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GENERAL HOSPITAL — Shiloh demanded answers. Sonny was alarmed. Margaux made a confession. Curtis got a lead. Lucy was appalled. Alexis met with Neil. Sam grew more determined to finish the task. Ava received a suspicious phone call. Finn had a theory. Franco visited Drew. Liz checked in with Terry. Trina offered to help Cameron. Kim was happy to hear from Julian. Olivia reminisced. Ned checked on Monica. Sam was distracted. Shiloh paid Willow a visit. Chase confronted Michael. Carly shared her appreciation with Elizabeth. Franco and Cameron made amends. Sam told Jason about Shiloh’s visit. Kristina shared a laugh with an old friend. Alexis managed to slip past Valerie.

THIS WEEK: Drew offered his help. Julian ran into Willow.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Shauna held Zoe at bay while she checked to see if Flo’s conscious. Ridge told Brooke that he thinks Katie gave Bill the right answer. Thomas quickly agreed when Brooke suggested to Hope that she move to the main house while Liam’s away. Flo decided the time’s right to tell Hope the truth. Hope made Flo an offer. Hope was haunted by memories of losing Beth when the lights go out at Forrester. Thomas confided in Sally his desire to reunite with Hope. Sally issued Thomas a warning. Zoe demanded that Flo and Shauna go back to Vegas and never reveal their secret. Wyatt became suspicious when he walked in on Thomas and Sally. Hope tried to help Xander understand why Zoe might be closed off. Flo, Shauna and Zoe made a pact. Wyatt became irritated when Sally declined an invitation to have dinner with him and Flo. Flo attempted to navigate her guilt over keeping Beth from Hope. Zoe and Shauna hid in the bedroom when Wyatt arrived to speak with Flo. Amelia told Liam that he belongs with Steffy, Kelly and Phoebe. Without admitting specific details, Zoe admitted to Xander that she was recently thrown a major curve ball. Brooke introduced Shauna and Flo to Ridge. Ridge’s kindness intensified Flo’s guilt. Hope urged Flo to accept the job offer with Forrester. Xander promised Zoe that she wouldn’t lose him. Thomas left a message for Steffy requesting an item he woul use in part of his plot to get Hope back. He then used Douglas as part of his manipulation. Shauna admired one of Ridge’s designs that Pearl’s wearing.

THIS WEEK: Brooke and Ridge wondered about Hope’s relationship with Douglas. Shauna tried on a Forrester Original.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Eric was reunited with Nicole! Chloe was reeling from Holly’s disappearance as her captors were revealed. Rafe and Lani grew closer as they bond over baby David. Sheila and Abe tested out their feelings for one another. Ted’s true intentions were made clear. Sarah interrupted Eric and Nicole’s reunion with terrible news. Nicole lashed out at Chloe over Holly’s kidnapping. Hope realized Ben and Ciara have taken their relationship to the next level. Valerie surprised Abe when she showed up for his mayoral debate against Jack. Jack pulled a shocking stunt during the debate. Claire fumed when she learned that she must move out of the loft because of Haley. Eli was thrown by Lani’s request. JJ made a damaging blurt about Jack in front of the press. Abe and Sheila found themselves on the hot seat. Eli and Lani argued over David. Claire lashed out at Tripp. Rafe and Hope tried to find Holly, unaware of Ted’s involvement. Maggie had an emotional reunion with Nicole.

THIS WEEK: Marlena comforted a heartbroken Sarah. Gabi continued her plot against Stefan.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Family and friends gathered to mourn the loss of Neil, including Malcolm who rushed to Genoa City upon hearing the news. Heartbroken, Cane broke the news to Jill about Lily asking for divorce. Jill was surprised to learn how much he’s been confiding in Traci. Jill was initially jealous, but she put it aside, and the women worked together to comfort Cane. Despite their kindness, Cane pulled away, going to the park where he left a final message for Lily. He apologized for his mistakes, and agreed to let her go, but vowed to never stop loving her. Kyle also pushed forward in ending his marriage, despite Summer’s reluctance. Devon decided to focus on the positive in his life by inviting Elena out on a date. She agreed, and they grew closer as they bonded over their shared losses and trials. Jack was upset when Dina continued to decline, especially when her doctor suggested that it’s time to consider moving her into a care facility. Worried for her friend, Lauren stopped by to see Jack, bringing him dinner, and offering her support. Moved by Neil’s unexpected passing, Nikki encouraged Victoria to make the most of the time she has and move forward with Billy.

THIS WEEK: Later, Nikki was frustrated when Victor remained tight lipped about his mysterious trips. He promised that all would be revealed soon, then returned to Vegas.

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