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GENERAL HOSPITAL — Shiloh pushed his limits. Willow confessed. Alexis placed a call to Jordan. Michael shared his concerns about Kristina. Sam rushed to Kelly’s. Sonny and Alexis discussed their predicament. Sam chose sides. Dante was startled. Lulu made a terrifying discovery. Anna received a letter. Margaux was giddy. Sonny was discouraged. Liz called Willow. Chase got bad news. Brad wanted to be a better man. Valentin paid Lulu a visit. Anna admitted the worst is possible. Liz was reassured. Nina made her intentions known. Monica made room for a house guest. Obrecht got a bad feeling. Laura was dumbfounded. Julian compelled Ava to seek help.

THIS WEEK: Curtis called in a favor. Cameron was delivered a stern warning.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Taylor tried to deny it, but Brooke insisted that she saw her kiss Ridge. Wyatt comforted Liam, knowing that he’s grieving. Thomas thanked Hope for how wonderful she’s been with Douglas. Brooke expressed outrage at Taylor’s advance towards Brooke’s husband. Thomas told Hope a secret about his relationship with Caroline. Taylor and Brooke rehashed their opposing history as Taylor revealed her true intentions. Brooke became incensed at Taylor’s suggestion. Douglas blindsided Hope with a pointed question. Wyatt asked Liam when he thought he might be able to start living life again. As a show of support, he suggested Liam return to work at Spencer Publications. Ridge walked in on Taylor and Brooke midfight. Flo arrived at Wyatt’s office intent on telling him the truth about Hope’s baby. Sally was stunned when Tiffany and Xander modeled her athletic wear line to the Forrester execs as she’s saying her goodbyes. Ridge asked Sally to consider staying at Forrester. Wyatt filled Flo in on his improving relationship with Bill. Wyatt asked Flo not to leave Los Angeles. Quinn was reunited with Flo, whom she knew as a child and teenager. Sally was hurt when she overheard Quinn’s conversation with Flo and Wyatt. At Wyatt’s demand, Quinn offered Sally a reluctant apology. Ridge convinced Brooke and Eric that they need to keep Sally at Forrester. Quinn acknowledged to Flo that meeting Dollar Bill impacted Wyatt’s life. Sally told Wyatt that she’s seriously considering staying at Forrester Creations. Liam was happy that Hope’s trying to move on with her life.

THIS WEEK: Katie stopped by Bill’s office where they’re surprised by a romantic dinner for two, set up by their anonymous match-maker. Ridge revealed to Brooke the scenario that Taylor’s suggesting to them.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — John turned the tables on Diana. Leo received devastating news. Hope gave Ted a stern warning. Stefan and Chloe grew closer, but they’re interrupted by Brady. Leo left Sonny and Will with an ominous parting shot. Stefan confronted Chloe about her kiss with Brady. Brady put the screws to Eric. Ciara expressed concern over Ben’s injury. As Haley and Tripp prepared for their upcoming nuptials, Claire turned to Eve for help to stop the wedding. Gabi and Stefan shared an unexpected kiss. Sarah was livid when Eric told her about Brady’s ultimatum. Will was rushed to the hospital after his collapse. Eve and Claire set a plan into motion to expose Haley. Rafe got Ted in trouble with Abe. Sarah revealed to Rex that she kissed Eric. Hope confided in Jennifer about Ted. Jordan revealed a shocking secret to Rafe. JJ started to have questions about the fire Jordan supposedly started at the cabin last year.

THIS WEEK: Claire secretly recorded Tripp’s admission that his impending marriage to Hailey is fake. Ciara and Ben shared a sexy moment as she took care of him.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Despite Mia’s continued efforts to reconcile, Rey remained unmoved and told her to move her things out of his apartment. Frustrated, Mia turned to Arturo, reissuing her blackmail threat, but he refused to be manipulated, and decided to tell Abby the truth himself. Kyle was by Summer’s side when she woke up from surgery, but he soon snuck away to see Lola. Initially, Lola was overjoyed that Kyle has finally came to see her, but she quickly realized that something’s wrong. Kyle explained what he had to do to save Lola’s life, and she’s heartbroken to learn that he married Summer. Kyle tried to insist that he do everything for her, but when Lola learned that Kyle slept with Summer on their wedding night, she told him that their relationship is over. Meanwhile, Mariah visited Summer, telling her that Kyle’s with Lola, and Summer realized that her worst fears are coming true. The next day, Lola visited Summer herself, thanking her for saving her life, and promising to stay away from Kyle.

THIS WEEK: Not ready to give up on Abby, Arturo made grand gestures to try to win her back, but she insisted that he’d never truly be over Mia, so they have no future. Suspicious things continued to happen at Jabot, and Jack, Billy, and Phyllis began to realize that they all trace back to Kerry, who has an agenda of her own.

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