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GENERAL HOSPITAL— Valentin told a lie. Franco was confrontational. Lucy offered moral support. Laura confided in Alexis. Carly was shocked. Scott received a heartfelt message. Franco was curious. Bobbie and Felicia hugged. Epiphany interrupted. Monica was called back to work. Sam stole a moment alone with Jason. Kristina crossed the line. Michael needed Sonny. Cameron and Joss had breakfast. Elizabeth asked Bobbie for advice. Josslyn called Carly. Kim received bad news. Laura was startled. Jordan had news. Curtis had dinner with Stella. Maxie struggled with her feelings. Anna gave Peter advice. Willow was put on notice.

THIS WEEK: Finn was ready to take the next step. Lucy helped out a friend.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope and Douglas bonded over having lost a special family member. Bill and Katie finished their romantic dinner and determined to get to the bottom of who continues to set them up. Ridge proceeded cautiously when Brooke asked him what Taylor’s up to concerning Hope and Thomas. Brooke was stunned to realize that Taylor’s motivation is reuniting Liam and Steffy. Thomas was moved by Hope and Douglas’ interaction. Bill and Katie discussed their “Cupid” who has revealed themselves. Brooke became enraged by Taylor’s meddling ways. Ridge and Thomas shared a special father/ son conversation about Douglas finding comfort in Hope. Ridge reminded Thomas that Hope’s married to Liam. Bill, Katie and Will shared a warm family moment. Brooke told Liam about Taylor’s “mad” idea. Hope became annoyed when Zoe pressed her to have another child with Liam. Sally made her final decision about staying at Forrester Creations or moving to Spencer Publications. Quinn shared with Wyatt that she’s urging Flo to find her father. Zoe showed up at the Bikini to ensure that Flo’s still sticking with their plan. Wyatt walked in on a heated moment between them. Quinn and Sally clearly disagreed on Wyatt’s intentions. Hope continued to mourn Beth. Wyatt encouraged Flo to find her father. Quinn and Sally continued their disagreement about whom and what would make Wyatt happy. Thomas confirmed to Brooke and Ridge that Hope has been a godsend for him and Douglas. Flo called her mother, Shauna, who lives in Las Vegas to inquire about her other parent. Katie and Will surprised Bill at the office. Quinn told Eric how she reached out to Shauna, that she’s arriving in LA and would be stopping by Forrester Creations.

THIS WEEK: Flo expressed anxiety at searching for her father since her mother wanted to keep quiet about him. Shauna and Quinn reminisced and caught up on the years that they have missed since Quinn moved to Los Angeles.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Jordan asked Rafe for a huge favor. JJ was troubled by the lighter found in Claire’s jewelry box. Hope and Rafe had a tense conversation about Ted. Claire was upset when Eve informed her about the change of plans. Maggie questioned Sarah about her decision to accept Rex’s proposal. Eric gave Brady an answer to his ultimatum. Will and Sonny tried to find answers to Will’s unexplained medical issues. Kate told Victor that she’s interested in returning to Titan. Stefan’s attraction to Chloe grew, but she kept him at a distance. Eric was tempted to come clean about his feelings for Sarah. Brady encouraged Gabi take her revenge against Stefan to a whole new level. Maggie put Rex on notice. Tripp and Haley struggled to maintain their cover story. Claire felt the heat when JJ questioned her about the lighter. Hope told Ben about Jordan’s secret. Rafe returned from California with surprising news. Ted made a move on Hope. Sparks flew between Abe and Sheila.

THIS WEEK: Ev e dropped a bombshell at Jack’s rally. Eli was a little concerned when he saw Lani’s instant attachment to another baby named David.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Jack, Billy and Kyle allowed Summer to join them as they brainstormed Jabot’s new direction, and Jack pitched a new model, expanding Jabot into apparel, as well as cosmetics, and marketing the brand across multiple platforms. Summer rolled with Jack’s pitch, and she and Kyle spitballed a solid social media strategy, leaving everyone impressed with her talents. To strengthen their pitch, Billy reached out to Rebekah Barlow, who agreed to come on as a consultant for the new line. While she’s in town, she reconnected with Nick, who invited her out for a drink. Despite Kyle’s longing for Lola, he still found himself drawn to Summer, and surprised by how well they work together. He’s also touched by her patience with Dina. As their relationship grew, the couple came clean to Phyllis about Summer being Lola’s donor, and Phyllis warned Summer that she couldn’t trust Kyle to stay faithful. Meanwhile, Lola and Kyle ran into one another by chance, and they’re both surprised by how strong their feelings still are. Despite this, Summer pressured Kyle to delete Lola’s contact info from his phone, and he reluctantly agreed. Jett and Elena moved into the penthouse, and Ana and Jet bonded over their shared musical talents. Upon hearing them play together, Devon encouraged Jett to consider returning to performing. Devon also grew closer to Elena, asking her out on a date.

THIS WEEK: Mariah encouraged Tessa to pursue her musical dreams, and Tessa agreed to try. Initially, she struggled, but Mariah helped her to rediscover her voice, and soon the music began to flow again.

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