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GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sam manipulated Shiloh. Michael put two and two together. Franco and Cam butted heads. Valentin looked to Nora for help. Spencer’s plan backfired. Jason learned of Brad’s allegiance to Dawn of Day. Sonny disagreed with Margaux. Michael was sympathetic. Finn and Chase came together. Franco burst in on Nina. Sonny cautioned Jason. Alexis learned that Kristina got help from Julian. Carly was moved to tears. Olivia got the Quartermaine mansion ready for a guest. Anna considered her options. Jordan met with Franco. Ava called Scott for help. Laura focused on what’s important. Curtis got a lead. Sasha and Michael grew closer. Kevin got a warm invitation. Ava was rejected. Shiloh confronted Jason.

THIS WEEK: Molly grew concerned that Kristina might be missing. Carly introduced herself to Sasha.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope erroneously believed that the important news Flo has been trying to tell her is the identity of her father. Bill and Justin laughed at the thought of Bill having a daughter. Quinn paid a surprise visit to Bill and called him out for his past affiliation with Shauna. Flo was caught when Shauna revealed to everyone that Flo has never been pregnant. Flo found herself in a difficult predicament when Shauna demanded that she tell everyone the truth about not ever having been pregnant. Quinn revealed startling news about Flo to Bill. Hope unknowingly made matters worse between Flo and Shauna. Later, Flo revealed her part in the baby-swap to a mortified Shauna. Hope missed Beth and Phoebe. Brooke surprised the group at Forrester with news of Flo’s paternity. Hope shared the same news with Liam. Flo expressed her guilt and remorse to Shauna, who reprimanded her daughter for being involved in such a despicable scheme. Liam expressed his love to Hope. Liam shared with Hope how much he misses her and that he hopes to reconnect soon. Ridge and Thomas discussed Caroline, Douglas and Hope. Thomas shocked Ridge with his admission about Hope. Ridge reminded Thomas that Hope’s married to Liam. Hope told Liam that she feels badly keeping him from Phoebe and Kelly. Wyatt and Sally worried about Liam and Hope. Thomas and Douglas visited Hope and Douglas, and brought Hope a flower.

THIS WEEK: Thomas agreed with Hope when she revealed that she thinks that Liam should go to Paris to visit Steffy, Kelly and Phoebe. Liam made a decision about his marriage.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Jack accused Adrienne of trying to sabotage his wedding to Eve. Jennifer confided to JJ that she might have lost Jack for good. Claire crashed Haley and Tripp’s wedding. Ben invited Ciara to spend the night at his place. Brady objected when he learned that Kate wants a job at Titan. Will had a scary episode at the hospital. Gabi stepped up her efforts to seduce Stefan. Eric learned Rex and Sarah have set a date for their wedding and made a surprising offer. Chloe was furious when she uncovered Brady’s deception. Ben learned the cartel’s back in Salem. Eric confided in Sarah his regrets about Nicole. Marlena and Sonny waited anxiously for news about Will. Gabi and Ciara were held hostage by a cartel member. Brady found Chloe in a dangerous predicament. Rafe confided in Lani about his argument with Hope. Rex confronted Eric about his feelings for Sarah. Rafe was rushed to the hospital after getting shot. Hope and Ben teamed up to rescue Ciara.

THIS WEEK: Gabi kissed Stefan. Eli overheard Ted on a mysterious phone call.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Phyllis took incriminating photos of Kyle and Lola to Jack, threatening to leak them to the press unless Jack relinquishes ownership of Fenmore’s. Disgusted, Jack refused to yield to her demands, then warned Kyle about her plan. Not wanting to keep her mother in the dark, Victoria told Nikki about Victor’s secret trips to Vegas. Furious that her husband has been keeping secrets, Nikki decided to get some answers for herself. She took Victoria to Victor’s office, where they dug through his files. Meanwhile, Billy had an unexpected encounter with Cane, who apologized for his behavior, and insisted that he’s taking responsibility for his actions. Wanting to best Ashley, Jack asked Abby if she’d be open to partnering with Jabot for her restaurant opening. Abby was flattered, but turned him down, insisting that she wouldn’t take sides in his battle with her mother. Jack agreed to respect her wishes, but he’s still stung when he received Ashley’s latest taunt. Traci warned him not to drop to Ashley’s level, but Jack insisted that he’d do what it takes to win. Jack also worried about Kyle, who found himself caught between Summer and Lola, and unable to choose. Jack warned Kyle that if he doesn’t act soon, he’d end up hurting them more, especially since Summer’s so attached to him already. Knowing that he’s in trouble, Kyle told Lola that he hasn’t ended things yet, but promised that he would soon. Meanwhile, Summer grew suspicious and territorial, determined to keep Kyle for her own. Wanting to help Jett find his voice, Devon tried to sign him, but Jett resisted, insisting that his singing days are over. Ana also resisted a return to the spotlight, until Devon asked them to perform at the Society opening together, as father and daughter. Mariah and Tessa were shocked when someone threw a brick through the window of the coffeehouse, and they discovered that it’s attached to a threatening message.

THIS WEEK: Despite Tessa’s obvious concern, Mariah put on a brave front, but eventually admitted that she’s afraid that someone’s out to get her. As Abby prepared for the opening of Society, Arturo stopped by to see her, asking her to give him another chance.

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