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RECAPS - 7/21-7/25

ALL MY CHILDREN – Ryan learned that Annie was pregnant. He didn’t believe he was the father because he’d had a vasectomy. Ryan asked Aiden to investigate why his medical records were falsified. Erica faced off with Sable, then was released from prison. Samuel and Erica had their first date. Annie saw Colby and Cassandra on the nanny-cam talking about killing Richie with the car. Krystal helped Adam lie to protect the kids. Kendall told Greenlee who Ryan really loves. Jesse explained to Angie why he was having Cassandra followed, and Angie was stunned.

THIS WEEK: Adam turns the tables on JR.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Lily told Holden that his affair with Carly meant he wanted to end their marriage. Janet took Liberty to get birth control pills. Jack and Brad were furious with Janet, especially when Parker and Liberty wound up making love. Cole attacked Barbara and revealed that he was Sofie’s killer. He then attacked Meg and left her to die. Holden rushed to the hospital to give Meg blood and she survived life-saving surgery. Paul and Meg married again, with Emma present. Emily was relieved when Tom chose not to challenge her for custody. Noah admitted that he wasn’t ready to make love to Luke.

THIS WEEK: Alison is acting strangely.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Eric had a heart attack and fell into a coma. Ridge and Brooke’s plan to get married and take over Forrester were put on hold. While Eric’s life hangs in the balance, Ridge learned that Donna controls Forrester. Brooke tried to convince Donna to sign over the company to her and Ridge. Owen confessed his deal with Felicia to Donna. Felicia was furious that Owen betrayed her trust, and fired him. Katie told her mother why she gave up her love for Nick. The press gathered at Forrester anticipating that Donna was going to put Ridge and Brooke in charge of the entire operation.

THIS WEEK: Donna turns the tables on the Forrester kids.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES – Bo confided in Steve about covering up Philip’s guilt for Victor’s sake. Hope was angry that Bo has kept her in the dark about his actions. Someone tried to attack Stephanie in the sleeper car. Her knowledge of French helped Max get closer to finding his half-sister. Kayla and Steve brought the baby home. EJ told Ava that she cannot avoid going to trial for the deaths related to the plane crash. She wanted to skip bail, but John insisted she stay and fight. Morgan feared that her father was dead and confronted John. Ava’s bodyguard fired a shot at Morgan when he believed she reached for a gun. Defending Morgan, Philip was hit by the bullet.

THIS WEEK: John admits he is framing Philip.

GENERAL HOSPITAL – Sonny made a deal with Karpov, the Russian mobster, then reminded Diane that she could not tell Jason because of lawyer/client confidentiality. Johnny and Lulu went on the run when he feared that she was going to confess to the murder. Scott learned that Logan had been murdered and demanded answers from Maxie. Carly came up with the idea of framing Ric for Logan’s murder, but Spinelli pointed out the flaws in her plan. Jax was compelled to leave on a business trip and Carly surprised him by showing up on his private jet. Scott went on TV, naming Johnny and Lulu fugitives.

THIS WEEK: Claudia made a deal with Ric.

GUIDING LIGHT – Josh and Reva watched the re-creation of their wedding for film and realized they were still in love. Josh moved out of Cassie’s. Cassie blamed Reva for ruining her marriage. Remy was with Ava when she went into labor in a stuck elevator. Bill rushed to her side and she gave birth at the hospital, but the baby’s appearance was a shock. Beth told Lizzie that Ava’s baby was Remy’s! Lizzie protected Bill’s image when a compromising photo of them kissing was published. Lizzie urged her family to move to Beverly Hills so she could get away from Bill. Remy told Mel he was going to fight for Ava and the baby.

THIS WEEK: Ava faces a tough decision.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE – When the car crashed, Viki “died” and was visited by a Guardian Angel who reunited her with Ben. Ben sent Viki back to life, telling her to forgive Charlie. Dorian had a visitation from Mel. David agreed to annul his marriage to Addie in exchange for Dorian saving Viki’s life. John and Blair grew closer. Tina watched in horror as Carlo forced Sarah over the waterfall in Mendorra. Cristian broke free and rescued Sarah. Bo and Rex were shocked to find themselves in 1968. Todd was emotional as he told Marty about her college rape, not revealing his part in the violence.

THIS WEEK: Cole comes to a decision about Starr.

PASSIONS – Kay and Miguel were married. Tabitha was sure that disaster was coming to Harmony, but nobody was heeding her warnings. Sheridan tried to win Luis back with a seductive tango, but he told her that his heart belonged to Fancy. Sheridan was blown away by Antonio’s return from the dead. Fancy believed Sheridan was trying to ruin her wedding, but then Sheridan produced Antonio to explain her appearance in the church. Ethan was feeling connected to the strange looking Gertrude, but he didn’t know why. Juanita watched and waited to set off the bomb in the church, destroying Pilar’s happiness.

THIS WEEK: The demons have demands for Tabitha.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS – Lily’s happiness over Cane buying her a house was spoiled when Chloe revealed she’s having Cane’s baby. Jeff returned from Korea claiming he didn’t have the tainted face cream, but he was lying. Nikki decided to leave David. Brad and Jill joined forces to take over Chancellor and Jabot. Victor learned that Jack was responsible for the smear article on Sabrina. David’s gambling problems made the evening news. Victoria was guilt-ridden to learn that real reason Phillipe came to Genoa City. Victor planned a big announcement. Skye disappeared. Dr. Drew advises Amber and Daniel on the radio show, “Loveline.” At the gala, Ana joined Devon in song.

THIS WEEK: The truth catches up to David.

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