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RECAPS: JUNE 17 – 21

GENERALHOSPITAL— Peter turned to Mac for help. Laura was more than happy to share her point of view. Jax declined an interesting offer. Julian was propositioned. Nina stopped by the hospital to see Curtis. Josslyn was unsettled. Robert was upset. Maxie got a lead on Dante’s whereabouts. Lulu misread a situation. Kim made a desperate plea. Michael dropped by Sonny’s for a visit. Jason had news. Willow made a shocking confession. Lulu received a call from the PCPD. Kevin got good news. Carly questioned Jason’s plans. Someone from Sonny’s past caught up with him. Alexis explained herself to Diane. Kevin offered his advice. Liz offered Kim her condolences.

THIS WEEK: Valentine convinced Curtis to help him. Jax was put on notice.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Steffy set out to make Liam feel at home at the Spencer Cliff house. Hope stressed over losing an object that is special to her, not realizing that Thomas is responsible for it disappearing. Xander pushed Zoe to do the right thing for everyone involved and tell Hope the truth about what happened on Catalina Island. Brooke was convinced that Thomas is using Douglas as a pawn to get closer to Hope. Steffy was caught off guard when Liam announced that he has invited Flo and Wyatt to spend time with them. Flo was nervous when Wyatt told her the same thing. Ridge attempted to convince Brooke that he’s made the right decision by having Thomas step up at Forrester. Brooke responded with her thoughts on Thomas’ unhealthy preoccupation with Hope. Thomas presented Hope with a Forrester original that he designed. Flo got emotional at Steffy and Liam’s house. Hope was taken aback when Thomas admitted a secret that he’s been keeping from her. Steffy thanked Flo for bringing baby Phoebe in to their lives. Flo and Steffy agreed, for different reasons, that baby Phoebe is definitely a “Logan.” Zoe and Xander argued as they’re on opposite sides of what to do in their situation. Emma was stunned when she overheard news not meant for her ears. Liam told Steffy that he does not trust her brother. Brooke confronted Thomas about his behavior with Hope, but Thomas pushed back. Emma angrily told Xander that he should be ashamed of himself for his behavior. Zoe was tasked with letting Thomas know that yet another person is in on their big secret. Thomas attempted to explain to Emma that he’s trying to protect Hope by not revealing that her daughter is alive. Ridge encouraged Hope to open herself up to happiness.

THIS WEEK: Pam realized something’s not right when she attempted to speak with Thomas. Hope missed Liam.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Will and Sonny got remarried! Kristen, disguised as Nicole, scrambled to hide Ted from Stefan and Abe. Maggie questioned Xander about why he lied to her. Kate and Gabi discussed Nicole’s suspicious behavior. Lucas and Sami returned to Salem as Will fights for his life. Stefan comforted Gabi about Will. Ciara revealed to Tripp that Claire set both fires. Claire and Eve conspired to nail Ben. Rex and Sarah created an antidote for Will. Ciara and Tripp pretended to believe Ben is guilty in front of Claire. Roman shared devastating news with Kayla. Sami and Lucas prayed for Will’s recovery. Sami broke the news about Caroline to Will. Kayla told Victor about Caroline’s death. Hope had a touching moment with Victor as he mourns Caroline. Family and friends gathered at the pub to share stories about the beloved Brady matriarch. Tripp broke up with Claire who became unhinged. Hope tried to track down a missing Ted.

THIS WEEK: Kristen ordered Xander to get rid of Ted. Rex told Sarah that he wants to get married immediately.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Following their fight about Adam, Sharon and Rey finally reconciled. But despite Sharon’s insistence that she doesn’t have feelings for Adam, Rey confronted him, telling him to stay away. Amused, Adam realized that he’s started to drive a wedge between the couple and resolved to stay at the Tack House so that he could be close to her. Lauren and Jack traveled to LA on a business trip, and the more time they spend together, the more Jack values Lauren’s company. Sensing that he’s feeling alone and adrift with Dina, Kyle and Ashley moving out, Lauren vowed to help him through the transition. Later, while visiting Dina at her new home, Jack met a woman named Mallory who’s going through the same thing with her father. The two bonded over their shared struggles and decided to keep talking over coffee. Cane and Traci’s friendship continued to grow stronger, but Traci found herself disappointed when Cane blows her off to talk to Lily. Tessa, Ana and Mariah decided to put aside their differences in the interest of working together, realizing that they’re stronger together. For their first project, they decided to make a video of Tessa’s daily life to introduce her to their fans. With assistance from Kyle, Summer and Theo, they incorporated JCV accessories, using the video to promote both brands.

THIS WEEK: Despite everyone’s happiness with the finished product, Devon doubted Ana’s vision and suggested that she needs someone above her to show her the ropes. Ana angrily protested, but Devon insisted that she’s too green to be managing artists on her own.

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