Whitesburg KY



GENERAL HOSPITAL — Willow told Kristina about her experience at DOD. Laura and Robert reconnected. Kevin & Ava faked a relationship in front of Scott & Lucy. Anna visited Jordan in the hospital. Finn told Jordan the antibiotics aren’t working. Cameron helped out at home. Julian was defensive. Sonny and Olivia discussed Dante. Gladys made a surprise visit. Jax was unnerved. Cameron was confrontational. Epiphany’s news was grim. Alexis had disappointing news. Peter was startled. Felicia warned Robert. Alexis was suspicious. Julian was encouraging. Elizabeth kept a level head. Finn needed more information. Obrecht took desperate measures. Nina was overwhelmed. Obrecht got what she wants. Jax was inquisitive.

THIS WEEK: Nelle was amused. Alexis and Diane caught up.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Sally and Wyatt became playful after sharing a tender and unexpected kiss. Brooke worried as Thomas began to answer Det. Sanchez’s questions about his accident. While Shauna visited her in jail, Flo came to comprehend the immense impact of her actions. Brooke was in utter disbelief that Ridge doesn’t believe her story about Thomas. On a warpath for answers, Ridge exploded at Flo declaring that she would get what she deserves. Stunned by Brooke’s confession, Bill paid an unexpected visit to Thomas in the hospital. The Logan sisters banded together in an effort to help Brooke in her time of trouble. Ridge was disconcerted when Det. Sanchez brought up Thomas and his involvement in the death of Emma Barber.

THIS WEEK: Dollar Bill took action to help Brooke find cold, hard evidence against Thomas. Ridge lambasted Thomas as his son recounted to him the series of events on the night that Emma died.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Eric, Jennifer and Jack uncovered a shocking secret. Stefan received a surprising phone call. Gabi made a potentially fatal mistake. Ben and Ciara came to Julie’s aid. Julie fought for her life in the hospital. Doug supported Hope as she read Ted’s letter. Gabi was stunned to learn Vivian’s alive. Eric shared news about Nicole and Holly with a conflicted Sarah. Kayla relayed heartbreaking news about Julie’s condition to Hope and Eli. Lani reamed out Gabi for leaving Julie to die. Eric and Vivian found themselves in a dangerous situation. Doug and Ciara sat vigil by Julie’s side. Sarah had an unsettling realization. Eric tracked down Nicole! Stefan and Vivian reunited. Victor plotted to get rid of Ben. Vivian and Kate came face-to-face. Ciara was suspicious when Brady offered her a job at Titan.

THIS WEEK: Sarah confided in Kayla about her predicament. Victor ordered Xander to kill Ben.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Adam declared war, vowing that he’d stop at nothing to bring Victor down. Adam also maintained his hold over Michael, blackmailing him with incriminating photos. Lauren agreed to help Michael bring Adam down. Adam stole Nate’s hospital tablet, and Phyllis helped him to hack in, so that he could use Victor’s medical records against him. Meanwhile, Nate noticed that his tablet has disappeared and immediately suspects Adam. However, he had no evidence, and Adam refused to admit to anything. Nate told Abby his suspicions, and they worried that Adam’s plotting to use Victor’s health against him. As the Grand Phoenix opening approached, Summer’s patience with Theo began to grow thin, but she still found herself pulled back in by his charm, and agreed to attend the opening as his date. However, her patience for Zoe grew thin, and she finally snapped at her, telling her not to be so clingy. Theo backed Summer, which further upset Zoe. After an unsuccessful attempted to get through to Adam, Sharon realized that she needs a change of scenery, and planned a trip out of town to reevaluate what she wants.

THIS WEEK: Nick was quick to support Sharon’s decision, encouraging her to take time for herself. Jack also did some soul searching, admitting that his life feels empty, and asking the people around him for advice.

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