Whitesburg KY



GENERAL HOSPITAL — Jason went to see Franco. Drew and Curtis headed to Elizabeth’s. Lulu invited Robert and Olivia to join her at Sonny’s. Julian attempted to reconcile with Sam. Alexis reminisced. Shiloh proposed an exchange. Kim had a heart to heart with Monica. Obrecht asked Maxie for help. Peter received a disconcerting call. Joss sprung an idea on Carly. Drew raced to find Cameron. Maxie had ulterior motives. Sonny dealt with an issue at the warehouse. Ava’s dream left her with unanswered questions. Kim found comfort in her past. Drew raced to find Cameron. Maxie had ulterior motives. Curtis got a lead. Kevin just wanted what’s best for Ava. Franco sought Kim out. Maxie was pulled away. Peter rethought his decision. Ava had a miserable night. Jax defended Hayden. Cam got swept up in Trina’s enthusiasm.

THIS WEEK: Finn was at a loss. Sam got an unsettling email.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — First Hope and then Ridge saw to it that Flo received her just deserts for kidnapping baby Beth. Wyatt felt conflicted in regards to his feelings for Flo and his loyalty to his family. Ridge received an unsettling visit from Det. Sanchez, looking for Thomas, about the death of Emma. Justin stepped in to help Hope annul her marriage and “undo” Phoebe’s adoption. Thomas’ rage intensified when he received the news that Hope’s having their marriage annulled. Unsure of where he’s hiding, Brooke and Liam worried that Thomas would go to any length to reunite with Hope. Brooke comforted Ridge when he admitted what he feels his biggest failure in life has been. Having convinced Amelia to bring Douglas to him, Thomas hurled angry accusations at his son.

THIS WEEK: Hope was in danger when Thomas unexpectedly arrived at the cliff house in search of her. Separately, Ridge and Brooke raced against time to get to Hope before Thomas.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Gabi figured out Kristen’s plan! Brady confessed to Eric that he and Nicole are back together. Kate received an enticing offer. Will and Sonny broke into Xander’s secret box. Will suggested to Brady that Kristen could still be alive. Marlena relayed to John her strange encounter with “Nicole.” Gabi questioned why Stefan saved her life. Tripp confided to Kayla about his feelings for Haley. John and Marlena’s private pre-celebration was interrupted by a surprise guest. Tony asked “Nicole” for a divorce! Gabi and Stefan gave in to their true feelings for one another. Roman reluctantly went along with Anna’s plan. An explosive secret was revealed at John and Marlena’s anniversary party. Eli received stunning news regarding Kristen. “Nicole” realized she must get rid of Susan. Anna and Tony kissed! Kristen was finally exposed! A desperate Kristen pulled a gun on Marlena.

THIS WEEK: Brady demanded answers. Sarah comforted a reeling Eric.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Kyle and Lola’s wedding day arrived in Genoa City. Kyle ignored texts and called from Theo, while Lola got ready with Mariah, Tessa and maid of honor Abby. Kyle began to get cold feet, but Ashley and Traci talked him down, assuring him that he has what it takes to make a marriage work. Meanwhile, Summer decided to attend the wedding to support Kyle and asked Phyllis to come as her date. At the wedding Billy struggled to contain his emotions, as he’s overwhelmed by the realization that Delia would never have a wedding like that. Unable to handle it, he excused himself, telling Victoria that he’s going home to rest. Later, after witnessing a conversation between Adam and Michael, Billy confronted Michael, asking him if he and Adam are in cahoots. Later, Billy woke up on the couch with no memory of the incident when Victoria returned home, explaining that she’s been out looking for him. Theo approached Devon and made a play for Mariah’s job, but Devon’s loyal to his friend, and shut Theo down. Undeterred, Theo approached Mariah about collaborating.

THIS WEEK: Needing to secure additional capital to purchase the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis made a pitch to Chelsea, asking her to buy in. However, Victor overheard Phyllis plotting to oust Abby from the deal, and quickly warned his daughter!

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