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GENERALHOSPITAL— Kevin got a warm invitation. Ava was rejected. Shiloh confronted Jason. Molly grew concerned that Kristina might be missing. Carly introduced herself to Sasha. Alexis was careless. Chase was onto something. Ava failed again. Curtis set his sights on Canada. TJ confronted Jordan. Neil comforted Alexis. Sam was interrupted. Jason and Sonny debated their next moves. Willow told a lie. Julian was suspicious. Lulu was eager to help. Mac was livid. Joss tore into Cameron. Carly leaned on Bobbie. Robert questioned Finn. Nina was stunned. Lulu surprised Peter. Sonny tried to distract Carly.

THIS WEEK: Jason paid Oscar a visit. Oscar asked Cameron for a favor.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Thomas revealed to Ridge how he wants to support Hope and help revitalize the Hope for the Future line. Ridge began to suspect that Thomas might want more than just a friendship with Hope. Thomas grilled Sally about what she knows of Hope and Liam’s relationship. Liam vowed to Hope not to give up on their love. Quinn witnessed Sally embrace Thomas. Liam assured Hope that he loves her. Quinn tried to stir the pot between Wyatt and Sally by telling Wyatt what she saw. Thomas drew a picture for Hope as if Douglas made it. Later, Thomas got Amelia on board to help him with his plan. Hope and Liam made love. Hope was thrown when Thomas showed her the video of Phoebe. Thomas manipulated Hope into thinking it would be best if Liam went to Paris to see Steffy and the girls. Quinn reminded Sally of her past mistakes, and the two argued before Wyatt arrived. Thomas made a promise to Liam. Zoe was floored when she learned who Flo’s father is and exactly what that means in terms of their secret. Bill had an idea that would assure Will that Bill would always be there for him. Katie was stunned at Bill’s request. She left to share the story with her sisters. Bill headed to Il Giardino where he ran into Shauna, and the two shared a drink. Katie admitted to Brooke that she still loves Bill. Bill and Shauna continued to bond. Flo felt strongly that she must reveal the truth about Beth to take away Hope’s pain.

THIS WEEK: Zoe reminded Flo that Wyatt and Hope would never look at her again if she revealed this secret. Zoe and Flo began to argue.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Ciara attempted to extricate herself from a dangerous situation. Ben desperately tried to track down Ciara. Gabi and Stefan took their relationship to another level. Kate overheard Ted on the phone discussing Chloe. Stefan struggled to keep Chloe in the dark about Gabi. Jack was curious when he interrupted a tense moment between Abe and Sheila. Brady unpacked his relationship woes to Maggie. Hope was surprised to learn that Lani spent the night at Rafe’s. Sarah confronted Eric about his feelings for her. Chloe’s suspicious after finding Gabi’s button. Will lashed out at Sonny, Marlena and Roman. Maggie and Kate clashed over Kate’s return to Titan. Nicole made a shocking return to Salem! Sarah tricked Marlena into spilling the truth. Stefan and Chloe had their first date. Ben and Ciara shared a night of romance. Eric finally came clean with Sarah. A mysterious person kidnapped Holly!

THIS WEEK: Ben and Ciara made love for the first time. Rafe caught Hope and Ted in a tender moment.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Abby anxiously prepared for the grand opening of Society, but her preparations were hindered by bad luck. Lola was forced to recalibrate her menu when her ingredients were delayed, the fire alarm wouldn’t stop going off, and the building lost power. Wanting to help Abby realized her dream, and hoping to get back in her good graces, Arturo stepped in to help. He found a fix for the fire alarm and the power outage, and helped Lola to find the confidence to rebuild her menu. With things running smoothly, Abby prepared to welcome her guests, but when she opened the doors, she found that no one has shown up. Meanwhile, Kyle bought a necklace to give Lola on her big night, but Summer saw the necklace, and assumed that it’s for her. Later, Kyle gave Lola the necklace, asking her to wear it for him. Summer saw the necklace around Lola’s neck, and was stung when she realized that it was never intended for her. Despite Abby’s initial worries, guests began to show up in droves, including Mia, who’s furious when she discovered that she’s not on the list. Abby tried to pay Arturo to thank him for his earlier help, but he refused, insisting that he did it all for her. Abby started to soften, but her walls went back up when she saw that Mia has snuck into the party. Furious, she prepared to have her thrown out, but Arturo intervened, admitting that Mia’s pregnant, with a baby that could be his. Disgusted, Abby told Arturo to take Mia and get out of her restaurant. Meanwhile, Mia acted out to get Rey’s attention, flirting with Jack, and ordering champagne. Furious that she would drink while pregnant, Rey intervened, hauling her out of the party. Satisfied to have gotten under his skin, Mia attempted to seduce him, but Rey kept her at a dis- tance, warning her that if she jeopardizes the safety of their child again, he’d turn her over to the police.

THIS WEEK: Devon brought Elena as his date, attracting attention from everyone, but he kept his focus entirely on her. Victoria and Billy prepared to head to the party at Society, but they’re interrupted when Victor arrived, telling his daughter that it’s time they talked.

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