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RECAPS: JUNE 10 – 14

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Shiloh turned on the charm. Chase stayed on the right side of the law. Carly met with Lucas. Nina cajoled Ava. Bobbie got good news. Sonny decided to take matters into his own hands. Shiloh taunted Sam. Chase was startled to learn that Harmony is Willow’s mother. Alexis met with Neil. Maxie avoided making plans with Peter. Jordan confronted Curtis. Ava cut her losses. Drew tended to Kim. Joss struggled with her loss. Maxie had an idea. Harmony was hopeful that Shiloh would come to her rescue. Michael tried to support Willow. Julian reminded Brad to keep calm. Sonny stumbled upon Lulu out with another man. Carly was stunned. Shiloh ran into Margaux. Sam tried to look on the bright side. Nelle got a surprise visit.

THIS WEEK: Josslyn looked to Lucy for help. Curtis remained optimistic.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Thomas doubted Flo’s tale and demanded that she tell him the whole story. Brooke supported Hope who’s sad about the state of her marriage to Liam. Xander insisted to Zoe that telling Liam and Hope the truth is the right thing to do, leading Zoe to believe that he’s already told them. Xander filled Zoe in on Thomas’ strange behavior towards him at the Forrester Mansion. Flo attempted to justify her actions to a horrified Thomas. Liam made a promise to Steffy. Thomas pointed out to Flo that if the truth comes out, then his sister Steffy would be grieving a daughter. Zoe and Xander argued about Beth’s rightful place. Steffy made a gracious gesture towards Liam when he revealed information about his marriage to Hope. Thomas arrived at Steffy’s house to tell her that he has important news that would change her life. Steffy gave Thomas information that left him shocked and conflicted. Flo revealed to Xander and Zoe that she told Thomas the truth about Beth. Zoe worried that she’d be going to jail. Wyatt walked in on Flo and Xander attempting to convince Zoe to tell Hope the truth and questioned Flo for information. Hope shared with Douglas that Liam has moved out. Later, she reminded Brooke why she ended her relationship with Liam. Thomas was forced to make an immediate decision. Ridge was happy for Steffy when she confirmed that Liam has moved back in with her, but worried about what Brooke will think.

THIS WEEK: Hope asked Liam to send her pictures of him with Phoebe and Kelly, which greatly concerned Brooke. Xander, Flo and Zoe were stunned by Thomas’ response to their questions regarding telling Steffy the truth about Beth.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Ben rushed to Smith Island to find the cabin on fire! Tripp and Haley were trapped in a dangerous situation. Sonny demanded Eve surrender Rolf ’s diary to save Will’s life. Lani had a realization about her relationship with Baby David. Sonny and Will shared exciting news with Gabi. JJ rushed to the hospital when he heard Haley was rescued from the fire. Ben found himself at the wrong place at the wrong time. Ciara and Ben conspired against Claire. Jennifer and Eve had a heated confrontation. Maggie admitted to Victor that she fell off the wagon. Chloe and Rex grew closer. Stefan had a surprising offer for Abe. “Nicole” convinced Stefan to give her a job at DiMera. Trying to impress Sarah, Xander swooped in to save the day. Ted got an idea of how to be the hero in Hope’s eyes. Kate and Marlena comforted each other about Will. Ted revealed a shocking secret to “Nicole.” Sarah, Brady and Maggie questioned Xander about Rolf’s diary.

THIS WEEK: Kate and Hope got into it about Ted. Haley and JJ shared an emotional goodbye as she prepared to be deported to China.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Phyllis and Sharon had a heated argument about their past. After her run in with Phyllis, Sharon vented to Rey about her distrust of Phyllis, and Rey grew frustrated with her constant defense of Adam. However, when Nick arrived to tell them about Adam’s latest plot, she’s forced to admit that he’s returned to his darker tendencies. Adam visited Sharon to apologize for his actions. Rey caught the couple in a comforting embrace, which only confirmed his suspicions. Unable to handle Sharon’s attachment to Adam, Rey stormed out. Excited about their new engagement, Kyle decided to ask Rey for his blessing. Lola was initially nervous, but Kyle won her over with his earnestness. Jack and Traci tried to help Dina adjust to life in the nursing home, with Jack making more time to spend with his mother, and Traci sharing her new novel with her. Despite her fading memory, Dina was comforted by their efforts. Devon and Elena continued to grow closer as they sent Jett off on tour. Elena offered to find a place of her own, but Devon asked her to stay, making it clear that he has strong feelings for her. Wanting to move forward with Elena, Devon decided to make a big romantic gesture by paying off Elena’s student loans. Meanwhile, Victor took up a lawsuit against the GCPD, which enraged Christine.

THIS WEEK: Later, Victor told Adam that he’s the only one he can trust to run his company. Adam refused, telling Victor that he’d rather make his own path, and suggesting that he give Victoria a chance instead.

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