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RECAPS: MAY 13 – 17

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Oscar had a full day planned. Kim was emotional. Cameron rose to the occasion. Oscar wished Jason and Drew would get past their differences. Sonny disagreed with Ned. Julian was furious. Robert lost something important. Felicia had a theory. Sasha and Michael grew closer. Valentin was confrontational. Sam had a proposal for Shiloh. Jason took Carly to the hospital. Curtis grew suspicious. Finn checked in with Jordan. Anna misunderstood a conversation she overheard. Carly received important test results. Peter expressed his gratitude. Maxie checked on Lulu. Alexis came to Julian’s rescue. Molly got an idea. Laura and Curtis were in a predicament. Ava’s date for the Nurses Ball raised a few eyebrows. Lucy and Scott were back to their old ways.

THIS WEEK: Sonny made an announcement. Nina was thrilled for Sasha.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Liam insisted to Hope that she not give up on their love. Quinn suggested to Eric that Wyatt and Flo should reunite and then suggested that Shauna and Flo should come and live with them in the Forrester Mansion. Flo and Wyatt passionately kissed, although Flo was internally conflicted about this reunion. Liam told Hope that he doesn’t feel comfortable with Thomas living so close to Hope and suggested that they find a place of their own. He continued that he believes that Thomas is using his son Douglas to get to Hope. Will negotiated a raise in his allowance from Bill. Katie revealed to Brooke that she must talk to Shauna before considering a future with Bill after what she witnessed at Il Giardino. Shauna invited Flo to live with her, Quinn and Eric. Quinn and Shauna were thrilled when Flo revealed that Wyatt asked her out on a date. Katie asked Shauna for a considerable favor. Bill contemplated the mistakes he made with Katie in the past and revealed to Justin that he knows that money cannot get his family back. He went on to make a startling statement about his beloved building “Sky”. Katie and Shauna set a trap for Bill. Brooke worried that this wouldn’t turn out the way Katie’s hoping it would. Katie eavesdropped as Shauna made a move on Bill. Brooke revealed Katie’s plan to Donna and Justin. Shauna reported back to Katie on her conversation with Bill, causing Katie to make a bold decision about her future. Bill was stunned by Katie’s confession. Zoe arrived to the Forrester home and was taken aback to learn that Shauna and Flo have moved in with the Forresters.

THIS WEEK: Zoe told Flo it’s reckless of her to live with the Forresters while keeping such a big secret. Bill and Katie shared their news with Will.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Hope saw Rafe had taken off his wedding ring and decided to start divorce proceedings. Lani lied to Ciara to keep Ben away from David. Xander revealed he still has leverage over Nicole. Sarah comforted Eric over Nicole freezing him out. Sonny and Will were surprised to learn what caused Will’s tumor. Brady made a deal with Xander to get Nicole a divorce. Sarah tried to speak with Nicole on Eric’s behalf. Stefan rejected Gabi. Haley and JJ had an emotional moment as they learned her fate. Tripp realized Claire’s in cahoots with Eve. JJ attacked Jack, who tried to reach out to him. Rafe got divorce papers from Hope. The mayoral election results were announced, and there’s a surprising winner. Hope was fired! Ciara comforted a devastated Claire. Melinda dropped a bombshell on Haley. JJ and Haley went on the run. Xander made the moves on Sarah.

THIS WEEK: Nicole ripped into Chloe. A stunning secret was revealed.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Upon learning that Mia has been outed as Lola’s attacker, Rey rushed home to handle the situation. He admitted to Lola that he was the one who covered up Mia’s guilt, explaining that he only did it to protect the baby. Despite Lola’s decision to keep Mia’s involvement a secret, Paul caught Mia about to flee town and began to put the pieces together. He pressured Mia into a confession, but before he could arrest her, she doubled over in pain and was rushed to the hospital. Once Mia had been cleared by the doctor, Rey and Arturo decided that it’s time to figure out her baby’s paternity once and for all. While the DNA results were processed, Rey appealed to Paul on Mia’s behalf. Moved by Rey’s explanation, Paul agreed to drop the charges. Once that’s settled, Mia and Arturo apologized to Rey for their betrayal, and the family began to heal. Phyllis told Summer about her new business plan, suggesting that she leave Jabot and come to work with her. Summer declined, and Phyllis asked her to at least help her spy on Jabot. Realizing that Phyllis used her credentials to hack into Jabot’s servers, Summer refused, chastising Phyllis for her behavior. Wanting to remain loyal to Jabot, Summer told Jack about Phyllis subterfuge, and Jack decided to take matters into his own hands.

THIS WEEK: Wanting to keep Kyle close, Summer roped him into a business dinner with an influencer, but her plans backfire when they ended up at Society, with all the attention on Lola. She tried to regain control of the situation, but Kyle refused to play along and separated from the group to be there for Lola.

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