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RECAPS: FEB. 18 – 22

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Franco was reluctant. Charlotte guilted Spencer about the election tampering. Nina made an announcement. Willow was distracted by Brad. Alexis and Kim talked. Sam was intrigued. Margaux overshared. Carly got the proof that she needs. Stella ran into Marcus. Kristina invited Michael to lunch. Ryan made a move. Lulu got a call. Julian questioned Ava’s allegiances. Nina surprised Valentin. Maxie and Peter struck out. Cameron was outraged. Franco wanted to share his side. Ryan surprised Ava. Lulu sensed something’s off. Sonny grew suspicious of Robert. Carly butted heads with Ava. Ryan threatened Kevin. Terry helped Elizabeth.

THIS WEEK: Jordan worked with Franco. Ana learned more about her illness.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Zoe insisted to Reese that Hope must be told the truth about her baby. Wyatt shared with Bill that Thorne annulled his marriage to Katie and then left town. He stunned Bill with the theory that Thorne has about Bill and Katie. Preparing to reveal the truth, Zoe grabbed Xander and headed for Steffy’s house while Flo worried about how to protect herself. Hope confessed to Brooke that Phoebe reminds her of Beth. Reese and Flo worried about Zoe’s next move. Wanting to prove his loyalty to Wyatt, Bill offered him his job back at Spencer Publications. Xander wondered what Zoe has to tell Steffy, unaware of the terrible secret. Hope shared with Brooke her vision for Kelly and Phoebe’s future, and it involves Liam. Wyatt shared Bill’s offer with Sally, who’s uncomfortable with Bill’s proposition to Wyatt but does not want to come between their relationship. Sally was stunned when Wyatt suggested he have Bill revive Spectra Fashions. Katie relayed to Bill Thorne’s reasons for leaving, including her supposed feelings for him. Will and Katie were genuinely touched by Bill’s expression of love. Wyatt told Sally that they are a package deal regarding Bill’s offer. Bill made their future clear to Katie and Will. Justin and Donna spent time together while playing matchmaker for Bill and Katie. Wracked with guilt, Hope attempted to convince Liam and Brooke that Liam belongs with Kelly and Phoebe. Bill was caught off-guard by Wyatt’s request that he rebuild Spectra Fashions.

THIS WEEK: Hope hinted to a change while speaking with Brooke. Brooke made a big request of Steffy.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Ciara battled Jordan to save Ben’s life. Abigail and Chad reconneced after Charlotte’s rescue. Rafe warned Ted to stay away from Hope. Eric tried to help Sarah, who started to have new doubts about Rex. Chad surprised Abigail with a spontaneous proposal. A manipulative Diana toyed with John and Marlena. Leo struck back at Sonny and Will. Eli and Lani exchanged belated Valentine’s gifts and grew closer. Abigail and Chad made a life-changing decision. JJ urged Jack not to say anything about Haley’s immigration status. Eli brought Sonny and Will into the police station for questioning. Marlena blasted Leo for lying about Sonny and Will. Abigail and Chad tied the knot in front of their loved ones. Chad and Abigail left Salem. Stefan unleashed his rage as he realized he’s lost “Gabby” for good. Eve overheard Melinda and Haley fight over their secret. Rafe got Jordan to open up about her recent trauma. The person who set the cabin on fire last year and nearly killed Ciara was finally revealed.

THIS WEEK: Ben admitted to Ciara that he’s not sure he could’ve stopped himself from killing Jordan. Claire fought jealousy when she realized that Tripp’s been hanging out with Haley.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Furious at Mia’s continued efforts to interfere in her relationship with Arturo, Abby confronted her in the middle of the GCAC. Things quickly escalated, and despite Arturo, Mariah and Tessa’s attempts to defuse the situation, it evolved into a full-on catfight. Eventually, Abby used her status to resolve things, and had a humiliated Mia thrown out of the club. Heartbroken Lola then arrived, tailed by an apologetic Kyle. Despite his efforts to talk to Lola, Arturo stepped in, sending him away. Once he’s gone, Lola opened up to Abby and Arturo, and Abby encouraged Lola to fight for her relationship. Realizing that she left her coat at the cabin, Lola borrowed Abby’s coat, and went for a walk to clear her head. After an inspiring conversation with Mariah and Tessa, she resolved to find Kyle, and make things right. Meanwhile, Devon’s attempts to convince Ana to sing again were interrupted by news about Lola. Upon learning of her weakened state, they decided to visit her, but Ana worried about Devon’s ability to return to the hospital where Hilary died.

THIS WEEK: Devon insisted on accompanying Ana to visit Lola, but once he got to the hospital, he’s overwhelmed and experienced a panic attack. With help from Ana and Nate he overcame it and paid a visit to Lola, begging her to come back to them.

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