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RECAPS – 6/25 – 6/29

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Marty confesses her blackmail “deal” with Miles to John, who wishes she had confided in him before making such a drastic move. Together, they try to lay out a chronology of events that lead up to Spencer’s murder. When vital details of the night of the murder still remain fuzzy to Marty, John suggests they visit the scene of the crime to help jog her memory. Bo finds out that Rex is heading to Chicago to check into a lead into Todd’s whereabouts. Concerned about Adriana’s budding relationship with Tate, Rex asks Bo to keep an eye on her while he’s away.

THIS WEEK: John encourages Marty to end her marriage. Dorian realizes she’s obsessed with Viki and David.

ALL MY CHILDREN – Zach agrees to back off and let Kendall handle her differences with Greenlee but says he’ll step in the minute Greenlee oversteps her bounds in a way that could hurt his family. After Greenlee apologizes to Babe for ribbing her about her GED, Babe tells her that she made her a stronger person and a mother her son could be proud of. Greenlee confesses that holding Spike felt really good. A nervous JR approaches Zach hoping for help to find the lost ransom money, but Zach is loving the idea of making JR sweat. Adam admits to JR that he was working with Zach to steal Chandler Enterprises from under him and tells his shocked son that Zach will end up running the business.

THIS WEEK: Greenlee is reeling when Ryan tells her that he can’t spend time with her anymore. Jack pulls out all the stops by making Erica think he truly believes she’s dying.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Sam comes across Amelia’s file on her, goes through it and realizes not only who Amelia is, but also what her agenda is. Sam pays Jason a visit in jail and tells him that she knows he’s the father of Liz’s baby. Meanwhile, Lucky unloads on Liz for seeing Jason as her knight in shining armor and not her husband, which irks him to no end. Sonny amps up his flirtation with Kate, who accidentally drops an expensive necklace behind the bed. When she goes to retrieve it, she’s stuck in a compromising position, leaving the hotel staff’s gossiping about her assumed affair with Sonny. Carly is stunned to learn that Jax plans on staying in Chicago to search for Jerry while Carly heads home to Port Charles.

THIS WEEK: Amelia is shocked when Sam threatens to quit. Amelia admits to Jason that she lied.

PASSIONS – Ethan mulls over some of the things Gwen said about his relationship with Theresa. He wonders: if she really loved him, why did she agree to the blackmailer’s request to marry another man? Rebecca assumes Gwen has returned to Harmony to reclaim Ethan. When Jared comes looking for Theresa, Gwen suggests he go to the Russell house. As Gwen anticipated, Jared catches Ethan and Theresa kissing. When Jared demands to know whether Theresa still loves Ethan, she proves her devotion by making love to him. Gwen and Ethan overhear them in the hallway. The blackmailer proposes a deal to Sheridan; he will deliver Pretty, and get rid of Fancy forever, if Sheridan kills Theresa! Though Sheridan thinks the price is too high, she is tempted.

THIS WEEK: Jared becomes un-possessed. Whitney asks Sam to arrest Chad for kidnapping!

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Lucas confides in Billie that he’s not sure he can handle it if Sami’s baby turns out to be EJ’s. A giddy Kate eavesdrops and is even more pleased when Billie reveals that Nick stole Chelsea’s hairbrush from the lab. Kate dashes over to the hospital, where she asks Nick to make sure Sami’s test proves EJ is the father. Nick is appalled. Sami’s sonogram reveals she’s carrying a boy and a girl! They realize one baby could be Lucas’ and the other EJ’s. Lucas promises that whatever the test reveals, they’ll get through it together. Kate threatens to tell the hospital that Nick stole the hairbrush if Nick doesn’t make sure the DNA tests come out in EJ’s favor.

THIS WEEK: Nick hands Marlena the DNA results. A pained Lucas assures Sami she won’t lose him.

GUIDING LIGHT – Mallet reveals that Dinah does have a living will and learns that she would chose to not be resuscitated. Mallet worries he just can’t say goodbye. Marina asks Cyrus to come home with her and as Alex looks on, she makes a cryptic call. As Mallet puts Dinah’s wedding ring back on her, her eyes flutter and she says Mallet’s name.Harley tries to adjust to her new son, when Dylan shows up and says the judge is letting Daisy out of juvie today. He’s affected as Harley impulsively kisses him on the cheek, which Rafe notices. Harley and Dylan tell Daisy the good news, and that Gus has a son-and he lives with them now.

THIS WEEK: Reva remembers what happened. Jeffrey and Mel’s office are trashed.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Lucinda finds Meg out cold. As Meg regains her senses, she’s frantic to know where Paul is. She clearly remembers that Craig was going after Paul and finds the text message on her phone asking Paul to meet her at the cliffs. Meanwhile, Paul questions Craig about Meg’s whereabouts, and when Craig is not forthcoming, Paul starts to go. Craig shoots at Paul, the bullet just grazing him. Paul makes a grab for Craig, but is left hanging onto the cliff with just one hand. Paul tries to pull Craig over with him just as Meg arrives with Lucinda. When Craig loses his grip, Paul falls off the cliff. The cops say Paul could survive, but only if they find him soon.

THIS WEEK: Alison confronts Dusty, angry that he’s made it easier for Aaron to stay. Susan reaches out to Emily.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Lost in the woods, Nick is frustrated that his leg isn’t healing fast enough for him to hike to safety. Logan unexpectedly breaks down in front of Nick, telling him she couldn’t save her husband and two sons after they were in a car accident. She is overcome with guilt, and feels that she has to save Nick. Outside their shelter, Logan hears a plane flying over them. She tries to signal to them for help, but doesn’t have any immediate luck. Shortly, a Ranger arrives to rescue them. When Nick is brought in to the hospital, Logan calls Nikki to let her know what has happened. Nikki doesn’t believe her and hangs up.

THIS WEEK: Victoria admits she is pregnant. Kevin begins to formulate a plan to lure Jana back to Genoa City.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL – Carl believes the labels are not the same, meaning Taylor was fertilized with the Donor’s eggs. Only after he tells an ecstatic Bridget does he realize that he has made a huge mistake, and the labels really are the same because the lab in Cryostorage got a new printer. Constantine doesn’t tell Ridge more about Rick’s other women, causing Ridge to realize that Constantine has more then a professional interest in Phoebe. Taylor is skeptical that she won’t feel like a mother to the child because it is not biologically hers, but Nick assures her that she will feel equally connected to the child.

THIS WEEK: Ridge and Ashley flirt on their date. Rick worries that the other men in Ashley’s life will not be good enough for her.

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