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GENERAL HOSPITAL — Kim looked forward to something to celebrate. Bobbie created a stir. Obrecht confided in Franco. Curtis checked in with Valentin. Stella wondered about her family. Jax was pleasantly surprised. Drew was forgiving. Ava was distraught. Nina grew concerned. Scott stayed by Bobbie’s side. Sasha made a decision. Kim was full of apologies. Alexis helped Olivia. Shiloh was an unwelcome guest. Sam went to Mac with renewed hope. The reading of Oscar’s will took an unexpected turn. Willow took the first step towards healing. Sam felt a sense of relief. Lucas caught Liz up. Obrecht regretted her actions. Sam consoled a shaken Lucas. Laura urged Lulu to go get her husband. Maxie was intent on confronting Dante.

THIS WEEK: Valentin bristled as Jax and Nina’s working relationship continued to thaw. Curtis gained a positive new perspective.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Liam vowed to not allow Hope to marry Thomas. Charlie overheard Xander talking about murder. Xander asked Charlie for a big favor. Ridge and Brooke disagreed about Thomas’ intentions towards Hope. Xander found the evidence he’s been searching for. Thomas pressured Hope into saying “yes.” Hope processed the fact that she and Thomas are now engaged. Xander insisted to Zoe that Thomas is responsible for Emma’s death. Ridge must remind Thomas that Caroline would always be Douglas’ mother. Liam and Steffy disagreed about Hope and Thomas’ engagement. When Thomas arrived at Steffy’s to see Liam, Steffy revealed that Liam left to visit Hope. Brooke revealed to Katie and Donna that Hope’s engaged. Hope justified marrying Thomas to Liam. While with Steffy, Thomas received a frantic call from Zoe. Liam gave Hope a very good reason not to marry Thomas. Xander put himself in danger and confronted Thomas about Emma. Thomas threatened Xander, Flo and Zoe. Xander issued a heartbreaking ultimatum to Zoe. Brooke told Hope her true feelings about Thomas. Thomas was pleased with Zoe’s choice. Sally walked in on Flo and Wyatt kissing and then sent Flo on Forrester errands so that she could be alone with Wyatt.

THIS WEEK: Thomas and Hope told Douglas that they have big news for him. Later, Thomas played a terrible trick on Hope, at Douglas’ expense, to get her to marry him right away.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — “Nicole” was surprised by what she finds in the secret room. Hope grilled Xander about Ted’s disappearance. Rex made a reluctant confession to Sarah. Brady revealed to Chloe Gabi’s plot to destroy Stefan. Marlena and Ciara blasted Eve for using Claire. Claire said farewell to Salem! Shawn and Belle comforted each other over their daughter’s situation. Tripp reconnected with Haley. Kristen confronted Xander about his betrayal. Ted came clean with Kate. Hope and Eli started to put the pieces together. Ben and Ciara tried to process what happened with Claire. “Nicole” attacked Stefan! Hope ripped into Eve for keeping quiet about Claire. Sarah caught Maggie in a weak moment. Xander had second thoughts about his plans for Ted and Kate. Julie found Stefan and Gabi making out in her office. Tripp got new roommates.

THIS WEEK: Hope followed Xander, who’s on his way to the secret room. Kristen revealed herself to Kate and Ted.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Billy tracked down Victoria, who had completely forgotten about his birthday celebration. She apologized, revealing that she’s working on a plan to bring Dark Horse down. Billy commended her efforts to sabotage Adam and Phyllis, and they happily headed off to celebrate at the street fair. However, the shooting range games triggered Billy, who’s reminded of the gun he considered using to end Adam. Meanwhile, Phyllis ran into Paul, who questioned her about her recent disappearance. Phyllis dodged his questions. After her conversation with Paul, Phyllis went to see Adam, warning him that Chelsea’s just a con woman with an agenda, but Adam refused to hear it and remained determined to reunite his family. Elena began working as an EMT, but she’s shaken when she lost her first patient. Desolate, she turned to Nate, who gave her a pep talk to help her get through it. Devon was frustrated with Ana’s attempts to sell him on the video she made for Tessa and insisted that she needs some guidance if she’s going to continue running LP. Struck by an idea, he asked Theo to step in as a mentor for her. Lola and Kyle struggled to adjust to having Celeste in town, but her constant critiques and observations began to wear on Lola’s patience. When Celeste offered some unwanted commentary on a cooking video she made, Lola finally snapped.

THIS WEEK: Jack also saw Victor suffer a moment of confusion and realized that his longtime rival’s struggling with his health. Despite their history, Jack remained respectful of Victor, keeping up their usual verbal sparring as though nothing’s wrong.

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