Whitesburg KY



GENERAL HOSPITAL — Liz was desperate. Monica stopped by the ICU. Sony was looking to bargain. Brad told Julian about his problem. Michael made an interesting observation. Brad tried to explain. Jason had an update. Kim couldn’t help herself. Peter made a call. Michael ran into Josslyn. Hayden was sympathetic. Kim was gutted. Elizabeth and Sam crossed paths. Lulu and Charlotte did their best. Olivia expressed her concerns. Ava made Julian rethink his next moves. Brad got the help he needs. Sonny located Dev. Nina, Valentin and Obrecht celebrated. Jax had bad news. Julian reached out to Alexis. Brad wanted to know if Julian has made a decision. Lulu and Dustin crossed paths.

THIS WEEK: Laura and Curtis had a clandestine meeting at the park. Nina shared good news with Valentin.

BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL — Steffy raged against Thomas for the harm he’s done to her, Hope, Liam, Beth and Kelly. Ridge unexpectedly found himself holding the keys to Flo and Thomas’s futures. Ridge made a difficult decision based upon what he thinks is best for his son, Thomas. As Steffy unleashed her fury on Flo, Brooke made her feelings about Thomas crystal clear to Donna and Katie. Trouble brewed in paradise when Ridge explained to Brooke the deal he made for Flo and Thomas. Sally Spectra put her self-worth on full display to Wyatt who admired her integrity and beauty. The fight between Brooke and Ridge over Thomas ended with him leaving and her reeling. Shauna paid an unwelcome visit to Brooke, who pushed Shauna out of her house.

THIS WEEK: Overhearing her with Wyatt, Sally went off on Flo for her con against Wyatt and the Forrester family. Grateful for the kindness he showed Flo, Shauna saddled up next to a very drunk Ridge at the Bikini Bar.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Eric told Nicole about his relationship with Sarah. Sarah struggled with whether or not to tell Eric she’s pregnant. Vivian made a startling admission to Stefan. Brady walked in as Victor’s about to kill Ben. Hope revealed to Doug heartbreaking news about Julie. Kayla and Jennifer were shocked by a grisly arrival. Stefan was upset when Gabi wanted to call the cops on Vivian. Jack and JJ attempted to make a deal with Dr. Rolf. Vivian gave unsolicited advice to Sarah. Eli questioned Stefan and Gabi about Kate’s shooting. Nicole had an explosive confrontation with Kristen! John issued a stern warning to Kristen. Jennifer and Jack were crushed by an unexpected setback. Eric broke up with Sarah. Brady had a tense encounter with Kristen. Eve was determined to destroy Jack’s happiness after a tough loss. Brady found himself battling temptation. Xander revealed to Sarah that he knows her secret.

THIS WEEK: Eve tried to convince Vivian to speak to Stefan on her behalf. Vivian snuck into the hospital to finish off Kate.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS — Victor ’s health declined as he has an episode while at Crimson Lights with Nikki. Adam arrived to witness Victor being in distress. Nikki ordered Adam to leave as she feared that his presence was only making things worse for Victor. Later, Victor was examined at home by Nate who advised Victor to stay home and skip Abby’s opening night party of the Grand Phoenix Hotel. Victor told Nikki that he doesn’t want the family to know about his recent flare up. Meanwhile, the Grand Phoenix team gathered ahead of the opening to celebrate their efforts. Zoe attended as well, but she’s insulted when she discovered that her name wasn’t on the list. Her upset grew when Summer mocked her for being clingy, and Theo joined in. Abby and Chelsea basked in the spotlight at the Grand Phoenix’s opening night. Their happiness was short lived when Phyllis crashed the party. Meanwhile, Sharon was uncomfortable when she saw Lola trying to set Rey up with available women at the party. Later, Sharon told Mariah that she’s taking a road trip to clear her head. Theo continued to push Kyle’s buttons when he threatened to expose his past to Lola. After being forced to sit out the Grand Phoenix opening due to his declining health, Victor insisted on putting up a strong front for his children.

THIS WEEK: Victor’s plan failed when he nearly passed out in front of the whole family. Worried, they called Nate to run some tests, but Nate insisted on discussing the results with Victor in private.

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