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GENERAL HOSPITAL— Ava went head over heels for Ryan. Jason was determined. Liz had enormous issues to overcome. Franco was devastated. TJ offered to help. Joss took the blame. Sonny’s good deed paid off. Sasha warned Valentin. Obrecht denied any wrong doing. Brad crossed with Willow. Jason and Drew connected the dots. Ava was a mess. Franco offered his support. Cameron was apologetic. Laura tried to understand. Andre confirmed what Anna had expected. Ava was confrontational. Alexis offered her services. Kim was not interested in Shiloh’s help. Molly was concerned. Michael was pulled into an argument. Jason reassured Molly. Alexis needed more time.

THIS WEEK: Valentin refused to share. Anna received a surprise visitor.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Sally recognized to Wyatt that both Hope and Flo were pregnant and neither went home with a baby. Zoe confronted Flo for going to dinner at Wyatt’s and flipped when she found out about their connection. Reese attempted to convince Flo and Zoe that no time is a good time to reveal the truth about the baby-switch to anyone. Wyatt assured Sally about his love for her and his commitment to reviving “Spectra” fashions. Steffy made a stunning revelation to Liam and Hope about plans for her imminent future. Donna and Justin engaged Sally and Wyatt in their match-making plans for Bill and Katie. Taylor urged Steffy to fight for Liam and their family instead of for Hope and Liam’s marriage. Bill and Katie realized that someone’s playing Cupid for them as they lunch together at Il Giardino.

THIS WEEK: The Spencers and Logans reunited when Thomas Forrester returned from New York with his son Douglas. Bill felt guilty when reminded of the lie he told to Thomas in hopes of reuniting him with Caroline.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — John revealed to Leo that they’re father and son. Diana carried out her deadly plot against Marlena. Jack used Tripp to get to Haley. Claire played innocent when Haley’s arrested. John was horrified when he discovered an unconscious Marlena. Sonny and Will celebrated an expected turn of events. Brady warned Rex that Eric has a history of stealing his brothers’ women. Stefan and Chloe bonded over Holly and their similar upbringings. Diana went to the hospital to comfort John about Marlena. JJ urged Haley to let him help her. Tripp questioned Claire on how authorities knew where Haley was hiding. Leo surprised Brady with news that they’re brothers. John was thrown when a nurse claimed that Kristen was the one who tried to kill Marlena. Sarah comforted Eric and impulsively kissed him! Rex confided in Chloe about Eric and Sarah. Leo offered to make a deal with Stefan. Leo gave John a warning about Diana. Marlena took a turn for the worse!

THIS WEEK: Brady blasted Eric for kissing Sarah. Stefan encouraged Ben not to give up on love, while Julie counseled Ciara about Ben.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Devon began to worry when Ana pressured him to listen to her new songs, revealing that she needs to sell more of her music. Worried about Ana’s finances, Devon investigated and was shocked to find that Ana has been lying about being in debt. He confronted her about her lies, but Ana lashed out, telling Devon to stay out of her business. Once Ana cooled down, they made peace, and Devon promised to respect Ana’s privacy. Ana in turn, promised to stop keeping secrets, but Devon’s distrust continued to linger. Despite their worry for their friends in prison, Jack and Billy moved forward with their plan to topple Phyllis from power, knowing that they now have Kerry as their double agent. Believing that she could trust Kerry, Phyllis told her about her plans to take down Ashley’s competing cosmetics company “My Beauty,” and Kerry immediately passed the news on to her mysterious boss. Mariah and Tessa’s worst fears were realized when Tessa’s arrested for her blackmail confession. Mariah immediately lept into action, pulling together bail for Tessa, but she remained worried that she could lose her mother and her girlfriend for good. Furious, she confronted Nick over Tessa’s arrest, but he’s unsympathetic, insisting that Tessa got what she deserved. Meanwhile, Victoria, Nikki and Sharon waited anxiously for news of their sentencing, but they’re comforted by visits from Billy, Victor and Nick.

THIS WEEK: Billy encouraged Victoria to remain optimistic, and promised to care for their children, no matter what happens. Sharon and Nick made peace, putting old grudges behind them, and Victor promised Nikki that he’d find the person responsible for their imprisonment and make them pay.

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