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GENERAL HOSPITAL —Sonny was willing to die for those he loves. Finn agreed to help. Michael took Mike out for barbeque. Sasha had a heartto heart with Peter. Jordan tried to be optimistic. Sonny gave an extraordinary command. Ava went in search of tough love. Liz was deeply conflicted. Oscar awaited his results. Julian made a care package for Kim. Carly grew concerned. Chase made plans for the weekend. Willow panicked. Kristina attempted to prove her commitment to Shiloh. Alexis cautioned Julian. Laura couldn’t shake her anger. Anna sought out Griffin. Felicia had a hard time forgetting the past. Mac lost his temper. Willow made a rash decision. Willow was startled. Jordan and Margaux met. Griffin found an outlet for his anger.

THIS WEEK: Kevin faced a rude awakening. Lulu was grateful.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Ridge spoke with Brooke by phone, who decided to book a ticket back home. Eric explained to Thomas that Thorne moved to Paris to work through his grief from losing Darla and Aly. Thomas was touched when Douglas told him that Hope has been telling him stories. Now that Thomas has returned, Taylor pled with Steffy to stay in Los Angeles so that the whole family might be together. Taylor watched as Hope bonded with Douglas. Thomas expressed his happiness at being home with his family and friends. Hope decided to take Thomas on an adventure to her cabin so that Thomas could have some alone time with his parents, Ridge and Taylor. Once alone, Thomas let his guard down and told his parents the truth about what was happening in NYC. Hope and Douglas played Go Fish as Thomas returned. Ridge urged Taylor to tell him what’s on her mind regarding Thomas’ return. Ridge was surprised when Taylor suggested Hope might be a good match for Thomas. Wyatt, Liam, Sally, Justin and Donna discussed just how much Bill has changed. Katie told Bill that he’s reminding her of why she fell in love with him and admitted that she’s impressed by the positive changes Bill has made.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt took advantage of time with Liam to assure his brother that he’s not alone. Brooke arrived home but not to what she expected.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — While John watched helplessly, Kayla and Sarah attempted to revive Marlena. During an out-of-body experience, Marlena encountered a few familiar faces from the past. Marlena was caught in a tug-of-war for her soul. Marlena tried to find out if Kristen’s dead. Eric made a promise to God to stay away from Sarah if Marlena lives. Diana worried that she might have left behind evidence that she tried to kill Marlena. Ciara tried to persuade Ben that they should reunite. Leo attempted to get inside information from Brady. Ben and Ciara found themselves in a dangerous situation when gunshots were fired at the DiMera Mansion. Jennifer put Jack on the hot seat during a tense interview. Tripp suspected Claire has been lying to him and sought answers. Haley’s fate was decided. JJ offered to marry Haley. Rafe and Hope renewed their love for one another. Sarah admitted to Maggie that she kissed Eric and has feelings for him. Eric struggled to fight his feelings for Sarah. Diana was nervous when John wants to question her about Marlena’s poisoning. Leo was furious when he realized Brady turned the tables on him.

THIS WEEK: Tripp dropped a bombshell on Claire. JJ feared that he’s lost Haley for good.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — The morning after his wedding to Summer, Kyle woke up early, intending to sneak out and see Lola, who’s wondering where he is. He’s caught by Summer, who showed some vulnerability, prompting Kyle to return to bed and comfort her. They went to the hospital together, and Kyle assured Summer that he’d be there for her when she wakes up. Meanwhile, Mia called Arturo away to blackmail him. We learned that they slept together the night of the snowstorm, and Mia threatened to tell Abby about it unless Arturo convinces Rey to take her back. At the hospital, Abby confronted Kyle outright, pressuring him to confess that Summer’s Lola’s organ donor. Kyle respected Summer’s wishes by keeping the arrangement a secret, but Abby remained suspicious. The tension began to dissipate when Nate revealed that the surgery went well for Lola, but Kyle’s worried— Summer’s still not awake!

THIS WEEK: Kerry helped Jack to watch Billy’s kids, and he took advantage of their time together to ask if she’s still comfortable betraying Phyllis. Kerry insisted that she is, and Jack was privately shaken by how easily she rationalized her actions.

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