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RECAPS - 7/14-18

ALL MY CHILDREN – Ryan’s memories from the last four years returned, but he couldn’t tell Greenlee that he still loves her because she and Aidan were blissfully happy together. Annie threatened Greenlee to stay away from Ryan. Adam was determined to protect Colby. JR believed that Colby had a drinking problem. Zach was suspicious of Annie’s involvement in Richie’s death. Sam gave Erica the good news that she’s getting released from prison. Krystal worried that Tad was spoiling Kathy. Ryan was stunned by Annie’s news. Sable pulled a knife on Erica. Jesse consulted with Tad about Richie’s death. Armed with new forensic data, Jesse questioned Adam.

THIS WEEK: Ryan learns about Annie’s scheme.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Holden stopped Carly from flying to Paris with Neal. He confessed to Lily that he’s having an affair with Carly. Lily nearly ran Carly down with her car, swerving at the last moment. Luke was furious with Holden for breaking Lily’s heart. Paul and Meg told Margo the truth about Sofie’s death once they learned that Barbara said she didn’t do it. The evidence pointed to Meg, especially when Rick Decker reappeared and offered expert testimony against Meg. Parker and Liberty spent a night alone together by accident. Paul learned that Sofie’s baby wasn’t his. Cole claimed that he saw Barbara kill Sofie. He blackmailed Barbara for $100,000.

THIS WEEK: Emily forces Casey to see things her way.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Felicia bribed Owen to break up Donna and Eric. Unaware of his deal with Felicia, Donna hired Owen as her assistant. Katie interrupted Bridget and Nick’s wedding. Ridge and Brooke came up with a plan to get married and take over Forrester Creations. At a press conference, Ridge told the world and his family, crushing Eric and miffing Felicia. Donna confronted Brooke about her decision to take the company away from Eric. Eric told Donna that he would put Marcus in his will, making him a Forrester heir. After the wedding, Katie came face to face with Nick.

THIS WEEK: Eric faces a serious health issue.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Marlena asked Rolf to restore John’s memory disk. Ava and John celebrated their future together and his turning his back on his past. Stephanie flew to France and met Max to help him search for his sister. A gravely ill Victor asked Bo to protect Philip. When Bo found the evidence Paul left for Morgan, a digi-recorder, he heard Philip threaten to kill Paul. Bo left the recorder with Victor. Kate erased the threat. EJ got a court order to restrain Sami from leaving with the twins. Lucas was ordered to a maximum security prison. EJ did John’s bidding with the judge.

THIS WEEK: Philip is shot trying to save Morgan.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – After Anthony threatened her life, Maxie was shaken. Spinelli comforted her and they wound up having sex. The morning after, Maxie told him she only wanted them to be friends. Sonny met with Karpov, a Russian mob boss, and was tempted to return to the life. Carly was ticked off when Kate and Jax decided that the publicity of their relationship was a boost for Crimson and they had to continue being photographed together. Noah came to Anna’s defense when Eli Love insulted her about becoming a grandmother. Johnny was arrested for Logan’s murder. Maxie warned Johnny that Lulu was about the crack.

THIS WEEK: Carly wants Spinelli to frame someone for Logan’s murder!

GUIDING LIGHT – Josh and Reva shared a hot kiss and were both guilty about it. Reva confessed to Jeffrey and moved back to Cross Creek. Hawk told Reva he made the movie deal to get her and Josh reunited. Josh told Cassie he wants them to have a child together, but things are tense between them. Cyrus got Jeffrey to release Grady by getting a tape of Reva confessing that she planted drugs on G. Frank vowed to get Daisy to Harley. Alan developed a following of people who believe he’s receiving messages from the beyond. Ava noticed that Remy knows her better than Bill. Dinah was frustrated by Bill’s treatment. Lizzie turned her back on Bill.

THIS WEEK: Reva and Josh are moved by the re-creation of their Cross Creek wedding.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – Tess tried to kill Jared and Natalie by cutting the brakes on the car, but Viki wound up driving Nat’s car. Dorian told Viki about Charlie, then they were in a car crash when the brakes failed. Delphina warned Rex to keep Bo from riding, but he took his horse and left. Bo was struck by lightning and when Rex checked on Bo, he was shocked. In Mendorra, Carlo exposed Tina and Cane as frauds and declared that Jonas was the true king. In court, Todd and Cole stopped Starr from giving her unborn child to Marcie. David discovered Dorian’s treachery and confronted her.

THIS WEEK: Viki sets out on a very special journey.

PASSIONS – Tabitha made the ultimate sacrifice when Esme asked her to save Harmony. Everyone was restored to good health and the Lopez-Fitzgeralds celebrated with a big breakfast. Kay expressed her pride in Tabitha and begged her to come to the church wedding. Tabitha had a premonition of evil and wanted to leave before the wedding. Endora materialized and forced Tabitha into the church. Pilar was worried about Juanita. Gwen received a threatening call from Juanita, then urged Ethan to leave with her on the honeymoon right after they say “I do.” Unbeknownst to most everyone, Juanita planted a bomb in the church.

THIS WEEK: Norma and Edna prepare for their upcoming nuptials.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Jack switched the final copy of Adrian’s article about Sabrina. When Victor and Sabrina read the copy in Restless Style, they were furious. Victor instructed Adam to pull all advertising from the magazine and vowed to destroy Jack, Nick, Sharon and Phyllis’s publication. Sharon supported Jack, even though she knew he lied to his partners. Nikki bought a house for herself and David. Daniel broke up with Amber. Paul and J.T. found out that David was lying about his identity. Jeff flew to Korea to find Kyon and the tainted jar of face cream. Nick wants Jack out of the magazine. Victor disinherited Victoria and Nick.

THIS WEEK: Cane suspects that Chloe is lying to him.

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