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BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL . Liam and Hope received news about Beth but doesn’t believe it’s true. Steffy told Thomas that he and Hope don’t look like newlyweds. She suggested that he take a different approach with his new wife. Thomas issued Douglas a warning before leaving him with Steffy for the weekend. Zoe and Flo argued about telling Hope the truth. An unlikely source led Liam to Beth. Hope struggled to get intimate with Thomas. Flo was in agreement when she heard Brooke tell the Logan sisters that Hope should have never married Thomas. Worried for Hope’s safety, Flo abruptly left when she learned from Katie, Donna and Brooke all about Thomas’s dark past. At the hotel, Thomas suggested to Hope that she finally accept that her daughter is gone. Liam listened in disbelief to the strange story he’s being told about Phoebe and Beth. Frantic, Flo let Shauna know she’s not keeping this terrible secret from Hope any longer. Hope was surprised when Thomas popped champagne and told her that tonight would be a celebration. Liam received a call he’s been waiting for from a doctor in Las Vegas to learn more about Flo and her baby. As he put the pieces of the puzzle together, Steffy watched him run to nursery to pick up Phoebe. Steffy refused to believe what Liam’s telling her about Phoebe and Beth. Thomas left Hope to meet Vinny who has a special wedding gift for Thomas to give his new bride. Liam rushed to see Flo to confirm his suspicions. Flo, with Wyatt, told him that she does not want to lose him. Surprised by Liam’s outburst, Flo began to tell her story. Flo continued to unweave her web of lies and unleashed the secrets she’d been keeping to a stunned Wyatt and Liam. Thomas pressured Hope to make love.

THIS WEEK: Thomas panicked when he learned from Steffy that Liam’s onto him and abruptly changed his and Hope’s honeymoon plans. Liam raced against time to get to Hope before it’s too late.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES . Kristen proposed marriage… to her own brother! Gabi urged Stefan to marry her in order to save DiMera Enterprises. Jack demanded a divorce from Eve! Jennifer received upsetting news. Stefan and Gabi prepared for their wedding day. “Nicole” roped an unwitting Brady into her plan. Jennifer and Eve had a heated exchange about Eve’s deception. Jack offered Eli a new job. “Nicole” was furious when Tony pulled a disappearing act. Stefan and Gabi wondered who Nicole plans to marry. Will shared with Hope a curious discrepancy about Ted’s story. Lani and Eli celebrated his unexpected good news. “Nicole” dropped a bomb on Stefan and Gabi. Sarah made a monumental slip of the tongue. Eric was shocked when he learned “Nicole” got married! Hope made a stunning discovery in Ted’s apartment. Gabi and “Nicole” battled over the DiMera CEO position. Sarah came clean with Rex about her feelings for Eric.

THIS WEEK: Hope demanded the truth from Ted. Kristen decided she must take drastic measures to get what she wants.

GENERAL HOSPITAL — Nelle made a veiled statement. Willow had a change of heart. Michael came clean to Sasha. Drew received a mysterious package. Ava faced her demons. Shiloh was too comfortable for Jason’s liking. Kim had a suggestion. Nina welcomed a house guest. Ava got disappointing news. Lulu took a personal day. Drew suffered a set-back. Jax was focused on the task at hand. Michael and Sasha were on island time. Sonny met Neil for dinner. Alexis received encouragement from an old friend. Hayden made a fool of herself. Nina caught on to Valentin’s plan. Laura checked in on Lulu. Peter had dinner with Maxie. Alexis and Neil were put in a precarious situation. Drew met with Curtis. Sam met with Willow.

THIS WEEK: Jason refused to see Liz’s side. Franco made strides with Cameron. Kim came clean.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS . Abby and Nate continued to grow closer, but he spooked her when he started to talk about long term plans. Unsure of how to proceed, Nate turned to Devon from advice. Devon told his friend to be patient with Abby, but their conversation was interrupted when Elena returned home, distraught over having lost a patient at work. Together, the men helped her to work through her feelings, without being overwhelmed by the loss. Despite Lola’s attempts to reconcile with Celeste, things remained tense between mother and daughter. Celeste sought out Phyllis and Summer, thanking them both for saving Lola’s life. She then asked Summer if Kyle is a good man, and Summer put aside their complicated past to do the right thing, giving Kyle her full endorsement. Phyllis offered an olive branch to Jack and Billy, selling them some properties Jabot was renting at a fair price. Phyllis then gloated about her victories to Adam, but he revealed that he was on to her the whole time, and he outmaneuvered her to keep the Grand Phoenix Hotel out of her possession. Needing a fresh start, Rey went to Paul, asking for his job back.

THIS WEEK: Billy continued to struggle with the stress of Adam’s return, suffering from increasingly worse insomnia, and dreams of Delia. He opened up to Sharon and Jack, both of whom encouraged him to seek help, but he remained reluctant to start therapy.

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