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GENERAL HOSPITAL — Curtis kept vigil. Finn tried to explain. Carly confided in Jason. Valentin met with Sasha. Peter accepted a surprising invitation. Lulu prepared to face Franco. Drew was sent a secret message. Ava wanted to share her news. Jason avoided getting busted. Alexis had a therapy session. Ryan was furious. Liz was concerned for Drew. Maxie helped Lulu. Scott ran into Ava. Cameron was angry and confused. Liz scrambled. Max and Felicia had a theory. Anna confronted Peter. Jason shared what he knows. Nina kept Curtis company. Ava looked to Julian for advice. Lucy had questions. Kevin looked for a way out.

THIS WEEK: Curtis retrieved an important voicemail. Anna became suspicious.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Steffy felt the pressure of raising two daughters as a single mother. Hope insisted to Liam that that he belongs with Steffy, Kelly and Phoebe. Wyatt filled Bill in on how he connected with Sally and listed all of the wonderful traits that she possesses. Liam vowed to Hope that he would not give up on their marriage. Eric visited his granddaughter Steffy. Liam ran into Bill. Wyatt gave good news to Sally. Steffy discouraged Hope from making any drastic decisions. Bill told Liam that Hope’s scenario for Liam’s family makes sense. Wyatt and Sally wondered how Bill would get back into Liam’s good graces. Donna had a not-so-subtle conversation with Katie about Bill. Wyatt and Sally role-played “how to negotiate with Bill Spencer.” To Liam and Steffy’s horror, Hope made a grand gesture towards them. Will put his parents on the hot seat by asking them a pointed question about their past. Wyatt and Sally delivered the news to Eric and Quinn that they’re moving from Forrester Creations to Spencer Publications. Bill admitted he’s only reviving Spectra to bring Wyatt back to Spencer. Heartbroken, Hope did her best to explain her rationale to Steffy and Liam. Hope held Phoebe as if she were Beth. Zoe confronted Flo, who’s now working as a bartender at Bikini Bar. Flo admitted that she’s still emotional that Reese involved her in switching babies, and she’s decided to stay in Los Angeles. Liam convinced Hope that staying together and working through their grief is the right move. Katie decided to take Hope to the Bikini Bar to get her mind off Beth. Bill made a last minute change to the Spectra Deal with Sally and Wyatt. Ridge visited Steffy, Kelly and Phoebe. Wyatt and Liam spent brother time together as Wyatt filled Liam in on his and Sally’s move to Spencer ,and Liam shared with Wyatt what’s been going on with Hope and Steffy.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt asked Liam to consider Hope’s proposal as Ridge discussed the same topic with Steffy. Katie and Hope had a candid conversation only feet away from where Flo’s tending bar.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Tensions ran high as Jennifer moderated the first mayoral debate between Abe and Melinda Trask. Jack dropped a bombshell. The truth was finally revealed regarding who set the cabin on fire last year and why. Hope apologized to Ben for misjudging him. Haley blasted JJ for his betrayal. Jennifer ripped into Eve and Jack for using Haley as a political pawn. Gabi turned to Brady for help. As Stefan protected Chloe from El Fideo’s men, they grew closer. Marlena was thrown when John came to Leo’s defense. Diana brokered an alliance with Victor. Sarah had a steamy dream about Eric. Eric talked to Marlena about his feelings for Sarah. Sarah had a surprising reaction to Rex’s proposal. Rex put Eric in an awkward position. Victor dropped a bomb on Marlena. Chloe interrupted a heated moment between Gabi and Stefan. Jack and Eve took advantage of Melinda’s scandal. Eli and Lani questioned JJ about Haley.

THIS WEEK: Terrified he might hurt her, Ben broke up with Ciara. Tripp found something unexpected in Claire’s jewelry box and confronted her.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Angry Summer confronted Kyle over Rey’s interrogation, but Kyle insisted that he only defended her to the police. Moved, Summer told Kyle that she’d support him through this difficult time because she truly loves him. Kyle dismissed her words, insisting that he could only think about Lola. He continued to try to see her, but Arturo remained determined to keep him away. Phyllis tried to return her life to normal, but the case followed her to Jabot, where Billy publicly confronted her for rolling on Victoria. Phyllis defended herself to Billy and assured her other employees that her participation in the trial wouldn’t have a negative impact on the company. Meanwhile, Jack also leaned on Kerry, who offered to help him deal with the stress of the trial, and Lola’s illness. Moved by her empathy, Jack realized that they’ve reached a turning point in their relationship. Christine called Mariah to the stand as her first witness, questioning her about the night of the murder, and the incriminating video that was found on the Dark Horse servers.

THIS WEEK: Mariah struggled to answer Christine’s questions without incriminating either Sharon or Tessa. She managed to keep Tessa’s involvement hidden throughout Christine’s questioning, but when Michael took over, he asked her to reveal who really found the video.

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