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GENERALHOSPITAL— Alexis received bad news. Finn relied on Epiphany’s expertise. Julian bonded with his son. Kim had a heart-to-heart with Carly. Obrecht confronted Brad. Shiloh presented Jason with a decision. Drew called Sonny. Joss surprised Cameron. Neil and Alexis grew closer. Lucy took Sasha apartment hunting. Shiloh grew desperate. Franco was grateful to Scott. Sasha confided in Maxie. Nina received flowers. Laura wanted to form her own opinion. Nina was worried. Sam was argumentative. Elizabeth got an alarming phone call. Curtis looked for help. Lucy knew more than she thinks. Lucas had an update. Robert shared disappointing news. Peter supported Maxie.

THIS WEEK: Lulu wanted things to return to normal. Willow misunderstood.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Wyatt was disappointed in Flo for lying to everyone. Thomas pounded on the door to the office while Liam told Hope that Beth’s alive. Heartbroken, Flo attempted to get Wyatt to understand her point of view. Steffy confessed to Ridge that she’s worried about Liam’s story. Ridge assured his daughter that she’s Phoebe’s mother. Liam and Thomas had a major showdown before Thomas confessed the truth about Beth to Hope. Ridge told Brooke about Liam’s crazy story and that they don’t think that Flo is Phoebe’s mother. Panicked over her break-up with Wyatt, Flo broke down to Shauna that Liam and Hope know the truth. Hope was reunited with Beth and realized why she was so connected to the infant all along. Liam and Hope cried tears of joy, a family reunited. Flo wanted to tell Brooke the entire truth, but Shauna wanted to cover it up. Zoe was blindsided when she entered the room not knowing that Flo has told Ridge and Brooke about Reese’s involvement. Zoe attempted to make excuses for her father. Brooke and Ridge interrogated Flo, Shauna and Zoe. Ridge called the police on Reese as Brooke vowed that Flo, Shauna and Zoe would pay for their crimes against Hope. Liam and Hope were faced with the uncomfortable task of telling a worried Steffy that Phoebe’s really Beth. Brooke questioned Flo about the adoption. Ridge worried about Steffy, who was also an innocent pawn in Reese’s deceit. Liam was sensitive towards Steffy as he told her the entire story of how Beth became Phoebe. Steffy was stunned when she came to the realization that she’s been raising Hope’s daughter. Steffy resisted when Hope told her that she wants to take Beth home.

THIS WEEK: Brooke mentioned Thomas’ involvement in the lies, which upset Ridge. Wyatt made a humble apology to Sally.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Gabi dropped a bomb on Stefan. Rex ripped into Eric over his feelings for Sarah. Tragedy struck when Ted confronted Tony and Kristen. Hope grilled Kate about her kidnapping. Eli accepted Jack’s offer. Stefan found himself on the hot seat. Gabi felt guilty for betraying Stefan. Kristen was caught trying to get rid of incriminating evidence. Sarah and Eric declared their love for one another! Stefan was arrested for murder! Brady finally gave in to “Nicole’s” advances. Kate fainted when she saw a familiar face. Kristen debated revealing her true identity to Brady. Rex lashed out at Eric and Sarah. Gabi refused to believe Stefan committed murder. Hope made a surprising discovery. Tony declared to Kristen that he wants to end their marriage. Anna returned to Salem!

THIS WEEK: Gabi was torn between her love and hatred for Stefan. As Eric and Sarah committed to each other, Rex decided to leave Salem.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Despite Kyle’s obvious dislike for him, Theo continued to try to force a friendship with Kyle, insisting on throwing him a bachelor party. Kyle refused the offer and vented his frustration to Mariah, who offered to thrown him and Lola a joint bachelor/bachelorette party instead. Kyle eagerly accepted and put her in charge of the planning, upsetting Abby, who felt that Mariah’s infringing on her maid of honor duties. Needing a date to the party, Abby bluntly asked Nate, leaving him confused about where they stand. Feeling grateful for everything she has, Lola extended an olive branch to Summer, inviting her to the party. Summer accepted the invitation and invited Theo as her date. Eager to cause trouble for Kyle, Theo happily accepted. Victor continued to struggle with his illness, eventually coming clean with Summer about his battle and promised to stay strong for his family. Nick vowed to do whatever it takes to bring Adam down, and Adam declared that he’s up to the challenge. Sharon interrupted their heated exchange and blamed Nick for taunting Adam. At Sharon and Victoria’s urging, Billy agreed to try therapy, but he’s unwilling to commit to the process.

THIS WEEK: Noticing his combative attitude, the therapist realized that Billy doesn’t want to get better and called him out for his desire to continue punishing himself for Delia’s death. Wanting to play matchmaker, Mariah invited Sharon and Rey to Lola and Kyle’s joint bachelor/ bachelorette party.

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