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RECAPS: JUNE 24 – 28

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Lucas confided in Bobbie. Jax offered Josslyn a change of pace. Diane bided her time. Ava remained uneasy. Franco got bad news. Bobbie fainted. Chase made an unlikely arrest. Sonny enlisted help to keep an eye on Josslyn. Kim got mixed signals. Cameron felt guilty. Lucas confirmed his suspicions. Julian vowed to protect his family. Curtis and Sam caught up. Alexis got a call. Drew was surprised. Ephiphany was supportive. Michael came to Jason’s rescue. Alexis was furious with Julian. Sam stepped in to help Lucas. Kim made a fateful decision. Michael visited Willow. Shiloh was summoned to Kim’s apartment. Brad was determined to keep his family safe.

THIS WEEK: Valentin was dismayed. Drew attempted to play peacemaker.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Bill joined Brooke at Il Giardino. Brooke confided in her ex-flame that she does not trust Thomas and has a bad feeling about his “love” for Hope. Another person learned the secret about baby Beth. Lies and deceit took a twisted turn, which resulted in someone’s tragic demise. The Forresters, Spencers, Logans, Avants and Spectras attempted to come to grips with the terrible tragedy that has befallen one of their own. Brooke and Ridge worried about Hope and her grief but disagreed about her relationship with Thomas. Pam made a confession to Brooke and Hope. An accusation of murder was made. Friends, family and even enemies gathered together for a touching memorial service for a loved one. Wyatt was faced with giving someone he loves very bad news. As some tried to explain the recent death as an accident, another became convinced that it was murder. An intense Thomas convinced an unhappy Douglas to attend a family beach party and instructed him on exactly what to say and do. Later, he became nervous when everyone saw his friend Vincent, whom he had called for a favor. As Ridge and Brooke continued to disagree, Ridge told Brooke that she needs to be more open to a specific idea to which she’s currently vehemently opposed. Hope had a visceral reaction to seeing baby Phoebe, which caused major concern.

THIS WEEK: Wyatt and Shauna each shared their plans for the future. Thomas put his next evil scheme into action.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Despite orders to kill Ted, Xander ended up bonding with him. Sami confronted “Nicole” over her treatment of Eric. Kate broke into Nicole’s room to snoop around. Rex told Eric that he and Sarah are getting married right away — and he wants his brother to officiate! Kate overheard a shocking conversation. Eric agreed to marry Sarah and Rex. Eve made Justin a surprising offer. Jennifer told Jack that Dr. Rolf ’s diary has been found, and she urged him to take the serum to get his memory back. Kate found herself in hot water. Lani tried to work things out with Eli. Abe did damage control with Stefan on Nicole’s behalf. A curious Jack questioned Kayla about Dr. Rolf’s formula. Claire made a confession to Shawn. Tripp and Ciara laid a trap for Claire. Gabi and Stefan shared a romantic night together. JJ received a stunning surprise. Marlena got Ben to open up about his suspicions of Claire. Tripp and Ciara’s plan to catch Claire went horribly awry.

THIS WEEK: Kristen tried to throw Hope off the scent. Haley and JJ declared their love for one another.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Tessa and Mariah celebrated the completion of their video. Ana reluctantly told Mariah and Tess that Devon is skeptical of their video. Tess and Mariah gave Ana some perspective and convinced her to try to make things right with Devon. Meanwhile, Elena comforted Devon during a panic attack. Devon admitted that he’s having a difficult time letting Hilary go and feels guilty finding happiness with Elena. Later, Ana arrived home and Elena told Ana that Devon needs to rest, and Ana realized that he had another panic attack. Elena opened up to Ana about Devon’s struggle to let go of Hilary. Victor came to visit Nick, revealing that he has something to say. Nick and Victor reached a heartfelt truce and began to mend their fractured relationship. Nick, Victor and Christian shared a warm family moment. Adam asked Kevin to do some dirty work for him. Kevin resisted, but Adam reminded him that he would not see Chloe again unless he cooperates. Abby threw a bridal shower for Lola. The party guests were shocked when Summer arrived and asked to speak to Lola. Summer offered Lola an apology for her recent behavior and told Lola that she wants to make amends. Lola agreed to put their past behind them. Abby then told Lola that she has a surprise for her and brought in her mother, Celeste. Nate told Victor that he’s found a new experimental trial to treat his PNH but warns that there are serious side effects. Nick advised Victor to go ahead with the treatment, despite the serious risks.

THIS WEEK: Later, Adam fished for information on Victor’s illness, but Nate remained tight lipped. Ana saved Nate from further interrogation by pulling him away and revealing that she’s worried about Devon.

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