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RECAPS: MAY 6 – 10

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Sonny was horrified. Laura saw Robert for the first time in years. Lucy had her sights set on Kevin. Curtis shared an update on his search for Ryan. Peter faced his fears. Alexis was overjoyed. Michael was grateful. Jason was surprised. Anna struggled to reconcile what she knows. Peter surprised Maxie. Sam expressed her concerns. Valerie offered her advice. Lucas sought help. Willow made a confession. Curtis paid Drew a visit. Robert lost his cool. Sonny and Mike bonded over family. Michael underestimated the situation. Kim was grateful. Sam prepared for the worst. Kristina made her intentions clear. Sonny braced for the worst. Peter was interrupted.

THIS WEEK: Finn had bad news. Ava and Kevin made their presence known.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — A stunned Hope must remind Thomas that she’s married after he gave her a surprise kiss. Sally returned home to find Wyatt waiting for her. She thought that they’re going to makeup, but instead Wyatt made a startling revelation. Thomas continued to manipulate Hope in hopes that she would one day be his. Sally attempted to apologize to Wyatt for keeping such a secret from him, but Wyatt remained angry at her. Ridge revealed to Brooke what Thomas’ intentions are for Hope. Thomas told Hope that he thinks it’s their destiny to be together. Communication broke down between Sally and Wyatt. Sally fumed at Thomas that his desire to get back with Hope has cost her dearly. Wyatt told an ecstatic Quinn what transpired between him and Sally. He further revealed Thomas’ plan for reuniting with Hope. Hope gave an overwhelmed Flo a tour of Forrester Creations. Flo was aghast when Hope shared her current thoughts about Liam and Thomas. Liam returned from Paris determined to not allow Hope to be manipulated by Thomas. Flo struggled with keeping the secret about Beth from Hope. The situation between Thomas and Liam became heated.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt and Flo discussed Sally. Quinn and Sally each gave as good as they got while having an argument about Wyatt.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Stefan was caught secretly trying to usher Gabi out of the mansion. Brady comforted Chloe over Holly’s kidnapping. Victor blamed Nicole for Holly’s disappearance. Rafe disobeyed Hope’s orders, which ended in tragedy. Hope, Nicole and Eric raced to the site of the accident, where they made a horrific discovery. Maggie, Sarah and Rex anxiously awaited word about Holly. Maggie found Kate in a close moment with Victor. John and Marlena celebrated their six-month anniversary at the pub. Nicole lashed out at Eric. Hope and Rafe’s marriage imploded. Ben and Ciara broke difficult news to Stefan and Chloe. Maggie and Victor had a huge falling out. It’s Election Day in Salem! Claire delivered the goods to Eve. Kayla had bad news for Sonny and Will. Jennifer returned from her trip and runs into Jack. Eve gave Haley an ultimatum. Nicole continued to rebuff Eric.

THIS WEEK: Xander walked in on Brady comforting Nicole. Maggie was tempted to drink.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Despite Lola and Kyle’s perfect night together, Summer continued to make trouble for the happy couple. Wanting to undermine their renewed relationship, she used their working relationship to her advantage, manipulating

Kyle into joining her on a last-minute business trip. Together, they traveled to New York to meet up with Kyle’s friend Theo, who manages influencers. They set up a deal for Theo’s influencers to promote Jabot Collective products, and Theo invited them out to a new club to celebrate. Summer jumped at the chance, but Kyle insisted on flying home to Lola, leaving Summer disappointed. Annoyed by Kyle’s devotion to Lola, Summer went to Jack, telling him that Kyle isn’t fully focused on the job. Not realizing that Summer has ulterior motives, Jack played right into her plan, insisting that Kyle devote more time to their joint project. Wanting to make a new opportunity for herself, Phyllis used Billy’s seed money to plan out an accessories line, which she then pitched to Jack as a part of Jabot Collective. Not wanting to get mixed up with Phyllis again, Jack turned her down flat, leaving Phyllis angry and embarrassed. Determined to take Jack down, Phyllis used Summer’s password to hack into the Jabot servers, hoping to find something she could use to give her new company a boost. Rebekah came onto the Jabot Collective project as a consultant, and she and Nick reconnected. Mariah’s stalker continued to haunt her, so Tessa stepped up, texting the stalker back and issuing a challenge. Mariah distracted herself from the constant threat by turning her attention to supporting Tessa. Wanting to know more about Elena, Devon turned to Jett for details, and he revealed that Ana lost her mother recently. Upon learning that Devon went behind her back, Elena was angry, but eventually they reconciled and grew closer as they bonded over their shared losses.

THIS WEEK: Arturo went to Society, where he tried to win Abby back, but she made it clear that she’s not interested. Arturo persisted until Nate stepped in, coming to Abby’s defense.

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