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RECAPS - 7/28-8/1

ALL MY CHILDREN — Adam plotted against JR. Ryan tried, but he couldn’t stop thinking about the woman he loves, Greenlee. Krystal comforted Colby and urged her to go to Jesse with the truth about Richie’s death, but she refused. Adam turned the tables on JR at the board meeting. When the kids continued to keep the truth from him, Jesse was forced to take action. Samuel and Erica went public with their romance. As part of her bizarre scheme, Annie staged a horrible car crash. Jake gave Frankie advice about how to handle his relationship with Randi. Kendall warned Ryan about Annie. Greenlee and Aidan planned their dream house.

THIS WEEK: Tad accuses Krystal of caring more about Adam than their family.

AS THE WORLD TURNS Emily used some new perfume that made her overreact in emotional situations, appearing out of control. Meg confessed to Paul that she saw a vision of Sofie in a bridal gown during their wedding. The image reappeared to Meg, urging her to shoot Paul. Jack and Brad agreed that Janet handled things wrong with Liberty and Parker, so they made sure the teenagers couldn’t have sex again. At the camp, Lily discovered that Carly and Holden spent time alone in a cabin. Emma pushed Holden to make up with Lily, but Holden refused. Noah asked Luke to move in with him, but Luke said his family needs him.

THIS WEEK: Henry pleads with Vienna to give him another chance.

THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL Ridge reacted bitterly to Donna’s decision to fire him, Thorne and Felicia. Brooke told Donna she was making a mistake, but Owen convinced Donna that she was doing what was best for Eric. Marcus and Steffy investigated Owen’s background. Katie and Nick were both uncomfortable when Bridget suggested they visit Catalina again. Marcus confided in Brooke his worries about Owen. Donna was concerned when Marcus told her what he learned about Owen. Steffy and Marcus went public with their relationship and spent a day at the beach. Bridget and Nick started to talk about having a child together.

THIS WEEK: Eric’s condition grows more serious.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Hope turned to her father, Doug, for advice. Maggie was upset that Lucas and Sami are on the outs. Philip was in critical condition after being shot. Chloe, Morgan and Nicole all gathered at Philip’s bedside. Ava and John made love and later he confided in her that he has Paul Hollingsworth stashed away, and that he has been trying to frame Philip for murder. Trent threatened Nicole to find Max for him. Nicole told EJ that she was married to Trent before Victor, and she never divorced him. Lucas was severely beaten in prison. Hope saw Ava on a security tape working on John’s PC.

THIS WEEK: Max gets closer to finding his sister in France.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jason was furious to learn that Sonny was involved with Karpov. Sonny told Diane that he didn’t think Jason would care about his dealings with Karpov. Anna realized that she was more attracted to Noah than Eli Love. Monica was released from rehab. She saw Jason and feed his anger against Sonny. Jason had a chance meeting with Elizabeth and the kids, realizing what he’s given up for the mob. Johnny tried to comfort Lulu when she had nightmares about Logan. Spinelli decided to stop seeing Maxie so she won’t be hurt by his involvement with the mob. Jax parachuted from the private jet to get away from Carly.

THIS WEEK: Lulu begins to have strange visions.

GUIDING LIGHT — Josh wants to try again with Reva, but she said she was committed to Jeffrey. Hawk was disappointed about Reva’s choice, but decided to give Jeffrey a chance. After Reva warned Grady to stay away from Daisy, Grady turned violent and threatened Reva. Daisy met secretly with Grady and he told her that he’ll take care of Grandma Reva. When Reva wound up in the hospital, she warned Daisy that Grady was dangerous. The governor pulled his support from Bill. Bill was crushed when he saw Remy holding baby Max. Jeffrey took care of Ava when she fell into postpartum depression, placing her in a special treatment center in Chicago.

THIS WEEK: Lizzie returns from Los Angeles to see Bill.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE — Back in 1968, Bo and Rex realized that the cell phone from 2008 might help them get back to the future. Bo worried that if he didn’t do what Asa had done, he could change history. David divorced Addie to keep his end of the bargain with Dorian. Viki recovered in the hospital, then made plans to travel the world to promote organ donation. Viki kissed Charlie goodbye. Todd was hurt and angry to learn that John and Blair made love. Cole and Starr were unable to come to an agreement about the baby and separated. Talia was forced to marry Jonas.

THIS WEEK: Bo and Rex meet Professor Del Fina who helps them with their time troubles.

PASSIONS — Antonio reunited with his family and declared his love for Sheridan. Rebecca broke Sam’s camcorder to keep him from hearing the secrets she revealed on the disk. Ethan was having cold feet, but after talking with Sam and Ivy, prepared for the wedding. Endora fought the Demon Elf. Tabitha was unable to help her daughter because her powers are gone. There was an earthquake in Harmony and Juanita thought the bomb had gone off. Theresa was shocked to find the bomb in the church. The wedding party was in the church when the tremors hit. Little Ethan tried to fix Sam’s camcorder.

THIS WEEK: The people of Harmony are facing extreme danger.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — David died in the car crash. In the hospital, Nikki came to and realized that David tried to kill her. At the crash site, Victor saw Sabrina’s earring. She was in the car and at the hospital, Victor learned that Sabrina’s liver was severely injured. Victoria and Nick went to support Victor and Nikki. Because of David’s gambling, Jabot was in trouble and Jill was ready to appoint herself CEO. Nikki stopped her and faced the media. Skye was missing and Heather suspected Walter may have taken her. Victor was determined to find the person responsible for sabotaging the limousine. Daniel and Amber made love, but ultimately couldn’t reunite.

THIS WEEK: Chloe lets it slip – on purposed – that she’s having Cane’s baby.

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