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THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Shauna is stunned to learn that Dollar Bill Spencer is Wyatt’s father. Bill confides in Katie that he regrets the time he missed with Liam and Wyatt but that he still holds resentment against Quinn for keeping Wyatt a secret. Quinn’s curiosity is piqued by Shauna’s vehemence against Flo finding out the identity of her birth father. Flo thanks Wyatt for helping her with the DNA test. Bill and Quinn are stunned when Shauna makes it known that she has met Bill before. Shauna’s past comes back to haunt her when she is face-toface with Bill Spencer. Zoe tries to steer Hope away from Flo when Hope suggests that there is more of a connection between them than just losing children. To Zoe’s chagrin, Hope calls Flo to come to Forrester. Bill calls Wyatt to his office and delivers startling news. Flo feels guilty when Hope attempts to get closer to her. Hope presses and Flo dodges the real reason she can’t be Hope’s friend. Zoe reveals to Xander that she’s afraid Flo will tell Hope the truth, sending them all to jail. Bill and Shauna answer difficult questions before Wyatt reveals that Flo has already taken a DNA test. Flo attempts to try and tell Hope the truth but Hope continues to miss the meaning in Flo’s words. Donna, Katie and Brooke discuss their childhood. Bill, Wyatt, Quinn and Shauna react in shock as the identity of Flo’s father is revealed.

THIS WEEK: Justin attempts to discuss business with Bill but Bill’s mind is focused only on Flo and Shauna. Bill explains the situation to Justin. Shauna talks about her life during the time she got pregnant with Flo. Flo’s life begins to turn upside down.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Ted declares his love for Hope! Rafe presses Jordan to reveal the identity of her baby’s father. Abe tells Eli he’s concerned about Lani’s attachment to baby David. Jennifer is stunned when Eve announces she and Jack are getting married. Marlena decides to tell Sarah the truth about Eric’s feelings for her. Will and Sonny await Will’s test results. Claire helps Haley prepare for her wedding to Tripp. Eric offers to help Jennifer stop Eve and Jack’s wedding. Rex and Sarah give Will and Sonny shocking news. Jennifer pulls out all the stops to prevent Jack from marrying Eve. Lani urges Rafe to keep custody of David. Ted presses Hope about leaving Rafe for him. Claire makes a huge confession to Eve. Ben meets his nephew for the first time. Haley and JJ share an intimate moment as she forgives JJ for his betrayal. Rafe shares his decision with Hope to take care of baby David. Eve worries when she still can’t find Jack before their wedding is set to begin. An unexpected visitor makes an appearance at Tripp and Haley’s wedding.

THIS WEEK: Claire plots to stop Tripp and Haley’s wedding. Ciara comforts Ben after Lani denies his chance to spend more time with baby David.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Valentin tells a lie. Franco is confrontational. Lucy offers moral support. Laura confides in Alexis. Carly is shocked. Scott receives a heartfelt message. Franco is curious. Bobbie and Felicia hug. Epiphany interrupts. Monica is called back to work. Sam steals a moment alone with Jason. Kristina crosses the line. Michael needs Sonny. Cameron and Joss have breakfast. Elizabeth asks Bobbie for advice. Josslyn calls Carly. Kim receives bad news. Laura is startled. Jordan has news. Curtis has dinner with Stella. Maxie struggles with her feelings. Anna gives Peter advice. Willow is put on notice. Finn is ready to take the next step. Lucy helps out a friend. Chase puts Shiloh on notice. Kristina makes plans with Daisy. Alexis confides in Neil. Michael is shaken. Jason has to act quickly. Neil offers words of caution. Harmony sends a distress call. Alexis is eager to speak to Sonny. Anna is emotional. Alexis feigns ignorance. Molly confronts Sam. Michael asks Chase for help. Finn offers his expertise.

THIS WEEK: Valentin crosses with Spencer. Laura softens.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victoria continues to hide out in Vegas, but her attempts to stay off the grid are compromised when Billy calls her, revealing that he knows where she is. Victoria blows him off, and attempts to lose herself in casual sex with musician Brandon Rose. Brandon tells Victoria that her father has been seen around town, watching high stakes poker games with a man called Spider. Although she’s curious, Victoria tries to put any thoughts of her family out of her mind. But she’s unable to avoid reality whenever Billy shows up at her door. He explains that he’s worried about her, and she can’t keep running away. Eventually, he wears her down, and they reunite with a passionate kiss. Billy wants to leave right away, but Victoria asks him to stay in Vegas a little longer so that she can see if Victor really is in town. Billy agrees and Victoria has Brandon move the game to Victoria’s suite. Billy runs into his old rival Sinead, but resists the temptation to join the game. Victor doesn’t show up, but Victoria surprises everyone when she pulls off a huge win. Once Billy returns to Genoa City, he feels his addiction flaring up, so he opens up to Jack, who supports him, and encourages him to go to a Gambler’s Anonymous meeting. Cane opens up to Traci about his marital problems, blaming the entire thing on Billy. Traci is sensitive to Cane’s pain, but helps him to realize that he’s responsible for the deeper issues in his marriage. As he sobers up, he realizes that she’s right, and accepts that he needs to take responsibility.

THIS WEEK: Tessa begins to find her voice as a songwriter and Mariah is so proud that she appeals to Devon on her girlfriend’s behalf. Seeing a real change in Tessa, Devon decides to give her another chance, assigning Ana to manage her career.

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