Fen’s absence, and convincing Devon and Ana to give him another chance. Devon agreed but decided to send Fen on tour so that he could clean up his act. Meanwhile, Kyle and Lola continued to drift apart, but Jack intervened, insisting that Kyle could still win Lola back. He helped him to plan a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway, but Lola turned down the offer, insisting that Kyle doesn’t understand her at all. Hurt, Kyle went to the cabin alone, and Summer decided to follow. When she arrived at the cabin, Kyle tried to send her away, but she insisted on staying, promising that she only wants to support him as a friend. Meanwhile, Mariah, Tessa and Jack convinced Lola not to give up on Kyle, so she borrowed Arturo’s truck to follow him to the cabin. Nick and Phyllis escaped the stress of the trial with a sexy game of strip-trivia, that turned sweet as they reminisced on their long and storied relationship. Nick then surprised Phyllis with a heartfelt gift: the sign from the honkeytonk bar where they celebrated their wedding. Cane struggled to explain to the twins why he’s not visiting Lily for Valentine’s Day, and they asked for his help with a special surprise. They showed Cane a video they made, celebrating their parents’ love story. Moved, Cane contributed his own message to the video, hoping that it would help to bridge the growing distance in his marriage.

THIS WEEK: Rey and Mia began to reconnect on a deeper level. Mia, however, was thrown by Arturo and Abby’s engagement shoot.

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