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RECAPS: JULY 22 – 26

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Hope contemplates whether or not to go through with her wedding to Thomas after Phoebe’s interruption. Upset, Flo begins to drink. When the ceremony is complete, Thomas tells Liam that he is Hope’s husband now and that there is nothing Liam can do to change that. Liam overhears a conversation not meant for his ears between drunk Flo and Thomas. Liam reveals to Wyatt that he overheard Flo and Thomas talking about a secret that they are keeping from Hope. He begs his brother to help him find out what they are hiding. Flo tells Shauna about Thomas’ threat against her life. Thomas instructs Douglas to tell Hope that she should sleep in his room tonight, not Douglas’s. Wyatt assures Flo that she can open up to him about anything. Hope struggles to process that she is now married to Thomas. Liam grills Steffy for information about Flo. When Flo makes a slip about an important fact about her past, Wyatt calls Liam to confirm that Flo is hiding something. Hope reflects on her feelings for Liam and Beth. Liam searches Steffy’s house for Phoebe’s adoption papers. Steffy catches Liam looking at Phoebe’s adoption papers. Hope becomes upset when Thomas tells her that he made honeymoon plans. She demands to know who will be taking care of Douglas. Steffy admits to Liam that she met Flo through Taylor. Douglas becomes frightened as Thomas rages about his relationship with Hope. Liam calls the hospital in Las Vegas where Flo had her baby. Flo warns Hope to be careful around Thomas. Thomas arranges for Steffy to watch Douglas so he can get romantic with Hope. Thomas grows irritated with Douglas after Douglas says he likes Liam.

THIS WEEK: Having overheard his father’s conversation, Douglas asks Steffy about Phoebe’s name. Flo shares Thomas’ threat with Zoe.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Susan is shocked when she encounters a familiar face. Kate accidentally attacks Sarah. Gabi gives Stefan disappointing news. Xander makes Kristen grovel. Lani questions Ted about the inconsistencies in his statement. Stefan attempts to bargain with Kate. Susan pulls a gun on Kristen. Xander ends his alliance with Kristen. Jack is surprised when Eve supports him taking the serum. Jennifer is determined to move on and plans a date! Xander and Rex get into it over Sarah. Haley has disturbing visions of Claire. Stefan and Gabi strategize on how to deal with Nicole. Jack shares surprising news with JJ. Eve takes drastic measures to stop Jack from regaining his memory. “Nicole” shares her plans for DiMera with Brady. A misguided Tripp tries to help Haley. Jack catches Eve committing an act of betrayal!

THIS WEEK: Needing an ally, “Nicole” seeks out someone from the past. Stefan is stunned by Gabi’s idea to combat Nicole.

GENERAL HOSPITAL —Jax has questions. Valentin has a tense run-in with Ava. Curtis intervenes. Jordan pushes Stella for more information. Alexis looks for closure. Finn’s interest is piqued. Hayden apologizes to Curtis. Lucy approaches Sasha. Cameron offers Josslyn his support. Sonny appreciates Carly’s efforts. Sonny makes a point of running into Robert. Jason pays Carly a visit. Cameron betrays a friend during his community service assignment. Chase and Finn reconnect. Michael confides in Jason. Carly runs into Jax. Nina has bad news. Ava looks for a second opinion. Liza and Franco do their part. Obrecht is of little help. Nelle makes a veiled statement. Willow has a change of heart. Michael comes clean to Sasha.

THIS WEEK: Drew receives a mysterious package. Ava faces her demons.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Phyllis eventually agrees to collaborate with Abby on the lounge for her new hotel, then recruits Theo to help as well. Summer tells Theo that the partnership makes her uncomfortable, but Theo is too interested in Phyllis’ proposition to back out. Abby and Nate celebrate her new deal at a group dinner, where the friends toast to their recent accomplishment. Following the date, Abby and Nate grow closer. Jack and Ashley return from Paris, excitedly announcing that they’ve called a truce. Traci is thrilled by the reunion, but Billy refuses to trust Ashley again. Learning that Summer and Theo have been growing closer, Kyle steps in to warn Summer, but she brushes off his concerns. Lola secretly meets with Theo, asking him for details on Kyle’s party days in New York. He tells Lola just enough to make her nervous, insisting that if she wants to know more, she’ll have to ask Kyle himself. Wanting out from under Adam’s thumb, Kevin decides to frame him for blackmail. However, Michael catches him and intercedes, telling his brother that his plan is too risky. Michael promises Kevin that he will handle Michael. Meanwhile, Phyllis warns Adam that people are looking into his relationship to Chance. Chelsea and Sharon finally come face to face, each blaming the other for Adam’s recent turn to the dark side.

THIS WEEK: Chelsea drops her anger, imploring Sharon to help Adam see the light. Billy also struggles with the pain of Adam’s return as he’s continually haunted by dreams of Delia.

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