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GENERAL HOSPITAL — Ava looked to Julian for advice. Lucy had questions. Kevin looked for a way out. Curtis retrieved an important voicemail. Anna became suspicious. Jason was troubled. Laura was hopeful. Liz waited. Drew got an interesting text. Kristina got the attention she craves. Jason sought out Julian. Curtis had heartbreaking news. Kevin asked for help. Kim got an alarming phone call. Cameron was put on the spot. Ava was stunned. Jason was desperate to find Carly. Lulu reconciled her memories. Kim grew concerned. Sonny received an ominous message. Kevin had everything mapped out. Jason was too late. Julian put Alexis through the wringer.

THIS WEEK: Sonny retreated. Sam told Kristina about her interaction with Daisy.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Steffy and Ridge had a beautiful father/ daughter talk about how Phoebe’s meant to be a part of their family. Panicked at seeing Flo and Hope together, Zoe made a beeline for the two and interjected just as Flo’s about to spill the truth. Instead, Zoe furthered the deception. Later, Liam was stunned when Hope told him that she met Phoebe’s birth mother. Wyatt comforted Liam and reassured him that he and Hope would get through this difficult time. Wyatt and Flo reminisced about their past relationship. Liam was curious as to how Zoe fits into the picture with Flo. Zoe planned a romantic evening for Xander. Wyatt invited Flo to meet his girlfriend Sally at a dinner party at his home. Hope tried to talk Liam out of going to dinner at Sally and Wyatt’s. Sally told Wyatt that she’s glad that Flo’s coming to dinner. Xander attempted to get more information out of Zoe about Reese. Xander reaffirmed his love for Zoe. Sally and Flo met. Flo and Hope immediately recognized each other when Hope arrived with Liam. Wyatt was stunned to learn that Flo lied to him about having children. Sally attempted to break the tension in the room. Zoe and Xander got passionate. Zoe expressed her love for Xander. Hope and Liam got to know Flo during a dinner party at Wyatt’s house. Steffy divulged to Taylor that Hope wants Liam to reunite with her. Zoe abruptly left bed when she saw a photo of Flo posted to social media. Wracked with guilt, Flo encouraged Hope to try to have another child. Hope was blown away that Flo’s Wyatt’s high school girlfriend and Phoebe’s birth mother.

THIS WEEK: Zoe pushed her way into Flo’s apartment and demanded to know what she was doing at dinner at Wyatt’s home. Zoe worried that if Flo tells the truth, they would all go to jail.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — JJ warned Haley that Eli and Lani are at the hospital looking for her. Ben insisted that he has to break up with Ciara because he’s too afraid of hurting her. Kate gave Rafe an earful about Ted. Hope was upset to learn another secret from Ted’s past. Rafe confronted Ted about making a play for his wife. Tripp hid Haley at the loft. Rex pressed Eric to convince Sarah to accept his marriage proposal. Chloe found evidence that someone might be watching her. Marlena confronted John about Leo’s paternity secret. Will and Sonny broke into Diana’s hotel room to look for ammunition against Leo. Rex confronted a man with a gun who appears to be stalking Chloe. Sarah was torn about what to do about Rex’s proposal. Stefan told Chloe that he’d like to pursue a romantic relationship with her. Brady pressured Gabi to team up with him to take down Stefan. Jennifer was upset when Jack announced that he’s running for mayor.

THIS WEEK: Jennifer blasted Jack for using Haley as a scapegoat to further his political ambitions. Claire betrayed Tripp and Haley.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — In court, Michael leaned on Mariah, trying to get her to implicate Tessa as the blackmailer. Mariah resisted, and Sharon finally intervened, asking Brittany to stop Michael. Brittany stepped in, helping Mariah to cover her real reason for keeping the incriminating video a secret. Phyllis then arrived, promising a disbelieving Nick that she’d do everything she could to protect his family. Summer attempted to cheer Phyllis up, convincing her to try reconciling with Nick, but Nick refused to hear Phyllis’ apology, insisting that their relationship is truly over. Not knowing who else to turn to, Phyllis reached out to Kerry, who expressed her own doubts about Phyllis’ ability to run Jabot and manage the trial. Knowing how precarious her position is, Phyllis re-secured Kerry’s loyalty by promising to treat her as a partner moving forward. Meanwhile, Summer was shocked when she received a call from Nate, revealing that she’s a potential match for Lola’s liver donation. Knowing the leverage that her position gives her, Summer told Kyle that she could be Lola’s donor, but claimed that she’s too scared to go through with the surgery. Wanting to do damage control, Michael begged Nikki and Victoria to be honest with him, and they admitted that everything Phyllis said was true. Both women asked him to put them on the stand, but Michael refused, insisting that their best chance is to make a deal with Christine, offering a confession for reduced sentences.

THIS WEEK: Michael asked Brittany to join him in his strategy. Brittany refused, having decided on a different course of action, after learning that Sharon and Rey were romantically involved.

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