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RECAPS: JULY 15 – 19

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Lulu went to Sonny for help. Alexis ran into Finn. Julian wondered if his efforts are enough. Kristina cautioned Ava. Jason worried about Carly. Lulu was furious. Kim and Julian had a heart-to-heart. Curtis checked in with Drew. Jax was warned about an alliance. Ava took a meeting at the hospital. Carly wanted to know Josslyn’s opinion. Sonny was furious with Ava. Cameron surprised Liz. Franco noticed something peculiar. Lucas wanted answers. Sam had a surprise for Jason. Valentin met with Curtis. Sasha made a declaration. Nina tried to apologize. Curtis opened up about his fears. Shiloh grew desperate. Kristina was shaken. Jason and Drew honored their promise to Oscar. Laura offered her support.

THIS WEEK: Chase had bad news. Jordan was shaken.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope comforted Douglas, not realizing it was Thomas who scared the child. She then told him that she and his father are getting married right away. Steffy assured Liam that Thomas is devoted to Hope. Brooke told Ridge that Liam would always be Hope’s soulmate, not Thomas. Ridge encouraged Brooke to keep an open mind. Thomas changed out pictures of Caroline in Douglas’ room to pictures of Hope. Eric revealed to Ridge and Quinn that Xander has left Forrester Creations. As Thomas broke the news to his father and grandfather, Hope told Liam that she’s marrying Thomas the next day. Liam urged her to reconsider, but Hope justified her decision to her ex-husband. Ridge called out Brooke for hating the fact that Hope’s marrying Thomas. Thomas told Hope that he loves her and asked her to return the sentiment. Steffy reiterated to Liam to be happy for Hope and to keep his feelings about Thomas to himself. Liam recalled his best memories with Hope. On his and Hope’s wedding day, Thomas warned Ridge to get Brooke to stop interfering in his relationship. Brooke asked Hope if she wants to call of the wedding. Steffy helped Hope prepare for the ceremony. As friends and family gather, Hope asked Steffy to bring Brooke to see her. Brooke begged Hope not to marry Thomas. Thomas manipulated Douglas to be a part of the wedding vows.

THIS WEEK: Liam and Thomas bickered about why Hope has not yet made her bridal entrance. Zoe panicked when Flo gets drunk and told her there’s still time to stop the wedding and tell the truth about baby Beth.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Xander was arrested! “Nicole” made a move on Brady. Stefan was completely blinded-sided. Lani and Eli shared their good news with Abe. Eric contemplated a big change. Xander got revenge on Kristen. Ted did his best to throw Hope off track. Gabi suspected Nicole’s behind Stefan’s troubles. Gabi had a bizarre encounter with “Nicole.” Brady tried to oust Xander from Titan. Gabi pressured Kate to come clean. Jennifer made an impassioned speech to Jack about the person he used to be. Hope and Ted kissed! Xander and Kristen played a game of cat and mouse. Will made an unsettling discovery. Jennifer decided it’s time to move on from Jack. Brady was thrown when “Susan” hit on him. Will and Sonny experienced déjà vu when the real Susan arrived.

THIS WEEK: Gabi had a showdown with Xander. Ciara was thrown to find her mother kissing Ted.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — With things finally going smoothly, Devon took the next step with Elena, asking her to officially move in with him, as a couple, rather than as a convenience. Elena agreed, and the couple happily started the next chapter of their relationship. Sparks began to fly between Nate and Abby when he asked her to go house hunting with him. Caught up in the excitement, they shared a passionate kiss, and Abby invited Nate to attend a Newman family dinner with her. Billy’s already raw emotions were heightened when he discovered one of Delia’s old dolls at the Chancellor house. Unable to shake it from his mind, he took it home with him, where he’s haunted by dreams of her death. Lola and Celeste made peace again, but Lola found herself put upon when Celeste invited herself to move back into the apartment. Meanwhile, Theo began to sabotage Lola and Kyle’s relationship by sowing doubts about Kyle’s wild days in New York. Having completed her book, Traci prepared to go to New York to meet with her publisher, and Cane suggested that he accompany her. With Traci headed to New York, and Kyle happily planning his wedding, Jack found himself alone and adrift. Sensing his brother’s restlessness, Billy suggested that Jack take a trip to visit Ashley in Paris.

THIS WEEK: After being slighted by Chelsea, Adam pursued revenge by giving Paul information that could implicate her in her past misdeeds. Meanwhile, Sharon sought out Rey, telling him that her eyes have been opened to Adam’s true nature.

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