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GENERAL HOSPITAL — Chase interrupted a private family gathering. Finn was stunned by a series of test results. Nina got a startling text. Alexis dragged Diane to a workout class. Willow tried to salvage the rest of her year. Jason pled ignorance. Scott worried about Franco. Kim ignored a call from Elizabeth, Franco ignored Obrecht’s advice and Michael was bewildered. Sonny and Michael made a beeline for the PCPD. Jason had a difficult conversation with Monica. Dustin swooped in to lend a helping hand. Franco let Liz down. Jordan made Mac an offer. TJ surprised Jordan. Valentin offered Curtis a lot of money to help him with a private matter. Jax made a graceful exit. Finn and Hayden crossed paths. Alexis was incredibly embarrassed. Kim visited Oscar’s Meadow. Sam met with Kristina. Shiloh made cryptic remarks.

THIS WEEK: Ava got an impassioned letter from Ryan. Felicia and Mac babysat James.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Tragedy struck as Brooke rushed judgment in an attempt to save Hope from Thomas. Dollar Bill vowed to Wyatt and Justin that Flo would pay for her actions against Hope and Liam. Ridge and Brooke’s marriage hung in the balance after he accused her of an unspeakable crime. Liam attempted to convince Hope that Thomas got himself into his current predicament. The reality of her daughter’s situation hit hard when Shauna visited Flo in jail. Ridge expressed his disbelief towards Brooke’s explanation and Thomas’s actions. Shauna came clean to Quinn while imploring her friend to help free Flo from prison. Ridge became furious when he happened upon Liam scorning an unconscious Thomas.

THIS WEEK: The Forresters, Logans and Spencers struggled with whether or not Thomas would survive his injuries. Detective Sanchez hit Ridge and Brooke hard with questions about Thomas’s accident.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Maggie and Sarah blasted Xander for his lies. Kristen dropped a bombshell on Brady! Tony made a confession to Anna. Eli and Lani arrested Tony! Kristen offered to give up compelling information for her freedom. Anna urged Tony to use his knowledge of Gabi and Stefan’s whereabouts as leverage with the police. Xander swore to Maggie, Sarah and Eric that Holly’s alive. Gabi and Stefan professed their love for one another. Eric had an intense confrontation with Kristen. Kate made a stunning announcement to Gabi and Stefan. Marlena and John enjoyed the last hours of their anniversary. Eric broke the news about Nicole to Sarah. Eric and Jennifer pressured Jack to make a deal with Kristen. Sarah and Xander had a contentious conversation about Eric and Nicole. Chloe informed Brady she received a life-changing offer. Tripp bid farewell to Salem. Eric and Sarah had an honest discussion about the status of their relationship. Jack, Jennifer and Eric took off for Chicago to find answers.

THIS WEEK: Stefan and Gabi fumed when Kate moved into the mansion. Eli and Lani had a heart-to-heart with Julie, who later collapsed!

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Uncomfortable at having witnessed Nick and Sharon’s close moment, Chelsea and Adam quickly fled the scene. Although Adam pretended to be unbothered, Chelsea realized that he’s threatened by Sharon’s friendship with Nick and warned him not to push her away. Chelsea later sought Sharon out, accusing her of having lingering feelings for Adam. Meanwhile, Adam considered Chelsea’s warning when he came upon Victor, Nick and Christian sharing a warm family moment. Feeling hurt and rejected, Adam longed for the family that has renounced him. Theo tried to make amends with Mariah by suggesting that they work together. Mariah cautiously agreed to give him a chance, and the two hit it off. However, upon parting ways, it’s clear that neither trusts the other at all. Abby was excited by her next chapter when Adam handed over the paperwork for the Grand Phoenix, telling her that she owns the hotel now. Thrilled, she and Nate celebrated by spending the night together.

THIS WEEK: Elena began her residency at memorial, where she and Nate began to grow closer. But she kept the details of their new friendship a secret from Devon.

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