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GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jason and Sam reconnected. Chases expressed his concerns. Mac worked his magic. Alexis was grateful for all that she has. Laura pressed Robert for info. Carly suffered a sleepless night. Finn sympathized with Chase. TJ shared his findings from a DNA search. Curtis looked to fulfill his promise. Franco urged Scott to try the dating scene. Franco worried about Cameron. Alexis was caught off-guard. Josslyn got an invitation. Scott felt he has seriously been misunderstood. Kristina learned more about Willow’s predicament. Sonny & Robert were in Ankara hunting for Dante. Carly was in danger. Ava, Ryan, Laura & Jason were hanging on for dear life on the Niagara Bridge. Alexis had a dream that shook her to her core, physically and emotionally. Nina introduced Michael to Sasha. Harmony got a visit. Sam proposed a solution. Kristina asked Neil to council her and her mom.

THIS WEEK: Sonny waited on a call from Brick. Cameron felt awkward around Joss.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Not realizing that his drink has been spiked, Liam behaved oddly. Thomas used Liam’s behavior as a way to convince Hope that Liam belongs with Steffy. Wyatt and Flo reminisced about their past, then expressed their excitement about the state of their current relationship. Thomas encouraged Steffy to rekindle her feelings for Liam. Liam told Steffy that she’s beautiful, before they made love. Hope confided to Brooke that she wants to be with Liam but thinks that Liam is happier without her. Steffy and Liam each processed the fact that they made love. Brooke told Hope that she should trust Liam and not Thomas. Liam decided to apologize to Hope in person for his behavior the day before. Thomas shared with Douglas his vision for their future. Liam and Hope shared an emotional and poignant moment after he made a stunning confession. Steffy called Thomas out for meddling. Steffy turned to Ridge for fatherly advice and support. Liam warned Hope about Thomas before acquiescing to her request. The two shared their heartfelt sentiments for one another. Liam suggested to Steffy that Thomas is obsessed with Hope. Thomas convinced his son Douglas to ask Hope a question pertaining their future. He made the child promise that he would not divulge that Thomas put him up to asking. Hope reflected on her feelings for Liam and Thomas. Liam recalled his last Fourth of July with Hope. Ridge assured Brooke that Hope and Liam have done the right thing. With Thomas watching closely, Douglas made a big request of Hope.

THIS WEEK: Brooke told Liam that she’s worried about her daughter. Xander set out to solve a murder.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Unhinged Claire held Ciara hostage. Ben, Marlena and Hope desperately tried to find Claire and Ciara. Kristen attempted to allay Rex’s suspicions about Kate. Ted informed Kate that he has a plan to get rescued already in place. Marlena tried to get through to Claire. Shawn learned about Claire and lashed out at Tripp. Eve confronted Jack when she realized that he’s been hiding something from her. Rafe and Carrie reconnected. Guilt-ridden Belle and Shawn tried to console Claire. Ciara, John and Marlena were furious when they learned that Eve knew the truth about Claire. Eric made a shocking discovery. Rex suggested he and Sarah revive a beloved family tradition. The Bradys and Hortons celebrated the Fourth of July! Jennifer, JJ and Haley had a tense encounter with Jack and Eve. Eli had a romantic surprise for Lani. Carrie confessed all to Roman. Things heated up between Ted and Kate! “Nicole” and Gabi clashed as they tried to work together.

THIS WEEK: Hope questioned Xander about the necklace he gifted Sarah. Suspicious Brady and Rex compared notes about Kate and Xander.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Nick did some digging of his own, asking Rey to go to Vegas, and met with Riza in the hopes of finding out more about Adam’s time away. Rey told Sharon of his plans to go out of town, and she asked to go with him. Rey was initially hesitant, but Sharon pushed, determined to recommit to Rey, and shook off any lingering feelings she has for Adam. Summer ignored her mother’s attempts to reach out, and blew her off to spend the day drinking with Theo. Having had too much to drink, Summer went on a rant about Kyle and Lola, offending Theo, and causing him to walk out on her. Phyllis found her daughter drunk and alone and took her home to sober up. Realizing that Devon was still hurting, Nate and Ana confronted him over his inability to move on from Hilary’s death. They pointed out that he’s turned his home into a shrine to Hilary’s memory, and it’s holding him back from a new chapter with Elena. Anxious Kyle prepared to meet Lola’s mother for the first time, and despite his nerves, he quickly won her over with a heartfelt toast.

THIS WEEK: Kyle and Lola hit a roadblock when they realized that Celeste thinks they live separately. Mariah and Kevin had a happy reunion, but Mariah quickly noticed that something’s wrong with her friend.

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